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Relay G10/G10s compatibility with older Variax models


We have designed the G10T and G10TII transmitter to fit into almost any guitar. However, we anticipate that there will be some rare cases where the transmitter does not fit into a given guitar.


In some rare cases, the guitar's active electronics are wired with inverse polarity. In this scenario, the transmitter's electronics can go into a protection mode that keeps the system from being functional.


Original Variax compatibility


We have identified an issue where the fit with original Variax guitars is not optimal with the G10T/G10TII transmitter. The affected guitars can be identified by not having the RJ45 flip cover, see photo below. For these guitars, due to the construction of the ¼ inch output jack, customers may have an issue with the power switch on the G10T/G10TII transmitter.




We have sourced two washers, which will correct this issue. It is up to the user which washer that they would like to use, since there are caveats to each.




The first washer is part number 30-03-0080 NICKEL-PLATED BRASS FLAT WASHER 1/4" SCREW SIZE 0.260" ID 0.562" OD 0.03"-0.05" THICK


This washer was sourced so you can simply slide the washer onto the G10T/G10TII plug before inserting the transmitter into the Variax. This is the easiest solution, but there's the potential for the washer to be dropped or lost when the TX is removed from the guitar for charging.




This washer was sourced to go underneath the threaded nut in the Variax. You would need to use a 11mm nut driver to remove the threaded nut from the Variax, install the washer on the threaded nut, then reinstall in the Variax. This is a more permanent solution, but requires more effort on the customer's part.




The second washer is part number 30-03-0081 WASHER STAINLESS STEEL 3/8 SCREW SIZE 0.401" ID 0.625" OD 0.030"






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