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Relay G10/G10s Guitar Compatibility (Fit/Electronics)


We have designed the G10T and G10TII transmitters to fit into almost any guitar. However, we anticipate that there will be some rare cases where the transmitter does not fit into a given guitar. If the G10T or G10TII transmitter is inserted into your guitar and the transmitter's actuator pin is not engaged, the transmitter will not turn on, the LED on the transmitter will not light up, and no signal is processed.


In some rare cases, the guitars active electronics are wired with inverse polarity. In this scenario, the original G10T transmitter's electronics can go into a protection mode that keeps the system from being functional. This is evidenced by no output from the receiver, even though the transmitter's light is on. The new G10TII is designed to be electrically compatible with instruments using active pickups and preamps, without the need for an adapter.


In some other cases, such as with the Line 6 Variax Acoustic 300, voltage can build up in the ring of the guitar's jack to the point of "tricking" the transmitter into thinking it is docked in the receiver and charging, also resulting in no audio output.


Additionally, certain instruments may present a level of noise when their active circuitry is engaged and the transmitter is connected. We have found that a workaround to all of these issues is to use a mono-to-mono (TS-TS) Male to Female adapter, such as those shown below. The G10 transmitter is shown for scale.


g10 adaptors.jpg


More details about the first two of these issues are included in the attached document.


Troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Power the receiver with a USB power source.
  2. Insert the transmitter into the receiver (this will ensure that the transmitter and the receiver are set to the same channel). The LED on the transmitter should be Green or Green flashing. (If it is red flashing, the transmitter needs charging. Leave it in the receiver until the LED turns steady green. That indicates it is fully charged.)
  3. Insert the transmitter into the instrument's jack, turn up the volume control and play.
  4. If audio is not being transmitted to the receiver:


A. The problem is mechanical if the LED on the transmitter is OFF when plugged into an instrument.


B. The problem is electrical if the LED on the transmitter is ON, or FLASHING when plugged into an instrument




Relay G10 Guitar Compatibility.pdf

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