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Line 6 Video Tutorials: Complete List

  • The complete list of all Line 6 video tutorials.


Below is a collection of all of our official Line 6 Support Video Tutorials. These links will redirect you to our official Line 6 YouTube Channels.


Managing Accounts and Licenses:





FBV MkII Pedals:











Brian May (Queen) Tone Tutorial


Van Halen Tone Tutorial


Jimi Hendrix Tone Tutorial



Learning 80% of HX Effects


AMPLIFi Series Products:























Firehawk FX:




Spider Amplifiers:













DT50 & DT25:



James Tyler Variax:




Dream Rig:


Line 6 Dream Rig: Basic Setup and Connections


Dream Rig Tip #1: Layering Wet and Dry Tones


Dream Rig Tip #2: Layering Electric Guitar and Sitar Sounds


The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part I


The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part II






Assigning the Volume and Wah Pedal on the POD HDX and POD HD





















































MIDI Mobilizer I & II:





M Series Stompbox Modelers:




StageScape M20d Mixer:

















StageSource Speakers:




Digital Wireless:














POD Farm/POD Studio:
























Computer Setup:









Line 6 Monkey / Drivers:






Sonic Port VX, Sonic Port & Mobile In:






Propellerhead Reason & RECORD (from when Line 6 supported Reason/Record):