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  1. On 1/25/2018 at 3:37 PM, ghosttrooper said:


    sad but true

    I think there is great value in presets of songs. I have discovered great players that I did not know existed. I have learned songs that I had not heard before. I have learned new tunings with my Variax. When I tried a patch that I didn't care for, when I play it with the song, I am usually impressed. That gives me a point of reference and helps me spontaniously to choose presets when I am performing songs. The presets that I latched onto first on the Helix are 25? No, 6 to 4 (Chicago Terry Kath) and Kashmir (Led Zepplin Jimmy Page). Both patches sound pretty faithful to me.

    If you are an expert at creating patches, or have found some you really love, why not share some with us?  I am open to trying presets that are not related to songs and to give credit where credit is due.

  2. Hello all, I picked up a Helix LT last week and am excited to use it for the first time live this weekend. I was planning to run direct through a PA, no amp. (A nice change to not have to lug around a tube amp)  I was just wondering if I create a good sounding patch through my headphones, is there anything else I should be doing to sound good through the the PA system? (Other than tweaking the EQ to sit well in the band mix)  I had heard some have been disappointed with their tones through the PA, even when it sounds good through the headphones.  Also should I use 1/4 inch through a DI, or XLR? Mono or stereo? Thanks!

    It seems like the question that needs to be asked is, "Does the XLR Left/Mono actually sum every audio signal that might exist in any patch, with no gotchas?" Seems like that was not the case with the HD500x. 1/4" Left/Mono to a DI always works.

  3. If you play a C major scale with the above stated settings, the harmony note created by the HD500 would be a major third for C, F, and G, and a minor third for D, E, A, and B. When you chose the key of C with the setting of  a 3rd, you are asking the unit to provide a harmony note that is a third and in a C major scale. I am posting a complete list for you. The black letter is the note you play and the red letter is the note that the smart harmony effect creates as follows:



    D F
    E G
    F A
    G B 
    A C
    B D

  4. I am seeing how the amps are selected one at a time. It looks like the author intended for the patch to be clean and dirty by alternating amps with FS2. My point is that the Enter Sandman patch referenced above only has a dirty sound upon recall. When FS2 is selected, no sound passed through the unit. I think the author made a mistake but I don't know enough to find it. 

    Turns out I am using a Variax. When I assigned the Variax to input 2 source, as well as input 1 source, the clean sound commenced. Problem solved. Seems like there is an issue when you have both sources assigned to the same instrument. I will leave it this way for now. Thanks for all help.  

  5. You don't want volume passed. One is clean, one is dirty. If volume went through them both at the same time, you would have a clean and dirty sound at the same time.

    I am seeing how the amps are selected one at a time. It looks like the author intended for the patch to be clean and dirty by alternating amps with FS2. My point is that the Enter Sandman patch referenced above only has a dirty sound upon recall. When FS2 is selected, no sound passed through the unit. I think the author made a mistake but I don't know enough to find it. 

  6. The patch has 2 amps available. Footswitch 2 is programmed to select one amp or the other amp. Why does the BYP Vol knob switch back and forth to the unselected amp? When FS2 is turned off, amp B is selected. Why is no volume is passed? 

  7. If your channel volumes are almost dimed or maxed out I read somewhere that the HD500 will lower itself for some reason.



    So you are saying in the amp section of HD edit, to lower the channel volume of the amp to around 50%. And it doesn't matter where the mixer volume is.

  8. Ok, I tried to load the patches in HD edit. Both patches seem to work as one would expect, however there is an extreme difference in volume between the two paths on the ‘enter sandman’ patch, the treadplate volume is much loader than the blackface path and I had to raise the blackface channel volume from the initial 51% to over 80% to actually hear the amp properly. As for the ‘pull me under’ patch, no problems at all. Now I could only load these patched in HD edit but I cannot save them on the POD itself as then I get a DSP limit reached error ( I don’t have the ‘X’ version). So I made a similar patch to see if keeps working when I send it to my POD and it does.

    Given the fact that, apart from the channel volume issue, both patches work over here. I also checked the mixer settings.  In the mixer both paths are centered and both volumes are at 0dB so that is OK.

     So, It must be something else.  The only things that come to my mind now are physical issues such as faulty a cable or volume pedal accidentally in the wrong position. Sorry I could not be of more help at this time.


    For me, on the HD500X, when FS2 is deactivated, the signal is not allowed to pass. I am starting to think that the person who developed these patches for Line 6 made a mistake. In any event, when signal passes (F2 is activated), the creator of the patch did a wonderful job nailing the sound of the song the patch covered.

  9. I don't know what patch (from custom tone) you use, so all I can doe is clarify some possible issues with this patch:



    The patches came from the recent 2.6 firmware upgrade. A whole new Set List of Variax sounds was created by Line 6 and both of these patches came from them so I would think that they are flawless. They are 02A Enter Sandman and 06A Pull Me Under. I zipped the two patches as it will not let you upload them with their 5xe extension.


    Both these patches use 2 amps. It looks like the BYP vol moves to the unselected amp which wouldn't need to pass the signal. It is at 0% like you say but it passes tone when one amp is chosen and not when the other amp is selected. I am toggling the amps with FS2 which is assigned to multiple effects. I appreciate you looking at these patches for me.


  10. I noticed yesterday that Enter Sandman uses FS2 as a multi. What the multi does is not only turn off and on effects, it also changes amps. And while it is turning on certain effects, it is turning off others and vice versa. E.G.,

    FS2 multi off
    Reverb on
    Chorus on
    Screamer dist off
    Noise gate off
    Studio EQ off
    Treadplate amp off
    Blackface amp on
    FS2 multi on
    Reverb off
    Chorus off
    Screamer dist on
    Noise gate on
    Studio EQ on
    Treadplate amp on
    Blackface amp off
    That is a pretty powerful one button push. You have to have your computer HD editor software connected to figure these things out. Then you can start figuring out what the originator of the patch fully had in mind.
    Here is the weird part. When you unselect FX2, the patch does not pass the guitar signal. It is silent. If you go to amps and increase the BYP vol on the unselected amp, treadplate, from its default 0 to 100, the volume increases. It is a clean sound rather than distorted.
    Also the BYP Vol changes to the unselected amp. It is never on the selected amp. How can adjusting the BYP Vol on the unselected amp pass signal for the selected amp? Why does BYP amp jump to the unselected amp? What is BYP Vol? It looks like patch 6A Pull Me Under (Dream Theater) out of the same set list has the same type issue. 
  11. Same issue here. It really makes editing the patches in HD500 Edit a pain.


    Seems to be quite reproducible, why has it never been fixed?

    I have had better results with HD500X edit by not touching anything on the HD500X while editing except for the master volume. If you touch the HD500X while editing, you never know what will happen.


    I have also noticed the volume issue lately. Now that it has been brought to my attention, I will try changing the patch back and forth. At least I know it is not my imagination.

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  12. "

    Thanks for the replies guys. Wish the expression pedal for use as a volume and/or wah didn't have to chew up a slot, but such is life. Guess I could just hook up an external pedal and save the two slots.

    You are right and you are wrong. There is no way to HD500X wah pedal without using a slot. But there is a way to use a volume pedal without using a slot as explained above by radatats. "you can free up a slot by using one of the more transparent amps like the AC15 and assigning Exp1 to the Channel Volume, no Volume Pedal block." You could always use an external wah pedal.

  13. Does the model knob light up when you push it?


    If not, gently pull it off the guitar, fold the tiniest of paper 3-4 times and insert it inside the knob, then refit back on the guitar.


    several JTV guitars that I tried all had the same problem... bad knob manufacturing or too short switch stem.


    Mine has been working flawlessly, since the mod.  Hope this helps you. 

    I hate to admit that it helped me. I've been fighting that switch for months. When I took the control off, it worked every time. When I stuffed paper down the hole, it works every time. Good for you, bad for Line6 QC.

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  14. Hopefully people won't hate our presets, but then again, if one were to find a stranger's iPod, there's a good chance they'd hate 90% of the songs on it. Presets are really, really subjective.




    I didn't care for a lot of the presets on the HD500X at first. When the new Variax presets came out with the latest firmware version, they were based on actual songs. I was not familiar a lot of the songs and tunings, at least by title, but when I played the patches along with the originals on You Tube, I could hardly complain. They nailed the sound and I discovered a backdrop for the valid use of a patch. 


    I have never thought much about Love the One You're With as a song to include in a set list until I played the patch with my Variax. What and amazing sound and tuning. Every customer I have demoed that patch to has been impressed, even if they have never heard of the song. the same goes for the rest of the patches in that set list. 


    I played for an Elvis impressionist recently. I used Blue Suede Shoes (factory preset) as a template for modification and used it for most of the gig instead of my go to patches. Very cool.


    So, I recommend, whenever possible, for the new patches to be referenced to a song. If you haven't done so, play every new HD500X patch along with the song, and then tell me if you think the patch sucks.

  15. well yeah... backing up etc... because obviously backing something up to itself has limited benefit....

    and a handful of other things....

    but the editing software is going to be as close to the device operation as they can get it...

    so i think you'll find that most things will be just as easy... either way....

    A very admirable goal, making things easier either way. That is the proper way to do things. Editing on a computer always has the advantage of a larger screen. But the less you have to connect a computer, the more time you save for hopefully making some music!

  16. yes there will be an editor for the computer... but with the large screen... the only thing easier on the computer is naming the presets... (maybe moving presets around)


    Also, it might be easier to back up all the patches in a bundle, and view all the patches or set lists, and maybe view all the effect perimeters at once? And maybe to find exp 1 and 2 assignments in a patch you are unfamiliar with? And maybe do a custom tuning on your Variax? 

  17. Glenn, I have enjoyed going through your web site. Congratulations on being such a rounded musician. I have been working on the HD500X and Variax for several months. I have had considerable success in taming the beast. I am interested in your patches that are for sale. I have no problem throwing additional money at my setup because I benefit from the enormous time savings it creates for me. So, your patches sound wonderful in the You Tube video you provided. One of the main concerns we all seem to have is the disparity of output levels on the otherwise nice variety of patches Line 6 and the community provide. How did you address this concern with your patches?    


    Thanks for your tip on the Global Parametric EQ. I used it for a show last weekend using a local amp and running direct through the PA. It added more improvement to my sound.

  18. I had enormous problems, just like you. I bought the Mission pedal. I assign it to EXP 2. I generally assign a wah to it with on/off control on FS5. I let Exp1 be the on board pedal and assign it to volume. I had continuous problems doing this seemingly simple change using edit. I had all kinds of mysterious things to happen other than what I was expecting. Here is what works for me, thanks to the advice of tone of the forum experts.


    When programming with edit, never touch your HD500X.

    As soon as you have made your changes, make sure your patch is selected and click on "send selected" the send the modified patch to the HD500X memory.

    Unplug and replug your experssion pedal

    "Send selected" patch again 

    Change patches

    Come back to the original patch you were trying to program

    Check to see that all is OK.

  19. If you want to enjoy life, buy some toys. Some fail, some last, some appreciate. Everything humans make require maintenance and is fallibl. If you are going down the guitar road, go down other roads a little lighter so you will have reserve funds for maintenance. If the stress is unbearable, forego toys on earth, and wait till you get to heaven where every toy is free and lasts forever.  :D

  20. The tuning (Drop D) doesn't matter but the key that the song is in does matter. Sounds to me like the key of Dm with following chords Gm, Cm, A7 for starters. So, choose Dm for the key of the harmonizer and a 3rd (not -3rd). If you are having trouble hearing it, play the notes of the scale slowly while you are looping the lead section of the song. The scale would be D pure minor which are the same notes as F major. That would be D, E, F, G, A, Bb, and C. You could start out using the Master Puppet Solo patch 08A on the best of HD in Bank 1 of the original HD500X sounds and just change the key to Dm.

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  21. You do not need a DI. The HD500X is the best DI I have ever used. When customers ask me for a DI for guitar or bass, I recommend the HD500X. Tell your sound man to use both XLR outputs. People on the users forum seem to wonder about the fact that these two outputs are mic level. All mixing consoles with XLR inputs are made for mic and line level. That's what the gain and pad controls are for. I wonder what reasoning the soundman is using? Maybe lack of knowledge?

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