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  1. Thanks Nylander88. Reinstalled HX Edit from download page.  That enabled my Edit to communicate with server on update tab. Download successful. 2.91. \m/

    1 hour ago, Nylander88 said:

    Make sure to reinstall HX edit and Line6 Installer, I figured out that the hard way and it fixed my problems. Let me know if that works.


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  2. I can't seem to update to 2.90. I'm running 2.81 and when I hit the check for updates tab on HX edit, after I put in my PW, I get a not able to connect with server response.   I'm on line at the time. Any suggestions? Thanks for any replies.

  3. Thanks. I installed 2.8.1 into updater, and easily backed up . I then started the 2.8.1 download and it froze at 50%. I powered off Helix, closed then opened updater, then ran update again and it installed without a hitch.

  4. I'm trying to Backup 2.7.1 before I install 2.8.1.  When I'm in HX Edit and hit the Backup tab, it doesn't complete the b/u, and I get a retry msg. Of Timeout waiting for response (code 8212). I've updated the Updater and have tried a dozen times. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,  BTW running Windows 7.

  5. Helix accessory - I love that! I have a '57 Les Paul Deluxe - it was a gold top with the small humbuckers. But I was into changing things when I was young, so it looks more like a Standard and has Tom Holmes humbuckers with split coils and stainless steel frets. Not that guitar looks, feels, plays and sounds fantastic. But you know what, I seem to be preferring either my Strat or my Variax Standard on gigs. I like all the sounds I can get - mostly acoustic. tele, Les Paul and Strat. And three pickups just provides a lot more tone options than two - especially given that the two pickup tone of a Les Paul seems to be falling out of style.


    So that Les Paul sits in the case a lot. Its real heavy. and I don't really want something to happen to a 50 year old guitar.


    I have a 72 Goldtop Deluxe, and I couldn't leave mine alone either. Put in HB's Grover tuners. Didn't even keep the mini's. Like you said, it's too heavy for 4 sets now days, and my Suhr Strat, RW Tele get the most play thru the Helix. I have a first gen Variax I'm going to try, as I just got the cable today.

  6. Thanks for the answers friends. I've had my Flextone and the Flrbrd.on consignment at a music store for 6 mo this now. Not much interest. It was always a good sounding and pretty easy to use setup, but new stuff rules I guess in the modeling world.

  7. Got my G10 yesterday, charged it to a full charge, hooked it up, and so far so good. I took my G90 out of my rack, and replaced it with my Furhman power source. The G10 will get the stage test next week with 2 weeks of 5 niters. I don't roam too far, and if I don't get interference the G90 will go for sale.

  8. "those tones are pretty thought to beat, and I haven't got there with my Helix yet"


    Are you reffering to the built in profiles or third party profiles?

    Some of the factory profiles are pretty good. I used a tweeked Deluxe Reverb patch for a year, before I bought the Michael Britt profiles. The MBritt is what makes the sounds of the KPA "tough" to beat, AFAIC.

  9. With ya, bud! Tubers have been collecting a LOT of extra dust here lately.


    Haven't really missed my Axe FX II XL+ or my Kemper Rack, either. Great pieces of equipment, though!

    Mostly don't miss that extra pedal to lug around plus a rack. hehe

    I still have my KPA Rack and KR, as those tones are pretty thought to beat, and I haven't got there with my Helix yet. I hope I can get close, because like you said basically, less stuff to haul! Btw, I have 3 booteeks that have been dust collectors for 2 years si cel I got my KPA.
  10. I would leave the AC30 at home, and go direct to FOH with the Essex30 of the Helix. Use a monitor, or some kind of FRFR for your own mix. That's the beauty of the new generation modelers, you don't need to take an amp.

  11. Do I need 2 paths to run stereo to FOH? I'll use line level XLR's to my snake, then to 2 channels on the board. If I. drop a stereo chorus or delay in a single path, will they play FOH in stereo?

  12. G10 is really cool and dead simple to use, but it's important to understand that it's designed for home, practice spaces, and smaller venues. Don't expect to run around a big theater with no dropouts. Also, ease of use was paramount, at the expense of manual channel selection. So if two band members each have a G10, everything needs to be powered up and paired in the right order, otherwise there's a chance of transmitters pairing to the wrong receiver. You can run multiple G10s simultaneously if you're careful, but it's intended to be used solo.


    For larger venues and tours, we strongly recommend G30/50/55/70/75/90. I swear it's not an upsell thing.

    I currently have been using the G90 for a couple of years. Zero issues, except batteries. I don't stray too far from my mic onstage, and the only other wireless would be the Shure IEM's. Could the Shure interfere with the G10? I'm thinking not. My only reason for the G10 would be simplifying my rig. Wouldn't have to bring the rack with KPA/G90.

  13. Yes, and I'm sick of going thru batteries. Between my G90 belt pack, and Shure IEM (9volts), I'm spending a small fortune. I'm sick of 2 belt packs on my strap. I've had the 'guitar bug' but that is old technology, and would cut in an out during a set. Between the 16 Led Par Cans with wireless control, the IEM's and other various stage interference I need something reliable, and the G90 delivers. I just hope the G10 is as foolproof.

  14. I have one back ordered to replace my rack G90 wireless, going minimal. Anyone have one out in the field yet? Andy from L6 had one he was using to demo the Helix, and it looked, and performed so nice, I ordered the thing.

  15. I don't get most of this thread. I just got my Helix last week. I've updated to 1.06 got 3 new amps, bug fixes, stability problems fixed. etc. I've been using a Kemper for 2 years, and although it sounds great, in 10 minutes, I created a clean patch on my Helix as good as any profile I have on the Kemper. I've always disliked screwing around with the USB stick on the KPA whenever I had to do anything. What I like about the Helix is it's fun to navigate the best UI on the market, and the sounds are IMO great. It can only get better.

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  16. Definitely keep your Helix i'm getting better and better tones especially with FRFR speakers and putting gain and eq blocks in the right spots in your signal chain!

    Me too, better today after I updated to 1.06, and apply the Hi Cut in the cab block. The Matchless amps sound pretty dam good.

  17. Thanks, I'll try again. On my first go, I couldn't seem to get the arrow to move with the joystick. I tried to move the arrow down the Setlists to no avail.

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