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  1. New to Helix, and not that tech savvy. When I open the Setlists, I see Factory 1,2 User 1,2,3 etc. and Templates. How do you get in these other Setlists? I get the arrow next to Factory 1, but can't navigate anywhere else with the Joystick. What am I doing wrong? BTW, I'm a visual learner, and I can't find any vispdeos of this.

  2. I've seen one guy for sure use the Scotch double sided tape to safely stick the Helix on a pedalboard. My question is, maybe I missed it, is it ok to take the feet off, and then re use the screws before taping?

  3. If it could be powered via phantom on the XLR you could plug the XLR ouput on the G10 into the Mic input on the Helix (with Helix phantom power set on) and power it directly from the Helix. That would be awesome although I am not sure how differing impedance and having a mic preamp in the chain might impact the guitar sound. Future versions of the Helix might want to include impedance setting and the ability to switch the mic preamp out of the chain on the XLR input as there appear to be some great alternate options for using this input.

    Good idea, but your going to have a power source right there for the Helix anyway, so just plug the G10 in there.

  4. Yes I think the Alto would be ok, and it's pretty inexpensive. You should just send a signal to FOH, and link the Helix volume knob to your monitor 1/4 out, then you can control your stage volume without affecting FOH

  5. OK, update on my process.  I was trying to download the newest ver of Helix 1.0.6, and i had not put in ver. 1.0.4 first.  Im not too good at programs, and my way around the computer, but on a whim i downloaded the older ver. and got it in.  Now i may be able to update once i connect my Helix.  Thanks for all the suggestions.


    I guess Duh is in order for me.

  6. Where are you seeing the helix logo?

    Is this on a mac? or PC?

    Win.7 no Helix logo, just the file name on desktop. I get the L6 Updater logo on my desktop. When I try to open the updater, I get the installer prompts, when I try to open the Helix download, it can't open the program. It might be my antivirus, and I'm using G Chrome for the browser.

  7. Yea, I can't update mine either! I have the updater icon on my screen, but I can't seem to get the Helix program to work. I never get the Helix logo, and when I plug my USB from the Helix in, I get no recognition, just a chime that I plugged something in. I'm really not that good with a computer, it would be nice if L6 explained this in the owners manual. There isn't even much on line on how to do this crap. I have a Kemper, and it's always been a pain for me also, that's why I got a Helix, to simplify my life.

  8. Just got my Helix today, had about 30 minutes running thru stock presets, tweeking here and there, pretty satisfied so far. I like the clean and mid gain amps, but I can see the higher gain stuff is going to need level matching. I've relied on my ears for the KPA the last few years, but I like the idea of meter leveling. I play on a silent stage to FOH, and my sound has to be consistent. Does anyone use an IPhone app meter, if so what is a good one that is accurate and easy to use?

    Thanks in advance. Btw, I haven't updated my Helix yet(1.04), will do tomorrow.

  9. While equally great sounding products, I sold my Kemper and Axe FX II XL+ about 2 weeks after my Helix arrived and I played with it for those couple of weeks. I just liked the idea that I could get equally good tones out of a single pedal board versus having to haul both a rack and MIDI pedal around with the other two.

    I've been going over this forum since I'm waiting on my "out for delivery" Helix from MF. I've been using a KPA Rack/KR for a couple of years, and although it sounds great(MBritt), I'm trying to downsize. I never looked into detail about the Helix until I got on the AX8 wait list last Nov. I reall got into both units while I waited for the Fractal. The Helix UI sold me, and I ordered the Helix, followed 2 weeks later by my AX8 invite, which I declined. Don't know if I'll sell my Kemper, but time will tell. I'm really interested in the new L6 G10 wireless also. If the Helix is what everyone says, and I'm not doubting it, the rack the G90 etc. will move on!


    Btw, I heard Andy(L6 factory designer/demonstrator) demo the unit at GC a couple of weeks ago, and it sounded very good thru 2 K12's. I don't think there will be much sound sacrifice at all over my Kemper, once I dial it in. Stoked, should arrive early this week.

  10. Just got my AX8 invite to buy (went on the waiting list on 11/4/15).

    Got me a Helix, sorry Fractal. I'll pass.

    I passed today also,(11/1). I almost got it, to compare when I get my Helix, but I really don't want to tie up $3K. The Helix looks cool' though. I like all the scripts and colored lights.

  11. "Personally, I see this whole thing as Fractal, Line 6, Kemper, and Atomic together against the ill-informed masses who claim modeling sucks."


    Agree 100%.  As I've posted on the forum before...  I have owned and own some great tube amps and was somewhat of a tube amp snob.


    I've owned tons of modelers.  Up until AFTER my Helix purchase and evaluation, I owned AT THE SAME TIME an Axe FX II XL+ AND a Kemper Rack.

    I merely grew tired of the rack plus a MIDI pedal live (space constraints, more crap to carry and hook up...)  Once I did a thorough evaluation of the Helix, I chose to let the other two go.  I did not hate them...  I got great tones and feel from BOTH...  I got great tones and feel from the Helix.




    I chose Helix because it was just as good sounding in my humble opinion, and I wanted one less piece of gear and connections on stage.  PERIOD!


    I really don't like to hear the bashing from any of the "big 3" modelers (and now the Atomic thingy)...  Having owned all but the Atomic pedal, I know what they are capable of.  In the hands of the right person, they are all equally capable of great touch sensitivity, volume rolloff accuracy, vibe, cleans, crunches, hard rock drive, metal, etc....


    I am a reformed tube snob...  believe it or not, I can still make my Tonelab LE sing into two of my custom built tube amps for days... (old hybrid rig).

    I play with another tube snob that is seriously considering converting to Helix.  I know another tube snob (reallllllyyyyy old school) that has complimented many of my tones and played into my rig.  It's not for him, but he finally admitted that if he didn't know what I was using, he'd swear I was not digital.


    I firmly believe if you go into these things with a preconceived notion at all, you will most likely convince yourself that it's not going to work.


    I kind of like the Lincoln Brewster situation... the guy could play through about anything he wanted to, but he's using POD... and supposedly received a very early release Helix from Line 6.


    If Fractal is your thing...  use it...  they're great...  if Line 6 Helix or POD is your thing, use it!  Same for Kemper and Atomic, etc.

    Digital is for real now.  However, I'm keeping some glass bottle driven toys in the house, too.  :)



    I got on the AX8 list last Nov. Since then, I've done quite a bit of research on Helix and AX8. I'm into simple, dial it up, and go. In this respect, I think the Helix will work best for me also. I have been using a KPA Rack/KR for the last 2 years, and I want to downsize. So 2 weeks ago I ordered an out of stock Helix. Today I got my invite for the AX8, and quite frankly, I'm not tech savvy enough to go down the Fractal "rabbit hole" of programming. Now I think I'll wait at least another 2 weeks for the Helix. UI sold me.

    BTW, I heard Andy(L6 rep) at a GC seminar last week, and the Helix sounded amazing thru the 2 K12's on hand.

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