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    Can someone test with an inflicted Variax, whether using an external GK3 hex-(mag-)pickup mounted on the same guitar, and connected with the special adapter "GK 13-pin to Variax Adapter Module" (http://www.rackvax.com/store/#ecwid:category=966022&mode=product&product=3958715), has any interesting effect? You'll also need a GK unit to power the GK controller on the guitar.

    There will be no problem with plink. It cant be. Just as there is no problem with the original Variax magnetic sensors. The problem is only with the combination of piezo / longitudinal wave (transverse wave ?? - confusion of terms):


    But it's an interesting idea with regard to the overall sound quality - bland palm muting and flat dynamics.

    Perhaps the ideal solution would be to create "kit to increase quality" - a sixfold magnetic pickup + low-noise preamplifier + new firmware (different frequency characteristic of the magnetic pickup - might suffice equalization in the new preamp). And offer it at an affordable price.

    Btw, did anyone try to physically down tune string6 and palm mute? How about physically go E#? Higher any risk to the bridge/sadles?

    Any changes by changing physical tuning? Just to poke the problem from different angles.


    I again remind my video - start at 2.45


    Edit: Also in 0.24 - 0.26

  2. I once counted 20 users with this problem.
    Now it will be 25 maybe, I do not want to count again.

    That sounds annoying for some reason doesn't it? Most gave up on the process and went "rouge" with different degrees of success and failure.


    Yes. It is company policy around this problem.
    Job for psarkissian and customer service? Restrain, hinder, obstruct, distract, hold off, postpone....

    I'm probably the only one idiot who deals with this two and a half years.
    And just because of this I will continue.



    How many owners regularly monitors Idea Scale? One of a hundred? Five of a hundred?
    And how many owners are aware of this discussion?

  3. A very brief excerpt:
    First support ticket:

    Oct 1, 2013 - After listening to the first sound sample you provided, we are unable to hear anything out of the ordinary.
    Oct 2, 2013 - After listening to the new sound sample you provided, again we were not able to hear anything wrong with the guitar unfortunately. We have not heard this complaint or question from any other JTV owners either unfortunately.


    Second support ticket is lost. Just disappeared. In it I pointed out to this discussion. Mr. psarkissian  answered: This is a different problem.


    Third support ticket:

    Mar 18, 2015 - Make use of Workbench and the EQ's on Workbench as you suggested in the afore mentioned ticket, or the EQ in the HD500 would be good.
    A couple of people have gone to using a string set that stars with 11-gauge,... but that requires the guitar to be set-up for the different string tension for the different gauge set.


    Fourth support ticket: (I was already upset after returning unrepaired guitar after 11 weeks).
    My qestion - Hi, the manufacturer does not collaborate with their own technical support? I'm afraid, that they do not want solve the problem of a small number of customers. My problem is most pronounced with the model SPANK, but it manifests itself also in other models.
    If someone wants to argue that it can not be solved, so why the string "A" working properly?
    This problem it's resolvable in the firmware.


    Their answer:

    Ticket Status = closed


    After that I has entered to this discussion.

  4. OK. My Variax is available with this condition: Line 6 provide and pay transport there and back.
    But I am convinced that Line 6 knows the full details of the problem.

    A user counter-argument is that the issue is frequencies which are present in any (string 6, or others too?) ...


    I am afraid that my description of this phenomenon is incomprehensible. I can not explain it better. Just, any guitar player, any guitar, ball of finger and gently sliding on the string.
    In the video - start playing at 0:36 second and at 0:39 ending.

    You must hear a tone that is independent of the string tension (turning the tuning peg has no effect). But it is dependent of the length of string. Also is independent of the speed of sliding. This happens on all the strings.
    And compare this tone with plink.


    If someone understands and hears this tone on your guitar, please write an explanation for others.

    Then that Line 6 Staff at the receiving end will have to upload a video proving that particular guitar had the problem when received, issue reproduced...


    This is the problematic part. They will be simply upload a video in which is not plink.

  5. Very well said.


    I can understand the frustration as moderators/employees. You most likely do not have the authority to resolve this problem.


    Yes. The proof is psarkissian, if he answered my question truthfully, he would was getting too close (dangerously) to the root of the problem.


    Anyone try my attempt with acoustic or disconnected electric guitar. You will hear the cause of plink.

    And share your impressions with us, please.

  6. Upper harmonics when scraping against wound strings.

    It is illogical answer. Even that's not the answer to the original question (...finger nail or a flat pick).

    You must do that only with the finger(ball of finger).

    Just as I am in the video. The times mentioned below:



    0:36 to 0:39 - 1.66 kHz

    0:40 to 0:43 and 0:48 to 1:10 - 1.9 kHz

    0:43 to 0:46 - 2.4 kHz


    The frequency is independent of the string tension (turning the tuning peg has no effect). But it is dependent of the length of string. Also is independent of the speed of sliding.

    Anyone can try on whichever guitar.


    You of course will not answer. I understand. It's easier to say goodbye than to admit the truth.

    Bye, bye.

  7. Honestly I think the problem might be the preamp for the piezos, hence why switching piezos makes the problem swap.

    For my guitar in service center was supposedly replaced all the electronics. But maybe they also lied. I also demanded the replacement of the volume potentiometer. It was not changed. Now I have big problems with this potentiometer.



    You should respond to the post of yelldog.

  8. Too bad I don't the guitar in front of me to evaluate.

    Nine times out of ten, it turns out to be a set-up or other adjustment.......

         ........Wish it was here on my bench. Many variables to go thru and eliminate.

    It was on your colleagues bench almost eleven weeks.

    But my question is not concerning the "plink". You apparently didn't see the video at all.

    My question related to three frequencies on three strings in the said times - with magnetic pickup.

    Anyone can try the same thing on whichever guitar.


    My strings - D'Addario EXL110

  9. Hello psarkissian,
    You're an educated man, I'm asking for your opinion:
    What is causing of these frequencies in my video?      https://youtu.be/lHm3Tj-pa8I


    0:36 to 0:39 - 1.66 kHz
    0:40 to 0:43 and 0:48 to 1:10 -  1.9 kHz
    0:43 to 0:46 - 2.4 kHz

    (The values given are only approximate)


    The same phenomenon occurs also at my other guitars - Fender Stratocaster, Aria Pro II (superstrat) and no name acoustic guitar (here are differing frequencies - different length and gauge of strings).

  10. psarkissian,



    The L-wave suggests a change of wavelength, which would be a change of frequency,

    or frequency modulation (FM). Whatever problem there is would be more transverse


    wave related. The string would have to do some serious gymnastics to do L-waves.

    Magnetic pull from pick-ups induce the field in such a way, as to create warbling (an

    FM effect), which is result of an out-of-adjusted pick up height.


    Pseudo professional claptrap.  :)


    -Have you tried using equalisation on your floor effects station or amplifier, to filter out

    the undesired frequency (between 1.6-1.7 kHz)?


    Yes. "Surprising" findings:
    1. It also affects other strings.
    2. After a long search I announce - on my tube guitar amp really is no parametric equalizer.

    -Have you used Workbench HD to adjust the parameters (body, pick-ups, string gauges,

    string volume, etc) and create the Model patch to where like it?


    Yes. I have modified almost all models.
    The problem exists on all bodies and all pickups:
    https://youtu.be/lHm3Tj-pa8I     time 2:12 - 2:45
    In Workbench is not parametric equalizer for each string!

    It's a lot easier than a firmware re-write, since they are not going to re-write the firmware

    to your specifications, just for you. They just don't do that sort of customization.

    My specifications? Read the entire forum. I'm not the only one with this problem!

    That's what Workbench HD is for.


    Absolute nonsence.


    You want not to modify the firmware - OK.
    Add the parametric EQ for each string to the Workbench.
    You do not want? Then you admit the truth about the cause and prepare solutions.
    Such a solution with which your repair shop is able to really fix these guitars.
    And not return unrepaired after eleven weeks!



    cruisinon2 - accurately

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