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  1. "What is clang-tone? Clang-tone, or wolf tone, is a sound inherent in a vibrating string. A string vibrates in three modes: Torsional, Longitudinal, and Transverse. Torsional vibration does not produce a sound wave – it is the string just twisting like a drive shaft in a car. Longitudinal vibration is what the magnetic pickups on a guitar are “hearing†and reproducing. Transverse vibration is a wave going up and down the string as it is stretches and relaxes longitudinally. Magnetic pickups do not reproduce Transverse vibration, but it is the type of vibration that a piezo pickup “hears,†and it produces the clang. Some describe its sound as a “ping†or “plink.†It is there even on acoustic guitars."



    in the text are interchanged words Longitudinal  and Transverse.


    Version 2.31
    Released 4/8/14

    Works with:
    POD HD500

    POD HD500 RELEASE NOTES v2.31.00 

    POD HD500 Flash Memory v2.31 is a FREE firmware update for all POD HD500 users. 

    This release addresses an issue with audio feedback that could potentially occur when changing patches with a specific combination of settings. It is strongly recommended that all users install this update as soon as possible. 

  3. I was so unsatisfied with HD acoustics  ( much prefer the old 1.71 acoustics)that now I'm able to run both worlds on my variax.

    It was a series of software hack trials and errors you name it. It's been up and running now for 3 months now and I could not be happier. ...

    Hi, this is very interesting and enticing.
    And if you have such a possibility, maybe you could help with this problem:
    What is BHD?

  4. Someone likes, someone not. I was tryout Elixirs on other guitar and I was disappointed. I also tryout GHS on the Variax. They were less bright compared EXL110. I then returned to EXL110, they are perfect with magnetic pickups (for me).

    And also - D'Addario are the original strings on the Variax and with them first time showed plink - on the first concert.

    I will not look for other strings. Line 6 must find a solution.

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  5. I'm looking for in vain the set of strings 10-13-17-26-36-52 :)


    artdib2 wrote previously: "It's possible that Line6 already knows what would fix the problem, but have come to the conclusion that the best fix is too costly."

    That's probably the main reason for inaction. And it is absolutely unacceptable reason.


    Yamaha is currently waiting for a response from the Line 6. Problem was also consulted with the guitar technicians from Yamaha in Japan, but I do not know the details.

  6. Clay-man, Well said!
    great idea! But not only for the Variax. Plink Enhancer for all guitars. For all blues players! (As for the the Model itself is from a vintage 59 Strat. I've had this talk with the programmer. Yes, it's going to have a bit more something about it that unfortunately Miroslav doesn't like. Popular with blues players, but not with metal players (seems to be the pattern). So yes, that particular Strat is supposed to have that kind of Low-E sound.)
    I like Line6. They've done a lot of great work. But "plink" I will not forgive them.
    I spent a lot of time on this and offends me read: "So yes, that particular Strat is supposed to have that kind of Low-E sound."
    Palm muting is a big weakness of Variax. I do not insist on correcting - I believe that they done the maximum.
    Electronics makes a hissing - it's annoying, but I do not insist on a repair - it's hardware problem - poor quality electronic components.
    But I insist on solving the problem with the string E6, because this can be resolved.


  7. "Re-writing the program for you defeats the purpose of Modeling. So they aren't going to do that."

    - You should re-write the program for the string A5. Contains an error, which defeats the purpose of modeling.


    "And I've given my advice on the mechanical aspects, et al."

    - 0.1mm


    "Equaliser in the floor effects, you can notch out the desired frequency."

    - I can not. This affects all strings.


    "Workbench HD, you can adjust parameters to your liking."

    - I can not. Workbench HD does not contain a parametric EQ.

  8. This sound (longitudinal wave) arises between the saddle and the zero fret, between the saddle and the first fret, between .....

    The important question is not: why some JTV doing this? 

    The important question is: why some JTV do not make this.


    Calleb Elling from L.R.Baggs said:

    "What I can say, is that the "clank tone" as it is commonly defined, is, in fact, part of every Piezo bridge pickup."

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