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    Dual cab block

    I figured it out. I needed to not bypass the cab; I needed to change the A or B path to 100...
  2. steelstringer

    Dual cab block

    Yes. And this is why I would like to split them (especially to use the A/B balance feature). What I am running into is that I would like to mute/bypass one cab while I dial in the other, but when I do this, the active cab sounds muffled/distorted, and I am not sure why. When they are both on, it sounds nice, but I want to dial them in separately, and then blend them. This will let me dial in a bigger, warmer tone on one cab, and a more focused, treble-heavy tone on the other. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. steelstringer

    (High) gain staging

    You might try the Kinky Boost (gain - 0, boost - on, bright - on) into a Minotaur (gain-3, tone -4, level - 6) into your high gain amp of choice (gain around 3-4, master around 5-7). This works well, and it doesn't change the tone/character of the amp as drastically as the Rat or Screamer. I was so excited to try the Rat into the JCM 800 model when I got the Helix, and it just doesn't sound great to me. Just a suggestion...
  4. steelstringer

    (High) gain staging

    On your 2203 model, the tone will sound fuzzy if the master volume is low. Try it around 5 or 6 (out of ten).
  5. steelstringer

    Piezo blend tone

    I recently bought a Martin acoustic IR from 3 Sigma in hopes of creating a patch that blends an acoustic sound with a clean electric tone (top path is the acoustic ir, and the bottom path is a clean Lonestar). I’m using a Carvin electric guitar. I was thinking of the tones that Alex Lifeson and John Petrucci get using piezo equipped guitars. I threw a patch together quickly, and it sounds pretty cool. Has anyone else tried this approach?
  6. steelstringer

    Loud pop noise when switching between snapshots

    The only time that I’ve experienced pops while changing snapshots is when I try to control bright switches on amps with that feature.
  7. steelstringer

    Piezo blend tone

    Sounds great. I look forward to hearing it.
  8. steelstringer

    Helix direct to PA settings

    No problem! In particular, it’s his use of the Y crossover split that makes a big difference. I actually use it at the beginning of path 2 since I like to blend 2 cabs (3 Sigma irs actually) on path 1. To my ears, this approach makes the amp models more lively and easier to dial in than doing drastic high and low cuts on the cabs.
  9. steelstringer

    Helix direct to PA settings

    Someone earlier mentioned this YouTube series. Have you checked it out? Jason’s approach has helped me dial in great tones. I use my Helix direct to PA in a live band setting (rock cover band). My Marshall and vintage Fender tube amps stay home, which means this unit can deliver tones that (at least in my eyes) are comparable to a typical amp/pedal board set up. https://youtu.be/2oSUj8oK6Pg Check this out...
  10. steelstringer

    Fizziness in Helix

    I like this approach because I am not making hi and low cuts on my cab/ir and I can leave my amp settings in more familiar/realistic places (in the real world, I would never have the bass on 1 or 2). The parametric eq and compression at the end is also key to his setup. This guy has put some serious time into his Helix!
  11. steelstringer

    Fizziness in Helix

    Yep. I just found this YouTube channel today, and he is using a crossover split - not an a/b or y split.
  12. steelstringer

    I would like some clean/lite gain 3sigma cab IR recommendations

    Bad Cat and Vox IRs from 3 Sigma work great for clean and slightly dirty. I blend them for a nice tone.
  13. steelstringer

    Dimension chorus

    Has anyone spent some time with this legacy effect? I read about the original Roland version (and the Boss one), and I thought that it might thicken up a few presets. Right now, I have it on the #1 setting with a 20% mix, and it sounds nice. I have it as the final block in the path (it sounds really good there). I just wondered if anyone else had experimented with its placement/usage as a way to thicken a tone ( as opposed to using it as a heavy chorus effect). Thanks!
  14. steelstringer

    ...Whoa- Pending update (2.50) pinned above

    Thank you Line 6 for the game changing Helix and all future updates.
  15. steelstringer

    Using multiple cab blocks

    Just a heads up on mixing irs. Phasing issues can arise if you blend irs from different companies. I tried mixing Ownhammer with 3 Sigma, and the sound was muffled and unusable. I’m not sure if this issue arises when blending irs and Helix stock cabs, but I wasted a lot of time turning knobs before I figured out the problem.
  16. steelstringer

    Snapshot LED color

    I use the snapshot function only as a lead boost, so I have the up/down switches set to control them. Snapshot 1 is rhythm, snapshot 2 is lead. My top row switches are presets, the bottom row controls stomps. Now, here’s my issue-I want the LED color to change on the up/down switches when I change between my 2 snapshots. I know to push down on the preset knob, rename snapshot, and assign LED color, but it doesn’t work for some reason on the Up/down switches. Any ideas? Thanks.
  17. steelstringer

    Snapshot LED color

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, the led ring is not lit at all on the up / down switches. Both are blank. Even red would be fine; I just want an indicator when I switch from rhythm to lead (snapshot 1 to 2).
  18. steelstringer

    Snapshot LED color

    I have the LT version, if that makes a difference.
  19. steelstringer

    Holiday Freeset Week!

    Thanks, man. Your freesets have helped my patch building so much! If any of you guys haven’t checked out his videos, you should. 🤘🎸
  20. steelstringer

    Tips From The Vets For New User

    Search “freeset Friday “ on YouTube. I have used many of Scott’s tips to get great tones and interesting ideas for the Helix.
  21. steelstringer

    loving derailed Ingrid

    I recently created 3 presets (clean, slight break, and overdrive ) with the Derailed model. I used it over the weekend at a bar gig, and it really sounded nice. Previously, I used the Litigator and JCM 800 models for my gig sounds, but this Derailed is pretty sweet...
  22. steelstringer

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    Thanks. I’ll check the line/mic settings...
  23. steelstringer

    Ok, so I’m beginning to reconsider.

    It’s worth it just to have the Express amp model and the EP boost pedal.
  24. steelstringer

    Helix Questions before I Buy

    You can easily route the Helix floor or LT the way you have described (xlr or 1/4). I own the LT, and it is a great piece of gear. My tube amps rest quietly at home now for gigs.
  25. steelstringer

    EP boost

    Thanks for the feedback. So far, the best placement for a clean lead boost for me is directly after the amp and right before the cab/ir. For whatever reason, it sounds noisy at the very end of the chain, which is where I thought it would end up. This is a nice addition to the already awesome bank of OD pedals.