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    Preamp vs amp block

    Which block should I use (preamp or amp) if I am going from the 1/4 out from the Helix to the effects return of my tube amp? I want the Helix to provide my tone of course and I know to not use a cab block. I am confused as to the difference between the two. Thanks!
  2. steelstringer

    Preamp vs amp block

    Thank you for the replies. I will play around with both options. I am dialing in a clean Mesa and dirty JCM 800 tone tonight. I just got the Helix LT this week, and I am astounded by all of the routing and tone shaping ability. I also enjoy this message board; it's very professional and helpful overall.
  3. steelstringer

    Routing question

    I am getting ready to replace my Digitech RP500 with a Helix LT (super excited). In a live situation, I have been running one 1/4 output to my amp onstage (effects return) and one XLR out to the mixer. I am relying on amp simulation for my tone. The RP500 does not allow me to choose direct (no amp cab sim) from my 1/4 out and then select an amp cab sim from the XLR. Can the Helix LT do this? I would like to hear my real amp speaker onstage, but have the crowd hear cab sims. Thanks!
  4. steelstringer

    Routing question

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I'm excited to get back to a Line 6 product. I had the Spidervalve when it came out, but I had so much trouble leveling volumes between presets that it was not great as a gigging amp. I am sure that I will have better luck with the Helix. If not, I'll jump on here for advice.