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  1. Honestly, this thread is a stupid comparison.  


    Helix - $1600 - includes everything you need

    AXIII $2000 PLUS $150 for expression pedal PLUS $700 for the FC-12


    For $2850 vs $1600, that AXIII should absolutely sound better.  


    It's like comparing a Ford Mustang V6 to a Ford Mustang Cobra.  They will both get you from A to B, but one is more in price due to better components under the hood.  And by the way, no other listeners besides guitarists will be able to tell the difference.  

  2. Are the 4 preset blocks changeable?  Meaning, can I alter a preset to have only effects (no amps, cabs, eq, wah) so I can essentially use this unit as an HX Effects with expression pedal to use it with tube amps via 4cm?  

  3. On 7/9/2019 at 6:23 PM, kraftybob said:

    I know this is an older thread, but I had a question about the cable you used.  I have the DSL40C and just got the Helix LT.  When I ordered the Helix I also ordered a TRS cable thinking that's what I'd need, however, no matter how I configured the Ext Amp control it would not work.  I then tried a standard TS cable - which didn't work - and then I tried an Insert Cable (TRS on one end to two TS ends on the other (one Tip, one Ring) and that worked.  The signal needs to go from the Ring on the Helix to the Tip on the DSL - which you can't do with a straight TRS or TS cable.  


    I'm either going to open the TRS cable and swap the Tip & Ring on one end, or I may go with MIDI into my VooDoo Lab Control Switcher so I can control both the amp channel and reverb.  I'm just wondering how you got the TRS cable to work?

    I just saw this reply.  From what I remember, I had no issues with the TRS cable.  


    However, I have upgraded to a Marshall JVM 205c, so I'm using MIDI for all changes.  

  4. I would guess a Helix II would debut around 2022 January NAMM.  Just my guess as it gives a couple more years life to the current Helix.    


    I would love for the Helix II to include a built-in receiver for wireless Guitar Transmitter and also for editing presets with an Mobile Device (refer to H&K Grandmiester/Black Spirit/Fender Mustang GT).  

  5. Well.......I'm a bit of a gear nut, no shame here!  Looks like I'm alone on this one and that's OK with me.   : )  


    While I like the convenience of effects processors, I just can't help but feel that there is an organic difference in sound with tube amps and analog gear.  So when I find something that works well on the Helix, my curiosity makes me try it out via analog.  The HX Effects has been awesome to integrate with my pedal board using the FX loops for other pedals.  


    I like all different types of setups though and find it entertaining to learn about other player's.   It's always interesting to hear another perspective or approach.  

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  6. I tried Ownhammer but prefer Sigma Audio's IR's - mostly the Mesa Oversized Rectifier models.  My personal favorite is the 3A ACE file.  I would recommend the bundle deals for sure.   Not sure if Ownhammer does this, but 3 Sigma Audio will update the IR's and send you a notice to download the new updated files - no additional charges. 


  7. On 11/14/2018 at 7:19 PM, Rickholbert said:

    I want to see more amps come out for the Helix, Helix LT like mesa mark 2, Peavey triple X, Mesa triple rec, diezel so on and so on. Fracual is a competitor and I want the helix sound better than the Axe FX. Line 6 needs to get with the program and get up to speed with new amps,effects and cabs and if not i will switch to Fracual.   


      It already has the Dual Rec and Mark IV - so no need for a Triple Rec or Mark II. 


    The Triple X is not a "legendary" amp like the 6505, so I don't see any companies trying to model that amp.   

  8. 8 hours ago, njglover said:


    Not really. If they are plugging the guitar into the floor unit, they'll be using whatever impedence setting is on the Helix. Native can't do that, so you are at the whims of whatever audio interface you are using. The hardware Helix units are much more flexible in that regard.

    To be clear, when recording from the Helix Floor unit I just used a standard guitar cable.  Recording through Native is just a dry guitar signal into my Focusrite interface.  Lately I've been getting really good results with Amplitube - the max bundle is amazing. 

  9. I've been experimenting with various VST plugins.  I get a killer tone from the Helix floor unit using the Archon preamp and Sigma 3 Audio IR's, but having difficulties with Native getting the same result.  I want the option to change tones after recording, so I'm sticking with dry tracks and exploring almost every VST amp plugin under the sun.  

  10. Hey thanks for posting this.  I've been having a really hard time getting a usable metal tone from Native (not a problem from my floor unit - weird).  Way too much bass and all the cuts weren't helping.  I actually think it's my Sigma 3 IR - I listened to a side by side comparison and the Sigma IR seems to add a lot more than necessary low end and the Ownhammer IR's seem to have more clarity.  I'll be reviewing your video a couple more times.  Any other tips or videos you can share would be appreciated.  I'm new to audio recording so this is a whole new mysterious world to me!

  11. Why not try 4CM and the FX block so you can try out different preamps in the Helix?  Or set up your Helix like a pedalboard via 4CM with delay/rev/EQ in the loop and other effects in front of the Marshall.  


    Trust me - both methods are awesome!  

  12. The setup you described doesn't really reflect an FRFR set up.  Your power tube section, speakers and cabinet will color the sound, not providing the Full Range Flat Response of a true FRFR system.  I would recommend that you think of your set up as a tube power amp and speaker cabinet set up.    


    With your set up, the Pre-Amp only block should be selected.  Choosing the Amp only block adds in the simulated power section of the selected amp model and this is going into the power section of your amp.  Choosing the Amp+Cab block sends a simulated amp, power section and cab into the power section of your amp.  This may be the cause of the fizziness you're hearing.  So since you already have a power section and cabinet, the Pre-Amp block is the correct choice here.  


    I highly recommend using the 4CM template as using a true 4CM set up allows more flexibility of your effects (for pre and post preamp signal management - i.e. OD in front of the amp, Reverb and Delay in the effects loop).  

  13. 26 minutes ago, duncann said:

    Since noone else mentioned it yet, have you tried Reaper? It does pretty much anything you'd want.


    I was just going to say - I have no problems in Reaper, no latency and have direct monitoring while recording.  I recently bought Native as well (recording with no issues either) - and having a blast with it! 

  14. 33 minutes ago, amsdenj said:

    Save in Helix Native seems more confusing. You have the choice to save to disk or library, that's fine, but there are some issues. When you select Library, a dialog pops up with the list of patches in a set. That would be ok, but seems redundant with the library view that's already displayed on the left. But the odd thing is that the current patch isn't selected by default. You can press the save button, but its not clear where the patch is saved. You have to actually select the patch you want to save, regardless of what is currently loaded. 


    It would seem easier to have a simple Library > Save which saves to the currently loaded patch, and Library > Save As... to store someplace else.



    As a new user to Native, I agree on this.  Would also be nice to have a basic save option that saves the preset to the PC and the Library as you currently have to save it twice for that.  

  15. On 6/14/2018 at 9:39 AM, soundog said:

    If you can get the discount on Helix Native, its seriously worth it. An advantage of Helix Native I forgot to mention is using your DAW's automation to automate any Helix parameter in real-time with your recording song. You can do the same thing by using MIDI out to a Helix floor, but its more convoluted. With Helix Native its simple, and powerful.


    One use I can think of for this would be switch pre amps - we have a song where I switch from clean to heavy distortion immediately, so I can definitely see me using this capability for that purpose.


    I did pull the trigger and got Native.  Man oh man, this plug in is fun!  


    I recorded a couple tracks last night with my bass player, both using Helix Native simultaneously - the sound was awesome and I loved being able to edit the tones while playing back.  


    I do appreciate you guys leading me in the right direction and the tips - thanks! 

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