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  1. So I decided I need to make a external pedal for the Helix so I can change settings or enable effects without being right in front of the Helix. Needed for bigger stages or stages with banks.


    Parts I used for this project

    • 10k ohm linear potentiometer
    • 10k ohm resistor
    • 3PDT Switch
    • Mini MTS-102 SPDT ON-ON switch
    • Adafruit Perma-Proto Quarter-sized Breadboard
    • Boss TU-2 cassis
    • Jack inputs from the Boss TU-2
    • LED diode
    • 470 ohm resistor for LED diode
    • Wires
    • Metal sheets for faceplate


    I started out with the cassis from an old Boss TU-2 that I mended a new faceplate for and sanded down to the metal.

    Post image


    Having basic skills with soldering and electronics I decided to buy a finished breadboard to make things easier for me.Went with the Adafruit Perma Proto.

    Post image


    Here is the schematic for the wiring.
    I used a 10k potentiometer and a 10k resistor with a two way selector switch to select if I want to use the potentiometer or the resistor. Basically making the pedal variable or 100% expression in the Helix. There is also a simple LED diode circuit connected to the 3PDT switch.Post image



    I removed the old momentary switch from the Boss TU-2 pedal and replaced it with a 3PDT switch using the plastic washers from the 3PDT switch.

    Post image


    Using some metal sheets from an old computer chassis I made a new faceplate for the Boss TU-2 chassis.
    Drilled seven holes in it for LED, pot, switch and mounting screws.Post image


    Since this is the first prototype the wires are not cut to length and the breadboard isn't mounted to the chassis.
    (Sorry for the mess)Post image


    Using the switch I can now change this pedal between being a type of expression pedal and being 0/100% expression pedal. The Helix sometimes glitches a bit while changing between the two modes making the potentiometer stop at everything between 60% and 90%. Taking the jack out and plugging it back in again fixes that bug.

    Post image


    All in all I think it turned out great!

    Link to album with photos from this post


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