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  1. What’s everyone’s favorite models?


    For gain I’m constantly going back and forth between the Creamback and Brown models with my placater dirty.


    For cleans I love the Essex and Jetson. 

    The one that surprises me is the Vintage 30 model. I’ve always played cabs with V30s and this model doesn’t do it for me. 

  2. So I love my Powercab Plus 112 but I'm thinking about moving up to the 212.

    I play mostly hard rock and metal and as much as I like the tones from the 112 I do miss the thump of my old 2x12 and 4x12 rigs. Does the 212 have any more bass response/thump/resonance versus the 112? If it does that combined with the stereo capabilities would really sway me away from just adding another Powercab Plus 112.

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