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  1. I was an early adopter of the Vetta and then the Vx when it came out.  Gigged for a long time with a 700 as my main axe.


    Now it's not working properly.  The unprocessed tone is bleeding through and mixing with the processed tone.  You can REALLY hear it using any alternate tuning.


    The problem is no one here in Phoenix AZ can work on the thing.  Spent a couple hundred dollars trying to get it fixed at the Line 6 recommended service location.  Still no workee. (I've also had the same location do less than stellar work on a POD HD500 so I'm just not wasting my money back there).


    I've already bought a new JTV VX but I still want my old VX to work.  The guitar itself is in fine playable shape but is essentially worthless.  Can't bring myself to just toss it out.


    I'd spend a the dollars to fix it if I had any confidence it would actually get fixed.  The entire electronic package on this thing can't be more than I'd be willing to pay if I knew someone who could do the work and get the parts.



  2. No stooped questions.


    Had the speakers at approx 75%.  With my previous PA I was taught rightly or not to keep the amps pretty high but not maxed out and I was going on that habit pattern.


    No one commented on the FBS on the speakers but I assumed that having two different FBS working at the same time was counter-productive so I turned it off in the speakers and enabled it in the inputs.


    It appears that's the best way to run it in this configuration of M20d and Stagesource Speakers.

  3. The puzzle piece I was missing was the 3/8th jack on the Airport Express.  Didn't even know it was there!  I thought it would stream back through the USB similar to the method described for streaming recording.


    Haven't tried it yet but I'm pretty sure it will be simple after that.


    BTW, I tried a couple of other USB-Ethernet adapters and nothing worked except the Apple branded one.


    Thanks again for some spot on and timely info.

  4. On another subject, the M20d seems to be recording fine in tests at home.  It has currently recorded about 26 continuous minutes of 16 inputs and is displaying 6:45 of Rec Time Remaining.


    I must have been fat-fingering something.  I have noticed that the iPad app is a little touchy about recognizing a double tap vs a single tap or drag and sometimes you end up on pages you had no intention of being on.  Maybe it was something along those lines.


    Clearly it will record on a 64g card though.

  5. One of my favorite quotes is, "it's only power if you can abuse it."


    The biggest dilemma with this system is I have so many more options and so much power that it's pretty easy to, especially as a newbie, lose control.


    For example, I'm feeling pretty certain we're just not used to subs that work this good and probably had them up too high the first couple of times I used them.  We're just not used to having more flexibility with our monitor mixes and need to figure out what we really want in the monitors.  I've never had compression on individual channels before.  Used it in my guitar patches and in the studio but never live.


    With my old PA you needed a dedicated sound guy to get results that weren't as good as what I'm already getting without a sound guy.  However, that doesn't mean that I haven't picked up a pretty good additional workload.  I'm pretty sure it will get easier as I get more familiar with the system and get the presets wired in.


    I'm a keyboardist and guitarist and I do vocals, so my schlep and setup was already pretty big.  Now, picking up head sound engineer duties makes for long and busy gig days

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  6. Wow, some amazing responses on a Sunday morning no less.  Thanks guys! I will try to respond in order and as succinctly as possible.


    @JoeCozzi: Autotrim, trim tracking and FBS all applied IAW (In accordance with) the manual.  Then tried to manually tweak the trim to try to get more and partially because I maybe didn't trust some of the new voodoo.  No improvement so I went back to the automatic modes.


    Ringing out the monitors is not something that I'm used to doing, or have a good procedure for, but it sounds like it could really pay off.  If I can get a lead singer to show up early enough (insert std band joke here)...


    Not sure the exact model of mic he's using, so obviously don't know the pattern.  Been running into this question a lot recently as I've been getting more into recording so it's something I need to get smarter on.


    Compression mentioned a couple of times.  I'll bring more of that into my crosscheck


    @JoeCozzi and dBoomer: I don't think I ever got this much off my previous subs.  I'll try the polarity.  Probably had too much of the subs the first night so it might be as simple as turning them down!  (when you have the power, you want to use the power!)


    @JoeCozzi: The SD card is a brand new purchase from Best Buy, formatted FAT32, Class 10 and has worked for shorter recordings of maybe half a song during soundcheck.  1.2 firmware right out of the box.  I'll test it out a little more at home and see if I can get it to record more.


    @gordwait:  Sound similar to my band (I'm currently in a couple).  Three vocalist.  One "problem" is we've had crummy monitors in the past and now that we have good monitors everyone wants more.  Similar to what you've described, I think we need to lower some of the monitor expectations unless we're playing bigger stages.  I've taken note of some of your db rules of thumb and try those out.  I went back through the manual and didn't see a 32g restriction on SD cards.  Am I missing that?


    Grateful for the input.  Thanks guys.

  7. Recently went whole hog.  Craigslisted the old PA and spent the proceeds and quite a bit more on an M20D, 2xL3m, 2xL2t, and 2xL3s.


    A lot of good and some issues I'm still struggling with.


    First, the speakers are fabulous.  Gigged yesterday in a bar and tonight outside at a private event.  For the outside gig we pumped some Rush Moving Pictures through the speakers to check them out during sound check.  No where near maxed, loud as &^%$@# yet still clear and separate.  I love the way that record is produced and it retained all that magic space and texture. Almost a religious experience.  The people who say these speakers aren't loud


    I haven't tried a lot of the newer speakers, but compared to my old system with passive Peavey mains and Yamaha 18 subs, and a refrigerator full of rack comparison.  My old system could get loud but never did it sound just so clear and amazing.


    We played outside tonight and it only took us an hour to find out that the party hadn't gotten a permit for their block party...because the cops were getting noise complaints several blocks away.  Slight volume adjustment and we made it another hour without getting arrested.  Volume is no problem, take my word for it.  We were no where near max.


    We've had some problems with feedback that I've started to narrow down but would appreciate some help with.  Our lead singer uses a pretty hot condenser mic and he doesn't sing terribly loud.  He's a great singer, with a killer voice and range, he sounds loud and powerful, but the truth is he's actually singing pretty soft.  Consequently we've been fighting feedback and some ringing/howling from the PA that's just short of feedback but certainly not desirable.  At the same time I'm having trouble getting him loud enough in the mains


    I know part of the problem is our stage volume is just too loud and tonight I made some progress by just lowering the monitors and really minimizing what I was sending to the monitor mixes (3 speakers and 1 in-ear mix).  There's only so much I can do as a sound man to control drum volume on stage though, and that seems to set the floor for everyone else (a common lament I'm sure).


    I also found that that there's a ton of bass coming off the sides of the subs that, depending on sub placement, can really raise your stage volume levels.  Set up the subs much farther away from the band tonight and that seemed to make a difference.


    My other mystery is recording.  I've been able to record to an SD card but in two gigs I haven't been able to get a whole song.  For some reason, I get the recording going and then it's just stopped for some reason.  I have a 64g SD card, properly formatted, and have been able to record a couple of minutes for sound check purposes but when it comes time to record the set, the thing just turns off when my head is turned and I don't catch it until much later.  Hoping there's a simple operator error that I haven't figured out yet.


    Saved setups made night #2 WAY easier than the first night.  Hoping that trend continues as the rest of the band figures out how the system works.  I'm a musician, not a soundman, and I want to get back to solving more musical problems than technical ones.  On that subject, actually used the quick tweak option a couple of times tonight with some good effect.  More importantly it let me solve a problem and get back to playing without too much mental gymnastics.


    So, 2 gigs down, a lot of lessons learned, but I'm pretty happy with our start.  Still getting my arms around the M20d, but the speakers have way over-delivered.


    Long post...sorry.  Any comment appreciated.

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