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  1. robbie, as a long time dt owner and observer of this board, I've seen this claim many times, and invariably after much discussion and gnashing of teeth it turns out...the models in the DT are identical to the models in the HD.


    You just gotta figure out where your switches are different.


    Sorry mate.

  2. Did I miss something?  It looks to me like Helix has only the script Phase and no other phasers?  This seems like an oversight or that the list was incomplete.


    Just when I was becoming a big fan of the barberpole phaser in the HD.

  3. My real question is about cabinet modelling:  I may totally misunderstand what's going on in my HD/DT so help me out here.


    If using the full HD models (NOT the Preamp models), I'm under the impression that the cabinet modelling applied to the DT50 is not the same as if you were running studio-direct.


    IF that's true, then, when using Helix with DT and full amp models (NOT preamp only models), is there studio-direct type cab modelling being sent to my DT?  I would think that there's DT specific cab modelling in the HD500.


    Do I understand this correctly or am I over-complicating the way cab modelling works in the HD500/DT50 line6 Link scenario.

  4. Isn't the CV output on the Helix a channel switcher?


    Also, if the Helix can send six midi messages per patch change, you could use that as a switcher via midi, and that would also do things like turn DT's reverb select/on/off.


    I was in the market for a cheap midi foot controller but it looks like Helix does everything I really wanted for that...only not cheap.  But if I was going to buy it anyway, then it's cheap (?)  (does that make sense?)

  5. I've heard that HELIX doesn't have full compatibility with DT amps.


    What WILL Helix do for DT users.


    What WON'T Helix do for DT users.


    What are the midi workarounds.


    Love my DT50 and don't want to orphan it.

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  6. As a general rule, I don't trust authorized Line6 service centers unless it's something pretty vanilla.


    For example, I had a Vx 700 that started acting up.  WELL beyond warranty and gigged with extensively, even went to Iraq with me. Anyway, the Phoenix Line6 authorized store could not fix it after 2 trips I decided just to wait for the JTV to come out.


    I had a POD footswitch go bad and there's youtube's on how to fix that yourself, so I figured they could handle that and they did a good job.


    When I called Line6 about my M20D problems, they didn't even recommend the local repair, they immediately issued an RMA and I send it to the mother ship.


    My advice, skip the retailer or local tech.  Go right to the big brains at Line6 and see if they'll take it back for you.

  7. Heavy speculation on my part to follow, take with a grain of salt:


    I think L6 recognized a problem.  There was a break in production for unknown reasons but I'm GUESSING it was to fix said problem.  They've been very generous about taking these back to the shop for warranty work.  They've said that production is back on and the backlog of orders is filling.  Just my guess that grounding is the issue.


    They took mine back with almost no questions asked and it was even a couple months past warranty.  The turnaround for mine in the US was very quick.  I should get it back today and that was barely a week.


    If you're having this problem, my recommendation is call Line 6.  Unless you're super tech savvy there's not much you can do on your own.


    Maybe one of you super tech smart dudes could do a youtube on how to fix the grounding issues for out of warranty M20D's?  Maybe even Line6 could do it?  That might take some of the heat.


    I've used Line6 products for a long time and as a company they are notoriously close lipped on design bugs.  However, I've always found their service center to be really good.  When you consider that they're ALWAYS making products on the cutting edge of technology, I can expect some bugs.  Knock wood, I've been pretty lucky so far.


    FWIW my backup mixer has a bad channel and the Allan and Heath mixer that I replaced with the M20D had some issues.  Maybe it's just part of the territory?

  8. DT50 with a POD is an awesome setup.  I've played on the same stage as vintage marshalls and Bogner Ecstasy's and it really holds it's own and does so much more than those amps will do.


    For the $$$ it's a no-brainer.  Great amp on it's own and amazing with an HD500.

  9. I really like having two different speakers in my DT50 2x12 because it gives you more options when micing the speaker.


    They do sound very different when close mic'ed.


    That being said, I don't hear one vs the other when I'm just playing, but they sure record different or sound different through the PA.


    I can't remember which is which but when facing the amp the L speaker is warmer and the R speaker is more mid focused and articulate (to my tin ears at least).

  10. Not to mention the POD has both EQ's and noise gates.


    If you're trying to free up effects blocks, I have used numerous pedals both in front of the POD and in the loop and they all work normally.


    I have to look at myself really hard though if I need more than 8 effects blocks in a unit that has a zillion different patches.

  11. I would contact them regardless.  It's very tough to diagnose without knowing everything exactly.


    I had problems with my M20D and because the system is so complicated it was very difficult to narrow it down.  Could it be a cord? Input? Monitor? Speaker cord?  All these variables must be checked.


    Anyway, I've always found Line6 customer service to be helpful and usually you don't have to wait on the phone that long.

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