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  1. Tried the dongle thing for a while and then just bought the apple thing and it's worked pretty well since.  In a big crowd the range of the iPad can be a bit wonky.  Amazing system though.


    Welcome aboard.  It's not a perfect system but it's an amazing leap forward from the huge system I was using before.  And I can train just about anyone with an ear to be sound guy in a pinch.


    If you haven't started using the recording capabilities yes, prepare to be amazed.

  2. The FCB 1010 might work for limited things but it's a pretty huge pedal for what it does.  The price is starting to get there at $150.


    It just seems like the midi solution for using the DT50 is overly complex and expensive enough to just make getting POD much smarter (hmmm, maybe that's what they were thinking).


    I'm a keyboard player and no stranger to midi (but no friend of it either if you know what I mean!).


    I just recently found this and it's probably closer to what I was looking for!  It's a smaller footprint and sends more CC info.  However, it comes from a company I've never heard of and is overseas.



    BUT I was thinking these things are cheap to build, and would unlock the DT50 as a real killer stand alone amp.  If you're interested to participate in ideascale, here was my original post:

  3. Now that I've unlocked my DT50's full midi potential I find my 2 channel footswitch somewhat inadequate.  So I went looking for an affordable midi footcontroller.


    Turns out this is a much underserved market and most of the products are overly expensive.  This isn't rocket science, it's midi. (which I realize at times seems harder than rocket science).


    So please help me out and go over to ideascale and vote up my recommendation that Line6 make a simple, affordable midi foot controller for their DT series amps for for whatever requires a simple midi input.

  4. I gotta say both my DT50's start to sound better after 30 minutes or so.  Either that or my ears get more forgiving.  I have the stock pre-amp tubes but have Svetlana E34L power tubes.  They were installed by a pro tech and have been in heavy use for about a year, no problems.

  5. We are making and supporting StageScape M20d and StageSource speakers. This is official :)


    We had a shortage due to production which is resolved now.


    Thank you,


    Arne Wallbrecher

    Arne.  Thanks for the unequivocal statement.


    However, in my humble opinion, the market place is asking for a statement (by word or actions) that says Line 6 intends to compete long term in the live sound reinforcement market.

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  6. I'm a big line 6 fan.  HOWEVER, they've done very little to instill confidence that they're in this market (live sound and PA) for the long haul.


    It's been a hallmark of Line 6 to be very tight lipped about future development of products. That's cool.  However, I'm pretty confident that they'll continue to make guitars, amplifiers, and effects boxes.


    If they want this kind of discussion to stop, they need to make some kind of statement to reassure the marketplace.  They're competing with other companies that have shown staying power and clearly are developing more products in this area.  Meanwhile Line 6 sits back silently like a poker player and tries to treat the customer like he's over entitled to ask for the same reassurances that other companies in the marketplace are providing.


    I like my M20d and love my stagesource speakers.  But you can't blame people for what has become a constant complaint.  Namely, is there a future in Line 6 pa gear.

  7. I've got one year under my belt now too.


    I do the big rock star setup with a couple different projects using keys, 2 gtrs, 3 vox, drums, sometimes even a violin.  L3 and L3s mains and L2 monitors.


    There was a learning curve for the band but now we set up that whole thing in about 45 minutes.


    I have the same weird issues with vox trim that everyone else reports.  Very sporadic.  I've found ways to minimize and work around but not fix (when I get time I'm going to try the ground thing, but right now we're gigging too much to go with out).  Also some sporadic weird issues with stereo paired inputs not matching up, and no way to individually trim paired stereo inputs.  This is my biggest and maybe only real complaints about the system.


    The recording setup is awesome.  Works great almost every time.  Way more reliable than any other live recording method I've used before.  Here's a quick montage of a Kansas tribute project I'm working on at our first gig.  Totally live and then mixed down in Logic 



    iPad control is awesome.  I wish the range was better and more predictable.  With large numbers in the audience the coverage can get spotty!  Co channel interference I'm sure.  Either way, it beats setting up a snake by about 1000%.  I hope to never set up a snake again in my life.


    The speaker system has been everything and more.  No one talks about the subs but I love'm.  I wish the L2's were a little warmer, they seem to be too strong in the 3-4k range to me.  Maybe optimized for vox and acoustic but a little harsh for electric tones.  Definitely usable for FRFR stuff but not my perfect speaker for that application.

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  8. I got my L3S's at a DEEP discount.  If you see some demo's or some in a store, make an offer.


    I'm not a big guy (155lbs and 50yrs old) and they're easily one man movable.  Hell, if the ground is flat I can move both of them at once on the wheels.  I can get them in the back of a pickup or SUV by myself.


    Honestly they're easier to handle than my DT50.

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  9. Im considering the MD20 plus two Lt or Lms as mains.


    I assume the Lts, besides the back up factor are good for acoustic gigs + you dont need the Md20?


    What if I got one L2T+ one L2M; sound good together? (as mains)


    Will the 2's suffice as mains for a 6 piece over band?......we have drums, keys, 4 mics, bass, 2 guitars. (I like the weight of the 2's).


    Any of the series would work as a monitor? Given the price, non Line 6 monitors would work fine?


    The L3 subwoofer at 85 lbs is just not something I want to lug around. What non Line 6 sub would work?




    Any sub will work BUT I don't find the L3S's any worse than any other system I've used.  They have wheels built into them that are very useful even on hard dirt or grass.  They have great integral handles.  I find them MUCH easier to move than the the Yamaha 18's I used to have and they sound better too.


    2 L2's is plenty loud depending on what you mike.  If you're already getting an M20d save yourself a couple hundred and don't buy the T's.  You already have a portable mixer with effects in the M20.  Unless you do a lot of gigs as a one or two man band it's not worth the extra change if you already have an M20d.

  10. Back on topic.


    When I had the guitar apart all I did was look around and make sure the connections looked solid.  Anything that looked like it plugged into a circuit board I made sure it was seated firmly but didn't disconnect anything.


    So now that she's back in one piece it seems to be mostly working fine except for cutting out sporadically.  I haven't spent too much time diagnosing that as it might be as simple as a bad cable but I'll give it a good workout to see if I can re-create it.


    I didn't find anything inside my axe that shouldn't have been there but obviously something was wrong. 

  11. I agree with the OP.  He posted a legit concern, that there wasn't a service center for a 1000 miles.  About 6 other dudes jumped on him before Line6 Tony actually did some homework and helped him out.


    I guess you're allowed one down vote a day or I would have used 5 more.


    How likely is your Vx to break?  Well I've had two and they've both needed to go to the shop at one time or another.  My old 700 became so problematic that I quit taking it in to be fixed because no one really understood how to fix it anyways.  Now my JTV69 is acting up.  So yes, I'm batting 100% on 2 data points.

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  12. My JTV69 with stock PU's has suddenly developed a problem.  The modelling works normal but the magnetic pickups are suddenly VERY low output.  All of the mags.  When I say low output, I don't mean a little low.  They're unworkably low.  You can still hear them but they're barely working.


    Tried both the VDI and the 1/4 jack with same result.  Battery in or out, verified charged, same result.


    It's just over a year old and has been working fine until last week.

  13. Line 6 link is a real advantage though.  Yamaha needs to not abandon that tech!

    I too am waiting for a new mixer and I really hope they don't abandon the M20d.  

    Really need 6 aux and a monitor control app for each aux.  A few more inputs would be nice but I've found that your input needs always expand to be slightly more than the available inputs!

    My speakers have been awesome and (knock on wood) haven't had a single problem with them.

  14. Been using an M20D for over a year now and gigging 2-5 times a month with it.  I've had some of the mystery volume drops that others have noted.  I've been trying to diagnose the issue and here's what I've found.


    It seems to happen on specific inputs.  On my board input 7 is especially touchy.  I keep the M20D right next to me onstage and run the monitor mix.  I've moved my vocals to this input so that I can watch it closely.


    Maybe 1-2 times a night, my vocals will disappear in the monitors.  They will still show some input levels but not a lot.


    The fix, every time, is to increase the input trim and suddenly the vocals explode back into the mix, then bring the trim back down to where it was originally and everything works fine.


    This has been the case with multiple microphones and cables.


    I used to put the lead singer through that channel and we had endless arguments over it.  Now I run my vox through it and his vocals have been fine and mine are the ones that are going silent.


    I've had similar things happen very sporadically to other inputs but not with the consistency that I've had with input #7.


    Any guesses to cause, fix, or similar events?

  15. You've pretty much framed my internal argument.  I have no need for 2x DT50's and this would really be a trade to just preserve perceived value.


    ...Unless someone tells me that they've owned/played both.  Then I'll at least have something to go on.

  16. I have 2 x DT50's 2x12's and have been trying to sell one.  The only offer I've gotten is to trade a '65 Deluxe reissue.


    Anyone here ever owned a '65 Deluxe and be able to compare the two?  I think the DT50's Deluxe channels sound great.


    I'm really only considering this deal because this DT50 is pretty beat up after 3 years of gigging and the Fender is brand new.  I'm also considering that the the Fender might hold value better than a DT50.


    If someone credible told me that the DT50's model was spot-on, I'd pass on the offer.

  17. I've had this exact same thing.  It's not the speaker although it sure initially sounds just like a blown speaker, it's an input on the M20D.  Especially if you have something grouped in stereo.


    Next time you have this happen, mute your input channels one at a time and I'll bet you can isolate it.

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