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  1. guitars69

    Double Tracking

    Modulation > Double Take It's designed to mimic double tracking, either in stereo, or mono. Be aware that faked double tracking usually results in a little bit of weird phase issues in mono. In stereo the separation makes them feel more natural.
  2. guitars69

    Just bought the 112 Powercab Plus...

    Per the manual, the stereo mode in a single cab appears to have a width control that can pan it to mono, or extra wide stereo (presumably with phase alteration to expand the field). It would still technically be 500W, but realistically, no matter what you do the individual speakers are probably just getting 250W each, and since they're coaxial, the woofer is getting a big chunk of that and the tweeter is getting a smaller piece. When linked to another PowerCab via L6 Link, the stereo mode switches to per cab, instead of per speaker. I assume the stereo width option still takes affect. I'm looking at grabbing a couple PowerCabs with Sweetwater.com's 48 payment plan... lol
  3. guitars69

    Helix Routing Split Question

    Thanks @Peter! Really appreciate it. That's cool to see that I'd still have access to Path 2 and the extra blocks!
  4. guitars69

    Helix Routing Split Question

    The PowerCab amps have XLR outputs on them that send the incoming signal out, either unaffected, or altered by their speaker and apparently additional mic modeling. (I'm looking at the 212 Plus model) So, the path for that side is Helix to L6 Link out, L6 Link in on the PowerCab, and XLR out on the PowerCab to the main house PA. I can also take the L6 Link out on the PowerCab and daisy chain to a second PowerCab. That way the cab gets a mono signal, and sends it to the house as well. Meanwhile, the XLR on the Helix would feed the in-ear system... Since you confirmed the Helix can have 4 separate mono outs effectively, this should be possible. Based on your diagram above, option 2 is exactly what I need. The top path will feed the PowerCab, and daisy chain to the house. The bottom path will feed my in-ears. If you, or someone doesn't mind, could you set that up in Helix Edit and take a screen grab so I can see how the routing actually works in the unit?
  5. guitars69

    Helix Routing Split Question

    My band is looking at using wireless in-ear monitors live in a stereo setup. We already use wired in-ears for practice, but for live we're just using amps at the moment. For practice I currently use the "Double Tracker" on my Line 6 Vetta II to get some great stereo separation in our mix. I'm now looking to switch to the Helix Floor and a couple L6 PowerCabs, and a wireless in-ear system. I'm curious, can I split the path in the Helix so that one side heads out to the L6 Link digital outs, and the other side first goes into the Doubler FX block, and then to the XLR? That way I can have a MONO signal output to the PowerCabs and House to avoid the phase issues, while having the doubled STEREO signal headed to my in-ears which have 100% stereo separation. I tried simulating this in Helix Native, but the Output blocks are disabled for obvious reasons. Helix Edit seems to require having the hardware already, so I couldn't mess with it to see. L6-Link > PowerCab / / L6-Link > PowerCab / \ / XLR-L > House guitar > amp+cab > split \ XLR-L > X32-i1 > In-Ear-L \ / \ Doubler FX \ XLR-R > X32-i2 > In-Ear-R
  6. guitars69

    Vetta 1 with FBV Whammy effect possible?

    This is obviously really old, but... Yes. Use the "Bender" effect under Synths. Then in the System Settings, set the pedal you want to control it.
  7. guitars69

    Vetta vs Vetta II

    I've I'm not mistaken, the only difference is hardware. The VII has the digital interface stuff built in, but that can be bought separately.
  8. guitars69

    Only Plopp from speakers when switching on/off

    I've had more luck with questons here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/647483512018911/
  9. guitars69

    Reaper not seeing Helix Native Demo

    Hi HelixCustomer, See the "Edit" button to the right of the list of file locations? Click it. Then click Add. Then browse to the folder that holds the Helix plugin and choose the folder Or you can just type into that field directly. Add a ; to the end and type in the path. As for what the proper path is, I can't tell you that. You presumably installed Helix to the default path, or you changed it during installation to some other location. I'm not a Mac user, so I don't know what the default location is. If you don't either, look it up in the manual maybe, or try searching for the .vst3 file.
  10. guitars69

    Panning not working in Reaper bus

    I'm still figuring Helix and Reaper out today, but I did find that the Helix routing options are a bit confusing. I just had a similar post actually. I think you need to adjust the panning in Helix as well, and possibly mute Path 2 since it runs in parallel by default. FYI, you could just use the folder option in Reaper and pan the individual child tracks for right and left. But the bus routing works too. 1) Load up a parent folder track, or bus 2) Add 2 child tracks, or sends, and pan them 3) Add Helix to the parent track 4) Add an effect to Path 1 5) Drag the effect down until the parallel path line appears 6) Hover your mouse over the point where the path splits until you see a circle 7) Click on the circle 8) Set "Balance A" all the way left, and "Balance B" all the way right 9) Click on the circle on the other end where the two lines meet back up 10) Set the A Pan all the way left and the B Pan all the way right 11) Click on the Input "Host" icon for Path 2 (bottom left) 12) Change it to None You should now be able to put guitar L and guitar R through separate MONO channels in Path 1 (1A and 1B). If you need more processing power (if you're doing 2 guitars - you will): 1) Click on the Output "Host" button for Path 1 (top right) 2) Choose >2A 3) Do the same thing as above for path too... e.g. add an effect to Path 2, drag the effect down, adjust the split and merge point panning options. This will give you 2 separate guitar signals throughout, panned hard left and right. You would THINK you could simply route guitar 1 to Path 1 and guitar 2 to Path 2, but that does NOT appear to be the case. You have to route guitar 1 to Path 1A (L) and guitar 2 to Path 1B (R), and then chain Path 2 if you don't have enough DSP to do what you want.
  11. guitars69

    Reaper not seeing Helix Native Demo

    1) Make sure the path to the plugins is correct. Options>Preferences>Plug-ins (left nav)>VST (left nav)>VST plug-in paths Add the path to the Helix Native (x64).vst3 file if it's not in the list already. I don't know where that is in a Mac. You'll need to check the default install location. Then use Re-scan to have Reaper look at everything again. If that doesn't work, try Clear cache/re-scan instead - which will take longer.
  12. guitars69

    Dual signal routing

    Hi gunpointmetal, This was unfortunately in the wrong forum area. I'm not using the hardware, but I'd like to buy one eventually. :) Issue is sort of resolved. The Helix doesn't seem capable of routing something to path 2 independently, but you can route through the left and right of path 1 into path 2 to get more effects. I was trying to route a 2nd instrument into Path 2 directly, more like how the Pod Farm 2 plugin works. The paths are completely separate, but are mixed down to stereo at the end. Thought the Helix would work the same.
  13. Hi Fr0sty! Thanks the post. I was able to do what you posted that using my "Working" screen shot basically. I can either run dual mono paths in Path 2 (my screen shot) or a single stereo (your screen shot). In either case, the confusion is about the inability to feed Path 2 directly. It seems the best you can do is chain Path 1 into Path 2 and add on more effects. I feel like Line6 has given us two Pods, but forgot the input jack on one and only provided an effects return. lol I'm guessing maybe they did this since they have to mix everything down to a single stereo output. I would have much preferred 2 stereo outs, but could have settled for a single stereo out while still maintaining different paths. Like Pod Farm 2 I guess. Either way, I can at least get 2 mono guitar signals panned L and R like I wanted... Just not how I expected.
  14. I've been reading the Signal Routing Examples in the manual, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. I'd like to run 2 different signals (such as 2 guitars) into Helix Native (DAW is Reaper), and have Signal 1 feed Path 1, and Signal 2 feed Path 2. I can do this with a single path, but I run out of processing on that path quickly. All I can seem to do is route Signal 1 to the Path 1A and Signal 2 to Path 1B... But I can never get anything to go directly into Path 2 from the Host? I've tried panning the tracks, and even feeding the Helix channels 1/2 and 3/4 from my DAW, but it doesn't seem to pay attention to inputs 3/4 at all. Path 2 seems to only take in channels 1/2 in parallel to Path 1, or in series, if you alter the Host output option. See "Guitar Inputs" for seemingly logical path that doesn't work. I also tried out the Parallel Paths option as described in the manual, but that doesn't work for this. If both the input and output blocks are split, then the audio is simply running in parallel, as intended based on the name. So I can't feed signal 1 into Path 1A, and feed signal 2 into Path 1B separately. See "Guitar Inputs Parallel Paths". Closest thing I can get to work is setting up 2 stereo paths and adjusting the panning everywhere so that one side stays left, and the other stays right. That gives me the full power of both paths, but it seems like a really convoluted way to accomplish this. See "Working". Am I missing something? Or is this just not possible? How dcan you route something different to Path 2?
  15. guitars69

    Dual signal routing

    I'm effectively trying to use path A for one guitar, and path B for a different guitar, simultaneously. I want to get one Helix, and control two guitarists in my band. :) Hmm. This is apparently in the wrong spot. I'm talking about Helix Native (although I aim to achieve the same thing in hardware if I can afford one some day). I'll move the thread. Thanks though!