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  1. Mine did the same thing , then just quit one day. Took it to a Line 6 repair center and they said it was a power board that line 6 didn't make anymore. Then I took it to a T.V. repair shop (Bammel T.V. repair in Houston Texas) The fixed it and said it was just some connection points that needed to be resoldered. I only had to pay for labor since no parts were needed.

  2. Mine did the same thing. I turned it on (No Guitar plugged into it) and left it on for a whole day. It went on and off a few times (20) or so and then it just stayed on. No more problems. Don't know what it was causing the problem but it doesn't happen a more. Over a month and no problems.

  3. Not ever gonna happen, you , me and millions of other Spider Jam owners. Did what they wanted bought the amp. Same with Spider IV. One update. Lots of new effects. They are concentrating on Spider V now.

  4. You Have to save the tones you want on User tones 1A 1B 1C or 1D.  Get the tone you want. Press save on top of the amp It will come up Save Guitar Tone. Save the tones you want to 1A, 1B, 1C or 1D. You can name the tone using the wheel and direction buttons on top. If you want to have access to all 36 user preset tones buy a FBV shortboard MKII.

  5. Hello everybody,


    I have a spidervalve mkii combo amp paired with an FBV shortboard mkii footcontroller.  I understand the only way to access the boost function in the amp (while playing live) is thru the function 1 button on the shortboard.  My gripe is the location of that switch.


    As a lead guitarist, I use function 1 button very often.  For eg.  I do a souped up version of  "Born to be wild" with 16 solos in it (14 short solos, 2 main solos).  I need to step on this button 32 times just for this one song! ~ (1 to turn the boost on, 1 to turn it off).


    Because the button is located right at the top of the board, I need to raise one whole foot (and stand on just 1 leg), tip the toe down, be accurate making sure I don't accidentally step on any adjacent buttons like ~ the stomp, or function 2 or the bank up/down switches, do all this while gyrating on stage to the music, with a guitar strapped on ~(center of gravity slightly forward), both hands playing, do all this while being slightly pissed and slightly overweight ~ is no easy feat.  Repeating this process 32 times accurately for the above song mentioned is harder than playing the song itself!  I know, I can make it easier by reducing the gyration, alcohol intake and probably diet, but this will mean limiting my enjoyment as well.  I'm also aware I can assign another channel (say channel B) with just the boost turned on ~ to save lifting up one whole foot ( and standing on 1), but I'm the kind of guy who likes using just 1 bank of 4 channels for all my songs.  I don't want to get into the trap of assigning a whole bank of channels just for 1 song, unless that song specifically needs say pitch sliding, or other less used effects.  Building up a log of banks makes it harder to remember what is what.  I spend a lot of time adjusting the saved volume level on each channel so that when I change channels, my volume is right.  More banks = more channels = more time spent adjusting volume!


    I'm surprised line6 has not realised this issue to be a "real" problem for lead guitarists for so long that this product has been out.  I'm not even sure if the FBV3 board has addressed this issue, the manual is not out yet.  But by looking at it, I don't think so.  The "prime real estate" on the pedalboard is buttons A to D and the tap tempo/tuner buttons, ie buttons a player can step on just by raising their toes, not the entire foot, so they can still maintain their balance while playing.  A tuner button, for eg, a player would use it in between songs or before a set where they can do it at their own leisure time (yes, they can stand on 1 foot to do it), tap tempo is important for players who delve in delays or modulation but that effect would have to be fairly strong for them to want control it.  For most players, we just set and forget the tempo until we realise it doesn't fit the song, then we control it.  But a boost button is far more important for a lead guitarist and it should occupy a spot on the "prime real estate" area of the board, ie right at the front.


    I have thought of modifying the board myself to include an 1/4 inch jack socket so that I can control the boost with an external footswitch just to avoid the dreaded 1 foot tap dance.  There is a socket for the expression pedal which unfortunately cannot control boost.  Opening the board, I realised the switches are momentary switches, ie digital, and I was afraid I might fry some components from static.  So I'm apprehensive about attempting the modification.


    But a far more pragmatic approach is for Line 6 to offer a software update for guitarists to have a choice of swapping the function of the tap/tempo button for either function 1 or function 2.  Wouldn't this be the best option?  Will Line6 do it?  Again, I'm very surprised Line6 has not thought of this idea, aren't there lead guitarists giving inputs to the design and function of the pedalboard?  Am I the first???


    Try saving a tone with the function 1 light lit and another with the Function 1 light not lit. Hence on and off.


  6. I've had mine since late 2008 and it still works great. I do take as good a care as i can of it though. It doesn't get banged around 'cause I don't gig with it though although I don't think that should matter. Also I use the devices I have regularly since I feel that letting them sit around too long not plugged in and powered up leads to a dead device.


    I have had to reflash mine at least 5 times in it's life due to issues such as yours. I think that most of my troubles are due to me trying to adjust things too fast which might cause a corruption somewhere. Keep in mind I'm not a certified tech but I have quite of bit of experience with software as a user.

    Mine was doing the same thing . I rest to the factory settings and re-updated the firm ware just to make sure it was current and not missing anything. To Reset press and hold the "Settings Tone" button on top while powering up the amp.

  7. Hi Gang


    On the Spider Jam amp, I can't get volume from the guitar with the jam track playing. 

    I've read the previous answers - make sure the guitar light is on in the select area and hit the input/select twice and adjust the volume.

    Have the volume on the select up as far as it goes and the guitar light showing in the input/levels section and still nothing.

    Any further thoughts.



    Try to reset to the factory settings. To do this, Press and hold the Settings Tone button on top while powering up the amp.

  8. Hi all

    Just received my new Spider Jam, really been looking forward to using it


    But.......when I switch on and plug in my guitar im not getting any real guitar sound coming out......I've tried whacking up channel vol, master vol etc..but nothing happens


    Drum and song tracks come through with plenty of volume, no problem.....whooohah!!


    Do I need to be adjusting settings on a new amp or is there a problem with it or am I missing something pretty obvious??


    2 different guitars used, Eggle Berlin and Fender american strat


    Hope to hear from someone,




    Try resetting the amp to the factory settings. To do this, Press and hold the Settings Tone button on top while powering up. Make sure you are plugged into the guitar input and not the Aux input.

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