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  1. Hi Guys, 


    Hope maybe someone can help, as line 6 support arent.


    ive got  a ticket in.


    Native constantly crashes reaper when i try to load it in, its doing it every time, its not coming up with the black line 6 native screen, just crashing before it gets too it.


    i had it as a demo, and it was fine at first, then wouldn't open and crashed reaper a  few times, seemed hit and miss that it would work.


    read through the forums  on here, the gear page etc, and found that some were of the opinion that it was an authentication issue and maybe went away when you purchased the full version.


    At first when i paid it ran great, i got my patches / IRs from my floor in no issues, love it. Then the next time i opened a session, back to crashing.


    im on windows 10, upto date with updates, service pack etc.


    any ideas ????


    i dont want to have to get my money back, i love Helix.  having done more research it seems that this is quite a common issue.


    im not trying it in any different Daws, if it doesn't work in reaper its no use to me.

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  2. I feel your pain mate,


    im trying to run native on win 10 in REAPER, first cpl of days it worked fine, then started crashing reaper when trying to load native as a FX, i found some stuff on the forumes that suggested that it went away when you purchased the full version, what the hell i wanted it, in the band we've already got 2 full size helix, 2 stomps, 2 variax jtv, a variax bass, a full on tyler model variax  and several line 6 wireless, 


    hey were big fans.


    but nope, support ticket is in , no response, plug in ive paid for wont work, 


    ive no issues with any other plug ins or VSTis ive paid for or freeware, 


    just Native.


    im getting my money back and getting guitar rig

  3. Hi guys, 


    gt a helix floor with a faulty foot switch, its not always working when you stamp on it, 


    its well out of warranty, we can get it swapped easy enough, its just getting hold o the switch.


    id rather just get hold of the part and  replace it myself than have to send it off to a service centre, we have too many gigs in for it to be away for long


    anyone got a link to where we can get them in the UK



  4. Hi guys, 


    in  our band myself and the 2nd guitarist use 2 helix floor and a USA tyler variax and a 69s respectively, 


    on a cpl of songs we have patches set up for alternate tunings, generally a 1/2 step down or one song is  a full step up.


    on a cpl of occasions now both units have shown the same glitch, in that when you switch patches they dont tell the variax to change tuning, one of the units changes fine maybe but the other doesnt, 


    this has only happened 5-6 times in 2 years, BUT its 5-6 times too many, as its happened mid gig, generally crashing the song and the band having to breakdown, switching patched back and forth hasnt corrected it, ive had to turn the unit off and on again to recover it. this happened to the 2nd guitarists unit twice on Fridays gig. it was like a car crash.


    anyone else come across this?, its making things hard for me as the 2nd guitarist is a purist and getting him to use digital was a task, hes gonna end up ditching it if it keeps happening.


    is this a known fault ?, any recommendations ?


    we have resorted it both having a strum and making sure were both in the same pitch before we try an alt tuning song, which makes us look a bit amateur.


    hope someone can help

  5. i have a charvel with 81/85 in and to be honest its fantastic at metal, but theres no control to them , with the volume theyre eother on or off, you cant back them off to clean an amp up, theyre boom/nowt , theyre a great pick up for what theyre meant for, but i cant use mine for classic rock stuff, i play in a classic rock cover band, the only stuff i can use the emgs for is metallica stuff, maybe a cpl of songs that weve "rocked up"


    maybe if i had a little more time to make patches specific to that guitar id have better success, for face melt though its great :)

  6. Sorry if this may be trivial; but I just want to be sure:


    Am I right with my fears, that the Helix does not have a built in relay-receiver like the Spider V amps do?



    If so: Why?!! And is there any chance to get this in a software update later on? (probably a dumb question, but I'm grasping for straws here :X)


    It is not just an extra 100 bugs I could save; but less equipment to travel with; no need for an extra power plug socket.. another mini guitar cable...



    Please, tell me I'm wrong :X

    its not a software update, it would required hardware putting into the case.


    People paying $1200 for a pro level processor, arent using $100 entry level wireless systems, if they put the reciever in most of the potential users woudnt use it unless it was a high end receiver, then in that case they already amkes and market those, most users dont want everything in one box, the spider amps arent aimed at pro use

  7. His latest pack , the hi gain models and the boutique amp pack before ir, are another level , stuff, ive also got the artist pack, but these latest ones are better again, 


    so much so that i cant tell the difference in his blackstar S1 patch, and the The S1 valve head ive just sold, to me it FEELS exactly the same as the head did,


    they clean up when theyre supposed to and snarl when theyre supposed to.


    well worth the money for the packs, i cant get near them with my own efforts £1250 processor and ive got 50 quid ears :)

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  8. Not sure I understand. Can you not achieve the same result now by arranging for this grouping in your snapshot design? If you use, say, Snapshots 1 through 4 for your different amp/drive settings (leaving the time-based FX constant) and Snapshots 5 through 8 for your different time- based FX (leaving the amp/drive settings constant) does that not achieve the result you want?


    If not, pleasant provide further details of what you want to achieve that this arrangement doesn't support. Maybe I'm just not getting your idea.



    what he said ^^^^^ 

    (confused face)

  9. Someone from Line 6 please answer this question. Does the Helix have the hardware/software capability to create an effect similar to the Digitech FreqOut feedback device?

     I now there are several of us who would LOVE to have that feature available. Still hoping that you will release an amp model of the Friedman BE-100.


    Glen DeLaune has a boutique amp pack that has the Friedman in, it is excellent.

  10. Depends on many things , but,


    against backing tracks and when im the only guitar ive sometimes had to set as little as a 3db boost , but with my band, depending on whats happening at the time ive had to go as high as 8-10db,

    would help a lot if our other guitarist changed to a quieter rhythm behind solos like i do for him but hey ho,


    you know guitarists, turning down is an act of shame lol

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  11. Well, to be clear, I wasnt talking about 4cm or using an amp. I was asking about the use of stage monitors that don't specify FRFR.


    I picked up an EV monitor tonight. It's not specd as FRFR, but sounds great. I wonder what another $400 would get me, if anything.


    It's the EV ZLX-12P model.



    hey fella, 

    PA cabs and monitors are should  be as FRFR as possible by design, the whole idea of pa is to put across an uncoloured copy of the input, 

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  12. Thanks for the explanation Silverhead.


    i can see why people would want that, 

    however it doesnt seem to respect the CUSTOM banks in the same way, i lose the flexibility of having a cpl of different guitars on the same 5 position switch


    i suppose how ill have to cope with it is to copy the helix patches and name them for songs and add the variax model i want on that particular patch, which is a bit inconvenient to how id got used to using my HD for a cpl of years , i must have missed the last cpl of firmware updates on the HD maybe

  13. Hi Guys hope you can help with my issue.


     bit long winded this but bear with me.

    when switching patches on the helix im having some issues with variax models.




    patch one has "custom" pos 4 as and acoustic

    patch 2 has "custom" pos 5 les paul on bridge


    now when i swap between those patches everything's fine , the variax switches across fine, 


    now when i say go to patch 3 that has variax set to dont force, then whatever variax model had been switched to by the last patch, then thats the one that is used, which is fine,  however when i switch the pick up selector on the guitar, despite me being on a custom guitar on the variax, the model sound that comes out is whatever is at the position selected for the model that was previously selected model , instead of going to the model stored on the custom bank it goes to say another accoustic or if it was a les paul then another of the les models


    so if ive gone to a patch with dont force on variax setting and i previously have had the acoustic model on, when i move the switch to my les paul position i dont get that sound, i get the model stored at pos 5 on the acoustic bank.


    the only way to change it is to move the variax model selector off and back on to the custom bank.


    i know that explantions very wordy, but it took me awhile to figure out exactly what was happening, 


    hope that makes sense to someone, 


    im pretty sure my pod HD pro didnt behave like that ?


    simple setting error ?


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