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  1. Is there a way to experiment via midi to use the hd500 to control my jtvs as well as my eleven rack patches. I would only be using the hd500 as footswitch to change patches in the eleven rack at the same time as changing my jtv settings?

    How will you connect the JTV to the eleven rack ? Straight to the Eleven with a 1/4" jack from the JTV or via FX loop on the HD ? I wonder whitch sounds best...



  2. I'm probably going to spring for an EXP2 pedal to afford more options in the future but a quick question before I do - is the connection 1/4" 2 conductor or TRS? Furthermore, if it is 2-conductor, could I put a momentary or latching footswitch in the circuit in-place of the EXP pedal and "fool" the unit into having "off" be heel down and "on" being toe down?


    Thanks for all the replies and I can't wait to get deeper into this sucka!


    Don't know if it is TS or TRS, but I use a TS patchcable for my home made footswitch with led ( so you know when it is on or off...)



  3. Exactly, totally got that. With those settings, any settings, when I hit FS5, I still only get patch 01 on the M% no matter what any of the midi assignments are set for.


    Again, if I hit FS5 (regardless of midi settings for that switch) the result is 01 on the M5


    If I change the M5 to 02, the HD changes to FS6

    Do you mean that you have the midi-in of the HD connected to the midi-out of the M5 and the other way around ? That might generate a midi-loop.



  4. did any of this work? I am trying to direct out to an audio interface (RME fireface UCX) and i just get no output at all - does anyone know what I might be doing wrong. I am directing the output into the microphone input on my interface with a microphone cable.

    Do you have your DT in Standby ? Are you using LVM or not ? In normal mode the amp needs to be out of standby...



  5. Hey Sammy, after much tinkering, I admit that your recommendations are for the best. So here's the full rundown on getting a "dry" signal out of one side of the POD


    Place all FX and Amp block in path A, mixer at the end of the path and pan hard LR

    Input settings In1=guitar+variax In2=same

    L6 link settings amp 1 Left

    place a dummy plug in the left 1/4" POD output, the right 1/4"out gets the dry signal, and the DT gets all your FX and Amp.

    yep, thats it. I also use this for sending acoustic guitar to a mixer...

  6. Oh this is the part where  I admit that It took me awhile to figure out how to get "everything" in path A, due mostly to ignorance but also how, in between the split and the mixer, the POD actually won't let you place the amp block before/after FX blocks, you have to place FX blocks before/after the amp. I know it seems like a silly distinction but it was f%&kin me up. Here's a pic of my routing to get a "dry" signal out of the POD's 1/4"R output. (w/dummy plug in L output) First FX block is a noise gate. 



    Thank you sonic for seeing this to the finish. This saved me from eating up an FX block, which is huge for me. Sweet. 


    Couple minor points: I found it unnecessary to set the L6 DT setting to anything other than default left/right, other than for comparison to the dry signal. Also, I absolutely hate the "same" setting on Input 2 (puts my DT patches out of whack), I left it on aux and am just going to live with the weaker signal going to the TC.

    Thanks again


    Make sure you also place the noise gate in path A. Otherwise you mix both inputs, wich might be undesirable... Can't remember if the noise gate is a mono effect...



  7. Hey Hey - we're getting closer! The dummy plug  was key - however I'm only able to "filter out" any FX block that is POST amp block. (Basically anything that's between the amp split and the mixer) So I had to place everything after the amp split with the POD Amp sound still coming through the 1/4" jack out. The L6 settings didn't seem to do anything as far as the routing of the FX/Amp blocks to the 1/4" out. Nor did the Input 2 setting of "same". I put it back to "aux" as I don't like that "doubled" sound you get with "same".


    I think I need more info on mono blocks and stereo blocks.


    I sometimes use the POD as a "pedalboard" with my Marshall, where I don't use the amp models and this setup of yours works great. However, I mostly use the DT25/POD via L6 and it's not really workable to put everything after the amp block. I still get all my compressors and distortions coming through, but I guess I can live with that? Better than everything coming through, but still not as good as an FX send out placed at the beginning of the chain. Man I wish the POD had just one more FX block!! That's all I need, I swear!!


    Anyway thanks bunches for the help with the details - feel free to weigh in further...

    any effect or amp block you put before the split will go to both outputs, so you need to place everything (including amp block) in path A and leave path B empty. If you then put input 2 to "same", its signal will go straight to the right 1/4" output.


    I hope this helps...



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  8. Not yet - still not clear when you say "In the DT settings page I choose only path A"

    I'm trying to duplicate your settings but am not getting a clean/noFX signal out of either of my 1/4" outputs.

    In mixer I'm set Vol A = 0 pan 100% Vol B = 0 pan 100%

    In the POD's utility settings page 3 Input1 = guitar+variax   Input2 = same (I normally set to "aux")

    There's no DT settings page. In POD's utility settings there's L6 settings on page 9&10. Are you messing with those? (they don't seem to do anything for me)


    Anyway thanks so much for the reply and info

    Sorry, I was not sitting in front of the POD... so, in the L6 settings page 9, I set amp 1 to left, so only path A is going to your DT. Mixer at the very end of the chain and panned hard left & right, and make sure that there is no amp or (mono)fx before the split. Now the right 1/4" output goes to the TC guitar input, and then the most important thing I forgot to mention : I put a dummy cable in the left 1/4" output so the signal is split into left and right.

    This makes sense ?



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  9. Hey, would you mind getting really specific on how you set this up? I want to do the exact same thing. I assume you're connecting to the TC via the 1/4" outs on the POD. I had been connecting to my TC with the FX send, but don't want to eat up an FX block.

    Yes, I use the right 1/4" out to go to the TC guitar input. I set HD input2 to 'Same'. Mixer level to Nominal.


    Hope it is clear...



  10. I wanted to see about figured out a channel type of switch for the modelled amps on my POD over the L6 link to my DT25.  Based on some post it, I thought I could put setup a dual amp and just turn off amp A for amp B and assign to swtich. The problem I found was than when I turn off Amp A on the POD the DT switches to channel B but it's not the modelled amp, it's whatever I left on channel B on the DT itself. 


    What I would like to do is swtich from Amp A to B on the POD but keep the DT running just to emulate a channel switch.


    Anyone run into this and is there any solution to it? Or is this just not possible with the current software?

    You can setup a dual-amp and just place a panner just before the split. link the expression pedal to the panner so that up is amp A and down is amp B. or you could link the panner to fs1-4 for instant switch between amp A or amp B.



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  11. I made a snake much like the pedal python, for my Marshall JVM, only I used heat shrink tubing at the ends. My snake had six cables : 4 audio, 1 midi, and 1 power. Worked fine.

    But now with the DT25 I just bought a combo-cable with DMX and power... Love the L6 link !

  12. Same thing here... It happens when I start a patch from scratch and the selected amp switches off as I move an effect. The workaround is to save the patch intermediate. Also when I had a volume pedal set to go from 70% to 100% and I switched to another patch to check the levels, when I came back the volume pedal was reset to 0%. Again saving the patch first resolved the issue.

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