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  1. Hi all - just got my HX effects this week.

    I've figured out how to change channels on my EVH 5150iii 50 watt head using presets, but as others have indicated there is a slight lag when doing so. I've read much about how doing this via snapshots alleviates the lag issue - but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make the amp change channels in snapshot mode. I'm using HX Editor (which is super convenient!), and I just can't figure it out. I don't know much about MIDI, so that doesn't help.


    I have gone into Command Center on the HX editor, but from there I don't know how to set the parameters. I presume I setting it to MIDI/PC for one of the instant commands? But beyond that, I don't know what do do with MIIDI Channel, CC, value...I've tried various things to no avail. I am also putting the amp in learn mode, but just can't figure it out.


    Any help would be appreciated! I wanted the HX Effects to control channel changes so I could get rid of the gigantic EVH footswtich!


    A secondary question - is there a way to assign one stomp switch within a preset to change amp channels?


    Thanks very much!

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