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  1. shelterdsoul

    Dual amp question

    Yes, I am aware that I can use the expression pedal to change these parameters, but I do use the wah and volume control with the expression pedal. In my situation it was just more practical to set up two amps and switch between them. Thank you for the input though. I would also like to note that on the hd500x itself when you turn off an amp (using two amps) you can highlight the amp that is off and use the channel volume knob to change the bypass volume.
  2. shelterdsoul

    Dual amp question

    I think I found what I am looking for. On the POD HD500x edit pilot's guide (rev b) on page 21 it shows when an amp is bypassed the channel volume turns in to bypass volume.
  3. shelterdsoul

    Dual amp question

    I haven't had a chance to go through the settings yet, but I was wondering if you could point me in a direction to one of the manuals? ive been poring over the advanced users guide with out any luck.
  4. shelterdsoul

    Dual amp question

    thanks, I check that out when I get home. Post my update later. cheers, shawn
  5. shelterdsoul

    Dual amp question

    Hey guys new to the forum here hoping you can help out. I have a weird situation with my pod hd500x that has me stumped. I have a patch set up with 2 of the same amp(one top of chain and one directly below it). What I have done is set it to where only one amp is active at a time with the press of a button. (what this is accomplishing for me is adjusting a preset gain on the amp in question by actually switching to a different amp) The problem I am having is once I switch one amp off I get the "dry" bleed through in my live mix. any ideas?? I have a gig this weekend and I would like to figure this out. cheers, shawn