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  1. Hi,


    Is there any chance to get 3D model of Helix?

    I have pretty nice idea to design custom pedalboard (Helix + 4 stomps + PowerSupply + Line6 Relay) but it would be really good to have 3D model of Helix instead of doing it by myself

    To save you drawing it, if you open the pdf in inkscape/illustrator you can export the simple linework to dxf which could then be input into 3d modelling software.

  2. Tweaker 40 is just two button - Channel and FX Loop so just normal TRS

    Yeh, it does have leds on the OEM footswitch but surely they won't need much, 


    If I only connect helix ext amp to footswitch on egnater there is noise. There is no noise until it is plugged in to the helix, which screams to me that the helix is the problem.

  3. Thanks! Much appreciated! Tell me, is there any danger in using a Helix preamp via this template into an Egnater Tweaker 40 all tube amp? That could seriously open up a huge amount of possibilities but I would not want to damage the amp.




    Have you noticed any noise using the ext amp switching on the helix? As soon as I plug his connection in, I get a buzz. I've got the same amp. Tried different cables. Still the same.

  4. I've tried various cables, nothing seems to shift the noise even with only the channel switching cable connected.


    Amp = Egnater tweaker 40


    Any ideas on a fix?


    Also, how do you set helix volume with 4 cable method? Do you set helix volume at max? Does this end up emulating a master on a master volume type amp? 



  5. The day I got my helix I reamped a logic session with the helix.


    Path 1 = Guitar - >Minotaur - > Divided - > Delay - > Verb


    Path 2a = Bass - > LA Comp - > Cali -> 8x10


    Path 2b = Guitar2 - > Minotaur - > Fender Clean - > Verb


    I think there were a few other things going on but they were bypassed. Helix was running as audio interface too. 

  6. I got my helix today and ran a logic session re amping dry guitars with the helix. Got two different guitar tracks with Minotaur and reverb on each, divided amp for one with delay, fender clean amp on the other. bass was using a LA comp, Cali and 8x10. I think there were a few other things going on but they were bypassed. Helix was running as audio interface too.

  7. If you bought online distance selling act means you can get a refund anytime up until 14days after you receive the item. If you bought instore I'm sure as they haven't met their end of the contract you should be able to cancel and get a full refund. IIRC Deposits are mostly fully refundable unless they can prove that the cancellation will actually cause them costs. If I didn't find this at dv247 I would have kept my preorder at PMT. I always make sure they state that its a refundable deposit and never put full payment down for something on preorder, if the company went bust for example there's nothing that can be done.

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  8. Just got my email confirmation from DV247 that my helix has shipped to me! Excited is an understatement. Got a bass gig on Saturday, normally run direct with podfarm. Using this for its first outing!

  9. Local pmt store who i ordered through said "a month" last friday after calling line 6. Pmt warehouse said next year. A few of the webonly stores said call on 30th. Spoke to Yamaha music london on Tuesday. They also said next year.

  10. Spoke to PMT warehouse today, I dropped a deposit last week or so. they spoke to line 6 and looks like "maybe this year, but probably January for your batch"


    This is for the helix floor. I was really hoping it would be here by the end of the month.

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