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  1. This is a preamp model and should be in the preamp category, not

    in the drive section, it’s not a standard distortion pedal so it’s difficult to 

    get it to sound nice with an full additional amp because it’s too “meaty” on it’s own,

    but that’s just a little mans opinion.....

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  2. Thanks for this information and it make sense, but the only reason i would like to have a poweramp sim in Helix, is that i prefer to use my tube preamp(s) in the effectloop, and then out of my Helix into a class D stereo amp..... ,but I’ll guess i have to buy a torpedo cab or something like that to achieve this, but that would  add more latency in my signal chain....





  3. Maybe there is a another topic somewhere...

    But Poweramp modeling only, just wonder how many Helix users that miss this?

    Not too much votes on the idescale, but it’s really something i personally would like to have 

    seen coming.... something like the Torpedo Cab.... would have been awesome!









  4. 13 hours ago, qwerty42 said:

    Yes it can. You'll need one of thesehttps://www.apple.com/au/shop/product/MK0W2AM/A/lightning-to-usb-3-camera-adapter


    I use an iPad with mine all the time, to play along with external audio, record simple stuff into garageband, etc. Works great.

    Many thanks

    Can i get the sound from Bias fx into my Helix and place it in the signal chain, like a separate block, and also with the midi switching over usb with this camera adapter?


    Was thinking of this first



    to use with my Helix, but if I only need a camera adapter it would be awesome,

    do you know if that could work?


  5. Just wonder if there’s  possible to use Helix as an audio interface for use with  ipad, have seen someone 

    using their Boss Gt 10 as an interface for that on YouTube, does anyone know if it can be done on the Helix?

  6. Hold your horses folks, we are not demanding anything  just plain curious,

    We all know it’s ready when it’s ready, but would have been nice with some teasers 

    since spring is almost over...  believe it or not summer has already started over here...


  7. 1 hour ago, manix1979 said:

    Just don‘t lay my words on the scale. AROUND 1000 does not mean straight 1000.

    It‘s every year the same and Line6 did not listen to us. From time to time a small status update and we are all in good mood. Or better don’t tell us in January. Just release it and give a changelog and that‘s it. Not that hard to make. ;-) If the features free or not I don’t care. It is a lot work to make a firmware no doubt. 

    Nice to read would be: Finished beta testing. ReleaseCandidate is in internal testing. A few more days to test... or whatever.


    Agree, throw us a bone now and then so we know where it’s at...

  8. Thanks for the input, seams like you Craig have the same issue but maybe not as severe as mine I’ll think.... i play mostly at low volume so this a big problem, and increasing the volume on the amp just make it worse...


    Maybe the right word is a “bad design” and they just excuse themselves with some undefined 

    reasons...Have now contacted H&K directly and are curious to hear what they have to say

    about this issue, but I’m afraid that i get the same answer that Thomann got from them!


    Asked Thomann if they could test this on a another TubeMeister deluxe 40, but they told me that they did not have any there to test!   hmmm strange.....?






  9. 1 hour ago, CraigGT said:

    if you plug jacks that are not connected to anything into the FX send and return, if you can get a sound with the loop turned on then I'd say it was definitely faulty.



    Yep, i agree...

    I get this soundbleed even when nothing is plugged in the loop with the loop on,  it is dead quiet on the clean channel when loop on, even volume on full, but not on the crunch and lead channels with the loop on,and the sound gets louder as I turn up the volume, does not help to turn the volume all the way down, i can still hear some sound coming from the cabinet....

    (Helix is totally disconnected, just my gitar plugged in the amp)


    If this is not the case with your amp, it’s working as it should, and mine does certainly have a 

    faulty FX loop...




  10. 42 minutes ago, CraigGT said:

    I've got a Tubemeister 36 and never come across this problem, try unplugging the loop cables at the Helix end, if you still get sound it's your amp and if you don't it's something on the Helix.




    Thanks for the reply, it’s definitely something wrong with the amp because with nothing 

    plugged in the effectloop of the amp it still have this issue, have contacted Thomann 

    were I bought it and they have contacted Hughes&Kettner directly ,and this was the answer they got from them:  


    "It can reproduce this behavior but it is not considered as a fault – because you normally switch the fx-loop off when it is not used"


    Of coarse it’s not a problem when nothing plugged in and loop off, but the problem starts when 

    i connect my Helix to the loop of the amp as i have told them from the very beginning,

    the soundbleed is still present.



    Thomann can not help me with this since H&K tells them that this is not a fault,

    so i’m thankful  to hear other users experience about this amps effectloop before i 

    contact H&K myself....








  11. Maybe not the right forum for discussing this but hope someone can help.


    My Hughes&Kettner TubeMeister 40 deluxe have some soundbleed when the effectloop 

    is activated, nothing on my clean channel but both crunch and lead channels.


    Thing is that when connecting my Helix in 4cm mode with this amp some of the sound

    is going directly  to the speakers when the loop is activated, and since digital gear have some latency 

    there will be this unpleasant phasing effect.... isn’t the effectloop 100% serial on these amps?


    Just curious if there’s anyone that have experienced  this with these amps?

  12. The Helix platform still have alot of power for new effects and improvements,

    so i think there will be a while untill we see a new Flagship.... when we do, what will be new?


    I personally haven’t yet used all of its potensial so other than updating firmware from time to time

    i will not be in any need for a new unit, wanting one is a another question......

  13. Would like to see a Carvin legacy amp-model in Helix, i don´t know if there

    are a big request for signature amps but i personally think this amp is wonderful in every way,

    and since Carvin have closed their doors now, i might buy this amp, but would have been great

    and alot easier if Line 6 could make a model of this!

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