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  1. For the past three years, I have been using a guitar setup that uses a Helix floor into an l2t and an L2m for a stereo rig using the L6 Link.  For the most part, this has served me well and has been flawless.  I am using the new 3.0 version of the Helix.

    This evening, I was only able to get sound from the tweeters of the speakers. This was the case whether I was using a daisy chain method from the Helix or simply plugging in an electric guitar directly proportionate into the 1/4 inch inputs of each speaker, independently. What is peculiar is that both speakers are behaving in the same fashion, even when they are being utilized independently. In both cases, the fan will start running, even though the sound is only coming from the tweeter.  The same outcome occurred when I plug a guitar into the PA input on the side of the l2t.


    Once again, it is peculiar that both speakers would demonstrate the same problem simultaneously. Does anyone know if there is some limiting function that may be triggered by some phenomenon. If so, would there be a way to reset the speakers. I did open up the back of the l2t.  All connections were solid. The power light comes on as usual. However, only sound from the tweeter is occurring under the speakers.


    Thanks for any help or assistance that you might be able to offer.

  2. I have had a similar consideration.  I have a Helix floor, an L2t and an L2m connected by L6 Link.  I am playing electric, acoustic, and bass through this rig.  I am spoiled by the stereo capabilities of this setup.  Still, the PC+ has caught my attention based on the reviews.  At this point, I am sitting still.  I actually wish the PC+ 2 x 12 was more affordable.

  3. You might be able to nab a Line 6 Stagesource L2t on the used market at a reasonable price.  Make sure it does not have the "fan rattle" issue or that it has been resolved.  This speaker moves a lot of air for any bass or guitar.   It is very versatile, easy to transport, and durable.  It mates with the Helix beautifully using the L6 Link or straight into the mixer for an acoustic guitar.

  4. Folks seem to be loving the Powercab plus.  For me, I love my L2t and L2m combo at home.  It doea it all--electric, acoustic, bass, and stereo.  It leaves me not wanting for anything more.

  5. I am registered, I am about to have my second year of free warranty expire and I am looking to extend the service for an additional year for $99.  The Line 6 pages to extend the service are not functioning.


  6. Quote

    I have a Helix patch uploaded to Customtone that creates two paths for my JP15. I use a special cable that comes out of the stereo out of the JP15 and has two 1/4" at the other end which plug into the guitar and Aux in on the Helix. Both paths stay active and I switch between piezo and mags on the guitar. Works and sounds pretty decent. Here's a link

    Thanks so much for the patch link.  I have a couple of piezo equipped PRS guitars and I have a set of patches that I use to run the mag pups into the guitar input and the piezo  into the aux jack.  I have patches for clean, crunch, and lead tones that can be combined with the piezo in this setup.  The Helix offers incredivle versatility in this way.

  7. What he said. And try the JC120, Twin, Archon Clean, and Soldano Clean amps. Max Channel Volume, Master Volume around 3-4, Drive as low as possible for the tone, and compensate with plenty of output gain. Then use the amp tone settings to adjust for any "muffling." Oh, and leave your guitar volume knob below 8. Keep playing, there are good cleans in there...

    +1 on this response.  I really love the Soldano and Archon clean amps with a bit of an edge to the Soldano.

  8. I am all for the idea of constructing some sort of shade for the Helix. even if it doesn't look wonderful.  Something like a modified small umbrella or two would be superior to letting it bake in the sun.  And, you might be able to see the display better, too.

  9. I, too, have had stellar customer service experiences with Line 6. In fact, they replaced an expensive piece of hardware with a new piece after the original was damaged in shipping out to Calabasas.

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  10. I stopped holding my breath and sold my DT50 212. After doing the A/B thing numerous times between the Dream Rig and the

    Helix-->FRFR, I always preferred the latter. I loved the DT50, but I have no regrets. I have no way of knowing, but my senses that Line 6 is moving on from the DT amps. I think the Firehawk, the Spider V series with full range speakers, andthe absence of any new tube amp introductions for many years give evidence to this. Both the sound and the portability of the Helix-->FRFR rig have helped me join Line 6 in moving on. The gentleman who purchased my DT50 is delighted with the amp. I do think it is a great standalone amp for many.

  11. Originally. I grabbed a DT50 212 back in 2013.  Mated along with the HD 500, I was thrilled with this dream rig.  In fact, I understand that Steve Howe of Yes was using the same gear.  However, since upgrading to the Helix and a Stagesource L2t, my dream rig has been sitting fallow. The ease, portability, and sound of the new stuff is more pleasing for me . And I don't have to lug the DT50.   I am definitely hanging on to the HD500 as a backup to the Helix.  But, I am conflicted about letting the DT50 go.  I fear that Line 6 will come up with an integration of the Helix and DT amps as soon as I sell the DT50. And, I have loved that amp.  It just has been sitting quietly for the past year. Any thoughts?

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