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  1. Loving a pole-mounted L2t.  I actually got a pristine, used L2t from MF.  Subsequently, I bought a heavy duty metal pole from MF on sale for $25.  I really like the simplicity of the setup, the sound, and the and the L6 Link.  Still waiting for integration with my DT50 via the L6 Link, however.


    Now, I am slightly hacked off that Line 6 is offering the Helix backpack for free with the purchase of the Helix during March.  I suppose they are seeking an edge over their competition with Fractal and, now, Headrush.  Where was the freebie a year ago when I purchased the Helix? 

  2. Peter has the right idea, from my perspective.  Through the L2t, the Helix is brighter, more lively, and louder in electric guitar mode.  If, however, you are using it as a PA speaker, running to a PA, or using acoustic patches with a piezo equipped electric guitar, then PA reference mode does the trick.

  3. In using 2 PRS models with magnetic and piezo pickups, I have designed a set of patches so that I can switch between mags and piezo or blend them.  I run the magnetic output to the Helix guitar input and the piezo output jack in to the Helix aux jack.  I have been trying the Taylor IRs on the acoustic side with reasonable results.  

  4. Well, I opted for an L2t after running the Helix through my PA and trying some options with my DT50 212.  I love the L2t.  I enjoy it so much as an overall solution that I thought of ditching the DT50.  But, I love that amp and still have an HD500 to mate with it.  I am not holding my breath regarding improved Helix/DT50 integration.  I guess I will continue to hoard Line 6 gear for awhile until my separation anxiety subsides.

  5. Just for the record, I was one who highly valued and used the HD500 to DT50 integration ( as did Steve Howe if I am not mistaken).  I bought the Helix in the hope that I could use it in a similar manner without a lot of complexities.  Ultimately, I bought an L2t as an FRFR solution for the Helix. It is a great combination for my purposes.  I thought about moving my DT50 along.  But, I love the amp.  I am hoping, like others, for an integration between Helix and the DT50 that is both simple and useful.  So, I am hanging on to the DT50 for now.

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  6. I recall being able to coax some tones out of an HD500 + DT50 setup that would hint at a sax tone.  While I cannot recall the presets right at the moment, I am almost certain they were overdriven amp models.  I also remember getting this sound most convincingly in the middle of the fretboard. 

  7. Not a blessed one. Personally, I think Customtone is a psych experiment...they want to see how many times you have to listen to something labeled "Joe Satriani"...that actually sounds like Joe Walsh...before you go insane.

    That made me laugh pretty hard...thanks!

  8. Call me cheap...I love free Helix patches!  And, I am aware of the rating system on the Custom Tone site.  However, I am much more interested to hear which patches form Custom Tone folks have found useful or inspiring.  For instance, I really like the patch, Darkness, which seems to replicate the intro (lo fi), rhythm, and lead tones of "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" and "Barbarian" by The Darkness.  Any suggestions?

  9. I own a DT50 and have played my Helix through an L2m.



    • Pro: Real tube power section through real guitar speaker. Helix doesn't sound or feel any different than playing through your favorite tube amp. No real transition from traditional tube amps to Helix + DT.
    • Pro: Easy to get good sounds.
    • Con: Line 6 hasn't released fully automated DT integration yet. Takes a bit of research and manual MIDI configuration and cabling to map the tube amp settings (topo, class, etc.) to the Helix preamps.
    • Con: DT50's EL34 power section is pretty dominant with Helix preamp-only models. A lot of the Helix magic is in the full amp models. Some people use these with DT, and it works pretty well with DT low power mode. If your cup of tea is EL34/84 type amps like Marshall, Vox, and other boutiques, you'll love it. I think the 6L6 high gain preamp models like Mesa, Engl, PV and Bogner Uber are a bit off through DT50.
    • Con: Acoustic and synth sounds are dull through a regular guitar cab. Cannot use for bass.
    • Con: One cab sound and that's the sound of the physical cab you connect it to. You can get some nice variations with the eq block though.
    • Con: You really need to be running through the rig at stage volume to setup patches. This can be challenging depending on your living/jamming space.
    • Con: Pretty heavy/bulky amp.
    • Neutral: you will need to mic the cab or split the Helix path at the end and put in a cab or IR block to the XLR out to PA.


    • Pro: Will work for electric or acoustic guitar or bass, as well as vocals, keys etc.
    • Pro: Can use full Helix amp models and they will sound great as designed.
    • Pro: Can use Helix cab models and an almost unlimited number of 3rd party IR's
    • Pro: You can setup patches with studio monitors or headphones and generally get similar sounds from L2.
    • Pro: 1 L2 speaker is super portable and easy to setup with L6 Link.
    • Pro/con: You are hearing a mic'd guitar cab (model), which is exactly what the audience hears. But you may not be used to hearing this and it will take some getting used to.
    • Con: Bit of a learning curve to get good sounds with Helix cab models and IR's. This frustrates many people.
    • Con: L2 can come off harsh pointed right at you. You really need to understand Helix high/low cuts and eq settings.
    • Neutral: This may be debatable, but an L2 in floor monitor position may not have the same stage coverage and volume of a traditional guitar amp. This can be good or bad depending on your playing and band situation (i.e. church vs a bar).

    So I might say that for a loud rock band with acoustic drums and bassist/second guitarist that play big traditional gear, you want to just plug in and rock and not go through tech-anxiety, you might consider DT. If you are jamming at home with recorded tracks, other bandmates have small rigs or modelers, drummer has an electronic kit, you want electric, acoustic and synth sounds out of the same rig, you are considering Variax or a dual-voice mag/piezo equipped guitar, you are playing in a volume-controlled environment, you are a sound engineer, etc. L2 would probably be the way to go.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful and thorough effort to answer my question.  This helps me a lot.

  10. I am wondering if anybody has A/B'd the Helix through a DT50 vs. an L2t.  Even if you haven't, I am interested in opinions about the advantages/disadvantages of these setups for both live and studio applications.

  11. I will try to be brief. In attempting to back up my presets on my PC, the Device Manager shows me an error code when I connectthe Helix. It says, "device cannot start (code 10)". It goes on to report: Status Device Data Error. All other USB connected devices including printers, external hard drives, and the like are easily recognized and function appropriately. Has anyone else in counter this? Any suggestions?

  12. I faced a similar dilemma.  I had a box that I did not trust.  I took my 212 to the UPS store and had them pack it as a precaution against potential damage.  It cost me $23.


    Ultimately, the amp was damaged when it arrived at Line 6 in Calabasas, CA.  The cabinet was cracked and, as you can imagine, the packaging was severely damaged.  While UPS declared "insufficient packaging" as the cause of the damage, the fact that the UPS Store packaged it was a saving grace.


    I quickly filed a clain with UPS.  However, since LLine 6 was the RMA shipper, they became the calimant.  UPS paid the claim to Line 6 quickly and Line 6 shipped me a brand new DT50 212.  A bit of a hassle , but a good outcome.  The folks at Line 6 were very helpful every step of the way.


    I hope that helps.  In the end, I was happy I spent the $23 to protect my interests.

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