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  1. 1 hour ago, gunpointmetal said:

    TL;DR: I've done the 'verb trick in POD Farm and IMO it's no revelation, IMO. If it works better for you, that's what you should use.


    POD Farm owner, Helix Floor/Native owner here. There's no special sauce in POD Farm, some of the sounds are good (bass especially), but nothing you can't get out of Helix. As far as a "feel" thing, there's no way anyone will ever be able to confirm or deny if one or the other is better. The real answer is up there in "if it feels good and inspires you to play instead of tweak, that's the better sound for you". I can't get ANY feel out of POD Farm no matter what settings I use, sounds like a picture of a tone on top of a guitar signal while I'm playing compared to the Helix. POD Farm sounds just fine in a mix, especially with some more modern IR cab modeling applied, but to actually play through it the Helix "feels" better to me every time. 


    The problem is that my sound is not due to a normal use of Podfarm, since it only works with the Large Plate 100% mix, not 99%, only 100%, it looks like a glitch.

    So I'm "stuck" with Podfarm without knowing what gives me that sound and feeling.

    And I would have liked to reproduce it with a better quality material, I had already tried with the HD500 without success...

  2. 30 minutes ago, codamedia said:


    IMO... (based on the audio samples you posted) The effect is putting a lot of air (space) around the notes, but without an identifiable tail (decay). This makes your guitar sound much bigger than when it is turned off. It's the closest thing to a "gated reverb" I've heard on a guitar tone. 


    As for why YOU believe this is the perfect tone and feel? There is no science to this... you simply found a sound/feel that you love. There are countless guitar players in history that found their "magic sauce" and rarely is it the same device for each of them. It could be an echoplex, a memory man, a distortion +, an LA2A, an 1176, etc... etc... For you it happens to be the Plate Reverb from Pod Farm. 


    FWIW: When I gigged with amps my "magic sauce" was a Boss CS-2 Compressor at it's minimal sustain settings. FOR ME, it did everything I wanted to the feel of the amp, regardless of what amp I was plugged into. Trust me... not many people agreed with me, but those same people likes my tone!





    Thank you for your comment, it will be very useful.


    This makes your guitar sound much bigger than when it is turned off.

    That's exactly what it feels like!

    When turned on, it sounds "fat and organic" with a lot of sustain, turned off it sounds and feels A LOT thinner, cold and flat.


    What's weird is that it looks like a "glitch", because it doesn't work at 1-99% mix, but only at 100% like in my screenshot.


    I'm going to inquire about the Gated Reverb,

    Thank you very much!



  3. 9 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:


    And you can keep asking until the end of time and never get a concrete answer... because there isn't one. What sounds good to any of us if 100% subjective, and in the end, completely irrelevant to anyone's experience but yours. There's nothing to measure, quantify, or validate against any "standard"... It's a useless as hiring a team of PhD neuroscientists to determine why your favorite color is periwinkle blue. It just is... You've found your secret sauce. That's a good thing. Tearing it apart with micro-analysis is a waste of time. If you like your sound... go play. This will get you nowhere.


    Well,  it seems you're having fun with your sophistry.


    I'm waiting for someone with technical experience to do the test and give me their opinion.


  4. 23 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:


    And I would have liked to know that my ex-wife was crazy before I got married....oh well, sucks for me.


    You've already returned the thing. A revelation won't help you now... if you're looking for reassurance that you did the right thing, then you're barking up the wrong tree... post this over in the PodFarm forum, and you'll get all the "thumbs ups", back slaps, and standing ovations you can stomach. But you will get little to no validation from fans of the gear you claim is inferior.


    You're wrong, I'm not a twitter snowflake who need validation.

    I just want to know why and how I get this "perfect tone and feel" only with this large plate + this setting and not anything else.

    I've already asked the question on the Podfarm forum 2 years ago :


  5. 2 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    I meant a PodFarm file.


    Anyhow, if that Soundcloud file (pretty good playing, btw) is representative of your tone (and tonal needs) you may indeed not need the Helix. I mean, all playing quality aside, that's a pretty generic lead tone that you can get out of pretty much every plugin and/or modeler since years already. So, just enjoy what you have and be happy. Or buy a decent audio interface and enjoy the world of plugins (a Toneport isn't a good choice for that due to its high latency).


    Thanks, but as I said it's more about the sensations in the fingers than the sound itself, that's why I'm asking those who can test it.

  6. It's not a troll, I can't share a file because I have already returned the LT.

    But anyway, it's especially the feeling in the fingers...
    For those who still have Podfarm, try it, and tell me before accusing me of trolling.


    edit : here is a recording with podfarm and the "large plate trick" , but I'm not sure it would help.



  7. I asked for a refund of my Helix LT, because I get a better sound with podfarm and my UX1.


    How ? With the Large Plate Reverb "trick".


    In EVERY presets, add a "Large Plate" (and only this one) reverb with tone and mix to the max, you'll see!

    Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce such a good sound with Hx edit.

    I would have liked to know what creates this sound.


    (I play only at home with headphone)




  8. I discovered that when I setting the "Large Plate" Reverb (and only this one) mix to the MAX in Podfarm 2,

    I was getting an incredible sound and feeling for every style, as if my guitar came to life!


    Would anyone know what this is due to?


    I couldn't even get it with an HD500 or a tube amp, only Podfarm large plate with this setting works.


    Could someone tell me if it's possible to reproduce this sound on Helix before I buy it please ?


  9. I discovered that when I setting the reverb "Large Plate" (and only this one) mix to the MAX, (predelay : 0-30, decay : 0-30, tone : 100) I was getting an incredible sound for every style.

    Would anyone know what this is due to?


    It would help me reproduce that sound with a real amp or another software.

    I couldn't even get it with an HD500, only podfarm large plate with these setting work.


    Try it and tell me, because I can't play on anything else since.


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