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  1. Thanks for that, a ground fault would also explain the hissing we've been getting recently, sadly it won't be under warranty it was one of the first off the line quick questions, is the grounding issue a mechanical fault, as in a loose wire / dry joint in which case it's not too big a deal I know people who do that kind of repair. Other question is is this likely to effect the other channel, to get us thru this busy time I've used a splitter and are just running 2 outs from the one that's working fine but if this was to go too I'm in it deep? Thanks for taking the time to reply once again.


    It's the contacts to the case. Every input and output as a small metal contact connecting the ground to the case it self just by pressure.  

    People are reinforcing this by soldering this contacts together and grounding them properly. 


    See here: 




    Anyone with basic knowledge of electronics will see the problem as soon as he opens the case  ;)

  2. I just traded in the QSC Touchmix for the Stagescape, Learning to use it pretty quickly and I really like it, but I don't think the feedback supression is working, I only seen one video where it demoed it, but I think that was an earlier version of the software. But it showed that when feedback was present it would show a red line at the frequency it was applying supression to, 1 - Does ver 1.2 react the same way. if so mine is not working. 2 - Also maybe i'm doiing something wrong, but I cant seem to get the same type of clarity and loudness as the QSC..


    1 - Yes. Raise you levels slowly and don't send the signal to monitors and PA at the same time (or almost). Raise the level of the signal in one monitor, wait for the feedback reduction understand the frequency, raise on other monitor (wait), etc, raise on the PA,.... you get the idea. 

    When there are multiple frequencies feedbacking in multiple outputs at the same time the FBR won't work. I approach it like any other system and ring out my monitors and PA one at a time and giving time for the mixer to work. The FBR on the M20d is nice but it's not  magical ;) 


    2 - You are doing something wrong   :P

  3. No I don't get a screen full of inputs when nothing is connected? (Yes in an test without case)

    And Ground is seperat for each chanal so it would be more one.

    For the Signal the Ground is not nesseary, but for the input detection of XLR OR 1/4". If it lost Ground it will detect 1/4" Jack first. And that could be the Problem.

    To check this lose the screws of an Kombi Jack and test it.


    For me I solved the Problem by Grounding all canal 's and the top back and bottom case  by wire.





    main_ground.jpg   kombi.jpg


    I had the Problem on Chanal1.

    First all was good but after an wile the signal Droped to 25%. Maybe 12db Pad for 1/4" i'm not shure if the Pad is hardware.

    The signal droped is the same as when i connect the Mic in the 1/4". 

    After many Tests i could aktivate the Drop by pusching the XLR jack hard in.

    After disconect and Pushed it gently in all is normal but rattling a little bit it dropt again.

    I open'd the kombi jack but no problems to see. (picture)

    An other Problem is on Stage, that the cabel's of hanging to the Ground and pulling on the Kombo Jack's in the right way to loosing Ground.


    Nice Mixing everyone.

    M20D Rocks.




    I had a different problem with my original mixer and Line6 was amazing and replaced it! Very good costumer service! Up there with the best. 


    But my new mixer started to have problems with the main left and monitor A outputs.

    The warranty (for the old mixer...) as expired. I don't think the exchange for a new one under warranty would extended it...


    So, this fix will only fix the input problems? I don't have input problems...  But maybe the outputs also have grounding issues. 

    There was a fellow user on this forum that reported the output problem solved by resetting the ribbon connectors. My guess is that by disassemble and reassemble the case he made the grounding better by cleaning and resetting the ground contacts to the case. 


    Makes any sense?  I didn't open the M20d yet...

  4. I know! That was the first thing that came to mind... The question is, is it on a solder joint or in a plug? If it is on a solder joint, is it on he board itself or is it between the board and a wire? Or better still, a between a wire and the XLR socket? 


    Because it may be very simple to solve by a local electronics technician... It would save a lot of time and expense in shipping...   

  5. My mixer did exactly that last gig! I've lost the left main out! 


    And this is a new mixer, I had a problem with the encoders and physical buttons on the first one and it was replaced. By the way, I LOVED how Line6 handled my first case. Top notch costumer support! 


    But the unit definitely has some problems with quality control and reliability! It's a shame, because it is an incredible mixer. It has been making my life insanely easier since I have it. Apart from the technical problems of course.... 

  6. Yes. I do this all the time! 


    Even in rehearsals I do it.

    I set two scenes, one with only vocals up  and all the other levels turned all the way down. Then another scene with a nice mix for playback.

    So we rehearse one song (recording) and the simply change the scene and we all listen back to our disgrace  in a very nice studio mix style way! :P 


    I can say this is the most valuable thing this mixer made for us! Always record the sounds and listen back in the rehearsal is very revealing and made all my bands sound a million times better!  

  7. Yeah , like ... what the heck ? I've owned the mixer for 2 years. No NEW updates to the software at all ?!!!!

    For one thing , there should be a back button on their screen , to go to the previous screen. And an undo , for things like EQ changes , so you can compare changes. Simple but extremely important functions MISSING.

    I feel like Line6 has abandoned the stagescape product all together. Price drop and no updates. Very disappointed.


    You can navigate almost directly anywhere from anywhere!  

    I don't see a need for a back button other than perhaps an old habit of navigating on another system?


    I know it's not the same thing but you can turn any effect on and off to compare it's effect to the unaffected sound.. And with the touchscreen you can boost, flat or cut frequencies on the EQ so fast that an undo function would get very little use in my hands  :rolleyes:  :D

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  8. Hi. 


    So I Have some recordings of past shows mixed on the M20d. Tomorrow I'll have a gig so I'm already soundcheking!  :lol:


    On the soundcheck before the GIG everyone is always thinking about the dinner and there is never any time to really go deep with the tweaking. It's always just plug in, load some factory presets, adjust quickly with the quick edit mode, do relative levels and go dinner :(   


    So I'm doing some presets in advance, listening trough my studio monitors and with a flat main out.

    Hopefully I can just get the PA sounding nice and flat in the room, load the presets and get nice sound with minor tweaking!


    All the recorded sounds were captured in the same conditions (volume), with the same mics and performing the same material as the presets will be used for tomorrow.       


    Let's see if it works  :rolleyes:  :D

  9. Hi


    I understand the fundamental principal and the different parameters of the M20d dynamic EQ

    However I'm having trouble tweaking it to do just what I want:  


    I want my female singer's voice to be nice and bright when singing low volume, so that it cuts through the mix.

    But I want to subdue some of the highs when she sings louder.


    My problem is finding the right frequency!

    On a normal EQ I just bring a band up and sweep across until my ears complain with discomfort, then I know I've found the offending freq and turn it down.


    What I'm looking for is a similar easy method to do the same in the dynamic EQ, so that I know what freg to compress when she's screaming!   :rolleyes:  :D  

  10. FIXED!!!  B)  B)  B)  B) 



    I'm glad to announce that Line6 is a great company with great costumer service! 


    I've made video prof of my faulty mixer and the fail in fixing the first time. They sent me a new one in advance and sent UPS to collect the faulty one, so I don't have to spend any more time without a mixer to work with! Now, this is GREAT service! 


    Thanks Line6, I will be talking good things about you for a long, long time   :D

  11. In response to reman parts exchange I say yep. When your livelihood is on the line you need confidence in your manufacturer to keep you working after committing to their product.


    In my business the process works where secondhand remanufactured (to a known quality) is available when repair turnarounds are excessive. The units have a known value and you purchase them at that known price. Once you provide your faulty unit, the transaction will be credited the exchange value straight up. Initial credit is ~ full price of unit, credit is difference to bring a shell to agreed working condition.


    Another option is to provide hotswap stock. A working unit is exchanged for a faulty unit under warranty claim with an authorisation for an agreed value. Once Root Cause Analysis is performed, credit is applied to the value warrantable. Depending on the terms of Warranty this could be the entire amount or a percentage or an amoutn equal to the warrantable period left.

    If the fault is not warantable the repair costs to turn around to seed stock is charged to the customer from the credit authorised.


    Might sound a little complicated but this sort of service wins business hand over foot in time critical industries. Considering how cut throat entertainment industry is, its amazing it is not more widely represented.


    :blink: I would have to read or post VERY slowly to understand it  :P  :D 


    I don't really care how it's done. All I care is if I spend 1300++€ on a professional product to do my job well. It better be reliable and I have to be sure I'll be able to use it in EVERY job I need it. Be it my actual unit or another one. I don't care.


    I just care about having Bad GIGs with bad sound when it's not my fault and when I've made the investment to always have good sound.


    Anyway, It was just one gig. Line6 was very fast and thomann as already shipped my unit back. I should have it for the next gig this Saturday B) 


    Last gig was difficult. It took 4 times longer to sound check. And the quality was well below our current standard.

    We did it just with a behringer 8 channel mixer and no outboard gear. I sold all my outboard gear when I bought the M20d...

    So it was a very raw sound and we had  to run the backline very low because we couldn't get vocal volume without feedback!

    We decided to go without monitoring to keep stage volume to a minimum and because the mixer only had 1 pre-fader aux. Only the singer used in-ear to hear her self.


    Good thing we play the same stuff for some time now and we don't need to hear that well to be able to perform...  


    In short, the last gig sounded like a rehearsal, not a concert. The people seamed to enjoy it. But we couldn't book again as the owner liked it but was not impressed  :(   

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