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  1. I had to use my smartphone's warranty earlier this year. 

    They provided me with a replacement while my phone was in repair. I was never without a phone to work, talk or organize my life. 

    Oh, and the replacement model was better than my phone! Shame I didn't get to keep it  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :D


    In professional music gear this should be standard as we need the stuff to do our job.

  2. This is not the last time it will fail. Get your money back.


    well, I've been using it a lot for almost 2 years with no problems. 

    Always great sound.


    My only complaint will be the time to repair... Thomann said: 


    Thank you for the email.

    We received the unit back on the  04.08.2014 .It was sent to an authorized workshop for warranty check /repairs, on the next day

    The normal repair time is 2-4 weeks( shipping days not included).

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Now, that's too bloody long. I need the mixer to work, and put food on my table, almost every weekend.

    I'm not very happy with Line6 service... It should be faster. It's supposed to be professional gear to professional musicians, so they really should have some way to not leave the musicians short on gear to work when the equipment breaks down under warranty! It's only fair!   

  3. My M20d it's deteriorating very fast  :(


    First there was the weird thing of 3 encoders lighting blue with nothing assigned to them and now it starts to buzz once in a while... 

    There was also on time were it stopped outputting sound and the intro screen appeared super imposed over the stage image (like a transparency). I had to turn off and turn back on mid gig to restore.


    I gig and rehearse a lot! Sending the mixer to UK will be a MAJOR hassle :angry: 


    Oh man.... It's looking very bad :unsure:  :unsure:  :unsure:  :(  :(  :(   



  4. Hi.... I am looking at the line 6 stageScape M20d, and had read the manual. When it comes to Electric guitar, it says that i should use guitarcombo. My question is how do I connect Electric Guitar to Stagescape?? 1 - How should it be connected to the guitarcombo??


    My setup is planned to be:


    Bass direct

    Acoustic guitar

    Electric Guitar 1

    Electric Guitar 2

    Digital drums

    Vocal 1

    Vocal 2

    Vocal 3


    And 2 L2M speakers


    Is it possible?? 2 - Can I get a reasonable sound??


    Thank you in advance



    1 - You mic the guitar amp, plug the mic to the M20d and select the guitar combo preset


    2 - It really depends on the size of the room and how loud your back line is...  

  5. Been testing all afternoon... 


    It happens in any setup, fresh or previously saved, were those 3 encoders are not signed to anything.


    The 3 encoders stay blue even when changing between setups. They only change color when changing to a setup were they are assigned to something.


    When I turn on the mixer the LEDs appear normal (turn off if nothing is assigned) but they start to very slowly light up in blue (fading in).

    If I turn off the mixer and turn it on right a way (1m or so after) the LEDs will be on (blue) even during power up. If I turn off and wait 10m or more they will be off next time I power up.   

  6. Probably! I didn't even take a good good look at the yamaha mixer... I asked If I could just disconnect the mains from their mixer and plug them to my mixer instead. But they told me that the DJ as using their mixer after our show. So I just plugged to 2 available channels and raised the volume, didn't press or check any buttons.


    Is there any risk for the M20d running the main outs to a desk with phantom power on? 

    Should I start to check this every time I plug to another mixer?



  7. Hi


    This is not a big deal, just trying to understand something that happened with my M20d


    Last weekend when playing on a bar I took the M20d and plugged it in the house PA. 

    They had an HK Powerworks with one sub,  4 tops installed on the house (the 4 tops hanging on the corners of the room) and a Yamaha mixer. 

    So I just took the main outs from the M20d and used 2 channels on their yamaha mixer to get the signal to the PA. 

    All good, very nice sound and very loud vocal with no feedback  ;)


    But every time I pressed the "Mute all" bottom on the M20d there was a very loud "pop" on the PA! Strange, it never happened and it does not happen now, I'm testing it with the main outs connected to my studio monitors and there is NO noise at all...   


    Could it be a power issue? A ground loop of some kind between the 2 mixers? 


    I just muted all the channels we then used the "mute mics" button to the same effect I usually use the "mute all" and it was solved. No big deal. 

    But I would like to try to understand this for future reference. 


  8. Sounds like it won't be ready for download next week!


    yah... sounds like it  :(


    It's such a simple thing to do... And it would make my life so much easier. I could load to the mixer just the setups I would be using a particular week or month. Then, when I get a gig with a band that only plays 3 or 4 times a year, I could load that setup and take the others out.


    I really sick of scrolling up and down the setups list several times until I find the right one  :wacko:

  9. First things first: The M20d is an amazing piece of gear that makes my job so much easier it's ridiculous!


    Now, I gave several bands and I won a music school.

    We are believe that the students should play live as much as possible so we are always organizing small concerts on local bars.  


    Result: I have a gazillion setups stored on the M20d and many, many scenes to go with them. It starts to be very annoying to find the right one! 

    I need a pc software to store, organize and label my setups!


    Thanks line6, can I download it next week? 

  10. I've been using my StageScape for about 8 months now and have a few suggestions for future software:


    1. Record interface: would like larger, more obvious indicator to show when the Stop button has been pressed.  The tiny pinwheel not easily visible.


    2. Global FX: would like to be able to change the order of the FX chain.  Having Reverbs first is backwards in my opinion.


    3. A programmable option to use a foot switch to toggle Record/Stop would be handy for person (like myself) who runs the mixer while also performing.


    Thanks for listening to suggestions.  Great product overall. 


    The "RECORD" hardware button lights red when the desk is recording and green when it's playing...

    I always go fro that when checking things in a glimpse.  ;)

  11. ... I would like guitar CAB simulation on the M20d! 

    In fact, being a Line6 product, it's even strange it doesn't have it.  :rolleyes:  :P 


    I've been recording a lot with this amazing thing. Recording every rehearsal and send to band members for home study makes such an incredible difference in the progress of the band! B)  


    Every time I'm micing the guitar amp I'm thinking, "I'm using a line6 product and I have to mice guitars???" LOL It's even a bit ironic isn't it?  ;)


    I don't like amp modeling. I always prefer to use real amps. And, in a real big live gig or quality recording, I would always mic the cab.

    But for this quick rehearsal  recordings it would make sense that a line6 product would make super easier to record guitars. Like take just the amp's line out or FX-send and simulate the cab on the board... 

  12. I think theres some problems with the switch-scenes-solution.


    if you want to do this, you have to make a compete soundcheck and adjustments, save the scene and then copy it to a new scene.

    then make your fx ajustments, and save it as v2 of your scene.

    now this can work very well, but... if you make ANY adjustment on either v1 or v2 of your scene, you will loose them when shifting between the scenes.


    I might be all wrong. If i am, i just love my mixer even more :)


    Yah! Never liked the scenes solution for this kind of application. A scene is a complete mix! I just want to turn fxs on and off!   

    During the gig I'm always making little adjustments to the mix. If I change scene all is lost.


    However, if you have someone doing sound is very easy to have the FX send level showing on the "Perform" view and adjust them on the fly...  

  13. I get a feeling that any DAW that supports VSTs will do a good job.


    I use Cakewalk since before the Sonar series. Started using with "Cakewalk Pro-Audio 9" just because it was available at the time. 

    Never changed DAW. Just kept upgrading. I'm using Sonar x2 now. 

    I really think their all the same and I don't really want to spend the time learning a new interface. 


    So, just get the more available/sheap and go from there. 


    By the way:

    I don't believe DAWs affect the actual sound at all. That's all on the mics/interface/plugins.

    DAWs are just about work flow. 

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