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  1. My understanding is that he was actually tweaking the algorithms in the code, so it would not be as simple as an EQ fix.  That being said (and I have been using the Vetta since the inception), different is not always better.  I did not get the Armin mod, but plenty of folks on the ION forum did back in the day.  Some loved it, and some did not.  I am pretty sure that if you search ION, you will find plenty of the old information.



  2. My guess is that they decided to go for the high volume low buck market and abondened the high end stuff. Still it's anyone's guess really. As a retired electrical engineer who spent a life time in electronics, I find tube amps pretty silly really. Not that I hate tubes because I started out everything tubes.

    I guess it's pretty much the same reaction you'd have if you saw a horse and buggy on the freeway. I pretty much equate toob boobs to flat earthers. Maybe it'ss because I know that what they like so much about the sound is really distortion which is pretty easy to introduce once you're able to make a low or distortion free design as a base amp to build on. Line6 was pretty much there with the Vetta, their only short fall were their models and how they approached making them. Almost but no cigar. If they used decent sampling instead of trying to model circuits, they could have made the things sound like almost anything tube or otherwise. Sound is a very complex thing with many many variables adding to the end result. Trying to duplicate something by modeling it is almost always going to be a futile effort.      

    I disagree slightly about why folks (myself included) like tube amps.  It's not that they sound better IMO, but instead that they sound more "less better" (I do not want to use the word organic as it is way overused).  There is a certain expectation of guitar tone that is based on years of playing and listening that only comes from a tube's reaction.  You can mimic it with modelling (which is still just a digital attempt at recreating those imperfections that we love), but it is still not the same.  It's kind of like that sound you get from the improper intonation of a G string on the guitar or the faint warble of a vinyl album (or a non-blocked trem).  Is it better?  No.  Is is preferred?  Yes, in many cases.  I can almost imagine the modelling CD player that reproduces the crackles and warble of a vinyl album.  :D   Ultimately, if it was just pristine sound that we were looking for there would be no distortion at all and we would all be playing through PAs.  Heck, even the acoustic guitar can be modeled but it still isn't the same sound or feel is it?

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  3. Funny DickFoster... sometimes I can't tell if we are agreeing or disagreeing.  I do agree that there is a market for a completely digital high end amp (obviously, since I still play my V1 HD after all these years).  Tubes have their place in my rig too (my DT50 HD/HD500/Variax rig) of course.  I don't think Line 6 caved so much as gave up on the Vetta.  Not sure we will ever know why (the rumors of not having rights the code or that nobody was left who could write it), but we were lied to about the future of the amp.  The non-DT50 version of the dream rig is not tube based, so I still think they believe in a fully digital market.


    If there is any such thing as modeling speakers it's the first I've heard of it. There are instrument speakers designed for guitar amps and the demands they put on them, PA speakers and stereo speakers but I've never heard of modeling only speakers before. 



    That's my point. No, there is no such thing (other than using more neutral sounding speakers in modeling amps). However, folks associate the Line 6 name with being different than traditional gear.

  5. It's simple enough to remove the logo if it turns you off. Besides " we' don't need no stinkin badges "

    Sorry, I was referring to the logo on the speakers (and how it might impact purchase price since people think they are modelling only speakers) when I said folks are turned off...  Not referring to how it might impact someone looking at the cab itself.

  6. It does look like the Vetta 1/Flextone cab.  They did use the G12H-90 speakers, and of course it has the old logo.  I don't thinnk it is worth any more than any other 4X12 cab in similar condition and maybe a little less to anyone not using it with a Line 6 rig.  Folks are turned off by the Line 6 logo thinking that the speakers are just for modeling amps.  My guess on value (transportation excluded) is probably around $150.

  7. Only midi interface that is known to work consistently is the midisport uno.  Other than that... check your drivers.  Test with another midi device.  Swap in and out cables.  Don't laugh.  It has been done tons of times.

  8. the x is basically a lateral upgrade. vetta has no X model.  

    Which in my opinion gives Line 6 even less reason to continue support of the HD500.  I'm not saying it won't happen (and I get that you are referring to the potential technical compatibility - at least I think you are), but my guess is that they will drop support in an effort to get folks who are not constrained by the 1st run upgrade differences (increased power/memory) to upgrade for what comes down the road.  I do hope I am wrong since I use a JTV69/HD500/DT50 and have no real issues that appear to be solved by the X.  We show see...

  9.  really hope firmware updates will apply to the HD500. If this is not the case, that would be massive and blatant betrayal of the entire Pod HD customer base. It seems like the HD500X only differs in terms of hardware and that there is nothing fundamentally new that would make it use totally different firmware. On the flip side, if they do keep supporting the HD500, that is great news for us since a lot of us thought it was dead in the water! Gives me SOME hope but not enough to think that, e.g., they will fix the EQ frequency display issue

    As a long time Vetta user... I am not holding my breath regarding continued support that has been implied or (in the case of the Vetta) even promised.

  10. you're right, the DT and the HD use the same preamps...


    I also think that although billy was getting "good sounds at any volume" with his DT50... he's missing the point of a genuine tube amp rather than a model...

    if you aren't pushing the tubes to their limit you aren't quite getting the real deal....

    that's why people pay hundreds of dollars for attentuators rather than just turning the volume down....

    and it's also why a cranked/pushed DT25 might be a better option than a cranked/pushed DT50 for many... because the DT50 is too loud for many situations when properly cranked.

    Not missing the point of pushing tubes at all (been pushing them for over 30 years in small, medium and large venues).  Just saying that the benefit of having more power available when I want/need it is more important to me than the ability to push the tubes all the time and potentially not have reserves left.  I am not saying it is the only right opinion, but it is mine.  That is why I said it is what I would prefer.  Also, if you are going to quote me, please quote me.  I said at a "reasonable" volume, not "any volume."

  11. My take... I have a Vetta HD (with VDI), a DT50 HD, a POD HD500 and a JTV.  I think the difference between the Vetta by itself and the DT50 by itself is night and day in terms of organic sound/feel.  Add in the HD500 with or without the JTV, and I think it is only marginally different.  It is a bit more like running the POD through a tube power amp at that point, better but not perfect.  With the JTV over VDI, the difference is also marginal between the same setup on the Vetta or DT50/HD500.  Don't get me wrong, I love the tone of the dream rig, but I also got great tone out of my Vetta and continue to get great tone out of it.  I will keep it because I still like to play through it.  You really need to demo all of your options.  You may not "crap your pants" at the sound of the DT with the HD, but then again you might.  I actually play my DT more with an analog guitar and no POD, but it you need a lot of effects, presets and other options that may not be an option for you.


    Also, I have no issues dialing the DT50 back to a reasonable volume and would prefer to have the available power if needed vs. getting a DT25.

  12. I can live with the fact that they didn't stick with the Vetta.  I cannot live with the fact that they assured users that the BUGS would be fixed and then pretended that they hadn't.


    P.S. V1 HD with VDI (HD was purchased shortly after release and VDI added right when it was released).  Still works great except for the bugs and one encoder wheel that needs spun more than it should to change values.

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