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  1. 1 minute ago, gunpointmetal said:

    Still don't get why DI and Frank seem way more present over at TGP than on their own forums, but whatever, I guess.

    When I posted my issue there, I got a response from Frank within minutes, and it was on a Sunday.

  2. I somewhat consider myself a Helix Fanboy.  When I was looking for solutions with a Helix issue, I did not get good information from this forum.  The folks on this forum are defensive and they can be because they spend a lot of time here.  It's their community.  If you want real solutions for the Helix with accurate and intelligent commentary, you can go to TGP.  I rarely suggest telling someone to go to TGP because there are way more opinions there than here, but they have at least one Line 6 employee who represents the company well and was a huge help for me. 


    As far as the original post goes, the OP came looking for a fight and was obliged.  While I was a bit surprised at the update and it's content, I can't really say that I was disappointed (I haven't even installed it yet.).  With all that the Helix will currently do, I don't really see myself jonesing for more and different things when I haven't really scratched the surface with the unit's current capabilities.  

  3. I did reach out to Frank Ritchotte, on TGP and I have to admit, he is a class act.  He was responding to forum posts on Saturday and Sunday and represents Line 6 very well.  Based on his comments, units with the expression pedal issue will be covered beyond the terms of the normal warranty.  He didn't exactly say how long but was very proactive in trying to resolve my issue.  I will be replacing my LT with another LT and feel fairly confident that Line 6 will do the right thing.

  4. On 8/9/2018 at 2:36 AM, marcusleong said:

    Same issue, mine broke for the second time. Broke my expression pedal on my previous unit last year in september, was replaced with a new unit then. But this unit broke again just yesterday during rehearsal. Am from Malaysia too btw.

    This tells me that there is a design flaw with this unit that Line 6 has not addressed.  If a replacement unit has the same failure, they have not fixed the issue.  This also tells me that everyone who has an LT and uses the expression pedal will eventually have a failure.  A tell-tale sign that your pedal is about to fail is stiffness, then it will free up and be very loose, then pop.  Line 6 has a mess on their hands with this one.

  5. 2 minutes ago, phil_m said:


    If you're in the US, the standard warranty for the LT is two years, so you'd be good. I also believe that this pedal issue is such that Line 6 will replace your unit regardless of its warranty state.


    All that just to say it's up to you which way to handle it. If GC has another one in stock and can replace your unit, just do that. If they say they want to try to repair it, I'd open up a ticket with Line 6. I think the nature of this flaw is that it's not realistic to repair it, so they just have been sending replacements.

    The Pro warranty reflects immediate replacement, which is good since this is the only unit I use.  Waiting for a replacement or repair would not resolve this issue in time for a performance.  I believe you could be correct as far as Line 6 replacing the units with faulty pedals, but until LINE 6 actually says that, I am only relying on your opinion, and I don't believe I can hold you accountable for anything.

  6. Add me to the list of pedal failures. I have owned mine for 18 months.  It will be very hard for me to feel confident in getting another LT knowing that this issue exists or existed when seeing this thread pop up.  Whether it is a design flaw or a manufacturing error, until I see an announcement from Line 6 regarding HOW they repaired the issue and WHAT the design flaw was, I can have no confidence in this product.  This is their forum.  If they are discussing it on other forums, why are they not discussing it on their own.  I would appreciate a response from a Line 6 representative if this issue has been resolved.  Otherwise I will be upgrading to something that is more reliable.  This thread has been here for over a year with no response from Line 6 so anything reported on here by anyone other than Line 6 is hearsay.  No-one other than Line 6 can be held accountable for latent defects in their product.

  7. If you have active electronics and like a little extra thump on the low end, the Helix will distort badly as the additional low end overdrives the Helix.  I have used it for a live gig but prefer my MarkBass Momark and 410 cab.  They are fairly light and compact.  I do love Helix for guitar though.  If I used passive basses, I would certainly use the Helix.

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  8. At times when I am creating paths on the HelixLT, the "cursor" jumps back to the previous effect or block.  This has been happening with some frequency lately and is very annoying.  I am eventually able to add whatever it is I intended to add but sometimes the "jumping" may occur 3 or 4 times before I am able to add it.  This is happening while using the "joystick" knob on the Helix.

  9. Pretty well documented the preamps are quieter than the amp models.   My question to the Line 6 folks is that some of the preamp models themselves are very, very quiet compared to other preamp models as well - even when matching master or channel volume settings when available.  Is something wrong, is it by design, or ?  If someone insists on use them (maybe me) there are certainly ways to boost them to an acceptable volume (like the EQ block), but just wondering.

    I have pointed this out in a previous thread and it didn't get any attention from Line 6.   One of the preamp models that is very quiet by comparison is the /13 preamp.  In order to get parity with other models you would have to adjust the volume down considerably on those while maxing out the volume on the /13 model.  Since this is not the way most people use the Helix, it must not get much consideration.  I too consider this a flaw and think it should be corrected.  Amp models and amp/cab models do not behave this way.

  10. Today I got an e-mail from Thomann explaining that the damage was caused by an applied voltage at the XLR output and that I am not entitled for a warranty repair.

    I often use my Helix without an amp as many users of amp simulators like Helix do. I plug it directly to the soundboard which sometimes sends 48v phantom power to cover the voltage needs of DI boxes, condencer microphones etc.

    Does anyone know if Helix is unable to handle the 48v phantom power at the XLR outputs?

    Can anyone provide me with more information about the voltage tolerance of the Helix outputs?

    Did anyone come across any article or review pointing out Helix’s inability to handle 48v phantom power voltage?

    I am curious to see the outcome of this.  This Helix is an "expensive brick" if it is susceptible to Phantom Power voltage and I am sure there are plenty of owners who use their Helix with the presence of Phantom Power.

  11. I find myself changing my settings based on whatever I decide to use as my FRFR or amp.  When I first started with the Helix, I was sick that I had spent that much money for what originally sounded like HD500 deluxe.  I have since discovered, that like everything I have touched with a Line6 logo, there is a learning curve, but once you nail that sound you have been seeking, it is digital magic.  I currently don't use anything that I would call special, but I have settings for Yamaha HS8 monitors that wind up being a great deal different than my settings for an EV ZLX15P.  I have also gotten some amazing sounds from my amp setup by diming everything except the preamp and using the preamp from the Helix.  If you are new to Line6, there will probably be some serious frustration factor in the beginning.

  12. I think Andy Summer's tone is patented and cannot be legally duplicated.  Andy's lawyers probably sent a cease and desist order on the previous firmware to make Line 6 remove any potential of Summer's tone being duplicated.  That is my hair brained contribution to this hair brained thread.

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