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  1. I revisited this issue today, and for clarification, the model that was excessively quiet is the "/13 Preamp".  It is not a "little" bit quieter, it is inaudible compared to the other amps in default mode.  That being said, if I were seriously considering using this model with other models, I would have to turn the volume of every other model down to make this model audible.  That doesn't seem to be very practical, in my opinion.  It seems as though Line 6 should address this issue as a "defect" in their programming. 

  2. While 


    Yes, that one is a little quiet compared to others with factory default settings. I never use the defaults though. I always balance volumes between presets and/or snapshots. 

    I rarely use models "as is", I normally adjust the volume levels up to compensate for lack of volume.  I guess I had not considered adjusting the louder ones down, but it seems that default models should be closer in volume level parity out of the box.  I have been using Line 6 stuff for a while now so I am certainly familiar with "tweaking", but it seems with a device of this caliber, someone would have noticed the difference of this model.

  3. Are you comparing just the default settings between amp models?

    Yes.  Not that big of a deal but if I use the default settings for other amp models the /13 will not even get close to the volume of the other models.  It seems abnormally lower in volume than any other model.  I have played through a real /13 amp and they are not lacking in volume.

  4. Dude, there is some AMAZING stuff you can do on the piezo side with IR and stuff... have you checked it out? I play two-voice as well.


    I have not but I am new to the Helix and haven't really scratched the surface.  The IR portion of my Helix is blank but I am certainly willing to learn about it.  I am actually considering using my PRS for an acoustic gig if the right opportunity presents itself.  I just clicked on your link and saw the Crowdster  (very cool).  I have considered one of those as well as the Hamer Duotone. 

  5. As long as your amp is able to get clean tones it isn't a big deal.  I use preamp models in front of my amp.  I dime every control on the amp except the preamp volumes and keep the preamp well below breakup.  I also use an  EV ZLX15 for a second "amp" and run all the sauce of the Helix through it.

  6. I use the Helix LT with stereo inputs similar to the way you describe but with a different motive.  I am playing a PRS P-24 with the mags run through the primary input and the piezos run through the return.  It sounds like I am playing two different guitars in unison and with effects it really gets interesting.  I don't use any amp models on the piezo side but run the mag side anywhere from clean to nasty.

  7. First of all, for the money these are both great units.  I had an M-5 and an HD500 and was looking to get smaller for my acoustic gig, so I bought an M-9 to replace both.  Size and function for the M-9 are great and it functionally is a great replacement for me.


    My beef with the M-9 and M-5 is as follows.


    I purchased the M-9 used (E-Bay) and the power supply was DOA.


    The power supply is huge (bigger than the 3 amp power supply for my HD500) I bought Velcro to secure the new transformer to my pedalboard.


    My real beef is that Line 6 utilizes midi connections to update firmware.  Not only that, but in order to update the firmware, I am required to buy a specific midi cable from a third party in order to perform the update.  Line 6 should take a lesson from it's competitors on firmware updates.  Instructing customers to buy a third party's hardware is a testament to their support. 


    My opinion: Support your own product with your own hardware.




  8. That's right!! I am currently using an HD500 and have been using it live for the past year.  I have had it for over two years and slightly over a year ago I started playing a solo acoustic act (and singing.)  My show is heavy on effects, particularly delay and reverb, and honestly, for the money, few do those effects better than Line6.  I currently play a Line6 Variax 700 Acoustic, and a Taylor 416ce.  My current goal is lightening my board, which consists of an HD500, a TC Helicon GT-X Harmonizer and one of those new Yamaha Micro Mixers.  The HD500 is a real estate hog.  I am not getting rid of it, I am just tired of lugging it around.  My wish is that Line6 made a small effects interface pedal with a Variax jack.  I have also considered getting another nice acoustic and leaving the Variax at home.  Just to be clear, I am not getting rid of Line6, I just plan to be sleeping around on them until they show us acoustic players some love. 

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