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  1. On 9/24/2016 at 4:58 PM, phygwell said:

    I had the same problem today. My HD500 was in tuner mode... i tried everything above (e.g. tried different USB ports on computer, 2nd cable, etc.) and nothing worked. On a whim I changed the setting from "tuner" to my preset 1A (not sure if it matters which preset), tried again and it worked just fine. So it may be that the HD500 needs to be in a certain mode.


    Hope this helps! Good Luck!

    Phygwell, thanks for posting this. I had tried, reinstalling everything and two different cables and it was the unit in Tuner mode. Crazy.

  2. Good suggestions. I reflashed the unit and set everything to Zero, and played through for about 15 minutes and it seemed to be back to normal (all I had time for last night) but hoping for a good session after work today. I've always leaned on the editor so I don't really need the knobs off zero at all. (I don't play out and have no friends to jam with. Yay, parenthood and changing states too often! :()


    I'll look into recalibrating the pedals, as that seems like a good idea anyway (and having never done it in about 7 years, probably overdue?)


    Thanks folks!

  3. I have an original HD500 (bought the first day Guitar Center received it back in 20...2010? I think it was 2010. Maybe, idk. 


    ANYWAY, I've reproduced this volume fluctuation problem on any patch, with different guitars and with different cables. I was hoping it was perhaps my headphones, but I was able to record the fluctuation in Logic through the USB, so maybe it's the Guitar input path?


    The signal is usually low and then will shoot up quite noticeably (not ear splitting, like hitting a lead pedal.) it's not the over-all volume that gets louder, it's just the tone that gets more driven, so I think it's possibly the input signal that's getting swamped. 


    I know it's well out of warranty, but has anyone else had a similar issue with their unit? 

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