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  1. Any ideas guys? Has anyone else run into this particular issue? UPDATE: Never mind, restarting stomp and disconnecting all usb cables fixed the problem. Now working properly.
  2. Hey guys. I recently got the MC6 MKII to use as my main midi controller. I set up everything like this. A:Snapshot1 B:Snapshot2 C:Snapshot3 D:Snapshot3 with Drive,Delay,Boost turned on NOTE that Drive Delay and Boost blocks are also assigned on the Stomp’s footswitches so that they can be turned on/off individually (in stomp mode) On HX I assigned a midi bypass cc on each of the three blocks I want button “D” to turn on and configured the correct actions on MC6 Everything works perfectly EXCEPT my stomp when I step on button “D” will not turn on the LEDs. On the screen the 3 blocks MC6 is set to enable are turned on properly, it’s just that the led rings do not refresh and stay off. (Sometimes on hitting the switch one will randomly turn on, sometimes none) Is this a known issue? Any workarounds?
  3. I actually found the problem. My Soldano Drive, although not audible, on snap1 had a drive setting of 0,1 for some reason. So the jump to Snap3-that had a drive of 7-caused the pop. Everything working properly ATM, two different amps on split paths, never bypassed. Signal routed through one at a time using the split path though. In case anyone runs into this type of problem try these solutions too!
  4. I also attached the IR i'm using (can be downloaded free online). In the preset i'm attaching i actually tried a different approach, having both amps on on split paths and using snapshots to control the route of the signal on the paths. Same problem with having them on the same path and turning on/off... Please give it a listen when you can! Soldano_JC120 BK.hlx 040-Uber V30 121 C_24bit.wav (BTW, it is most audible going from snap1 to snap3, and reverse, while playing any note)
  5. Hey guys, So i've been trying to prepare my HX stomp for gigging use the last week and i'm pretty happy where i'm at tone-wise. I've made a preset with a JC120 for clean, a Soldano for Dirty tones, and an IR for the cab simulation. This coupled with a stomp-able delay,reverb and a Klon in front of the amps can get me 90% of the tones i'm gonna use live, spread throughout 3 snapshots. The problem is whenever i switch from the JC120 to the Soldano (JC120 is snap 1, Soldano is snaps 2+3) i get some milliseconds of loud sound that will absolutely be a problem to send to a PA even for such a short time. Why is that? Hope it can be fixed somehow because this seems like a serious problem. Presets are not an option for my basic rig because of the gap in sound+no spill. (There is no issue going from soldano to JC though) Please give me any tips/workaround on this and tell me if there's any info by line-6 looking to fix this.
  6. I believe the HX stomp could be made into a real all-in-one tool with no expansion needed if the three stomps could be more utilized somehow with long presses. Simple example; Stomp1: Delay ---Hold1:Page< Stomp2: Boost ---Hold2:Page> Stomp3: Drive ---Hold3:Tuner Stomp1+2:SnapDown Stomp2+3:SnapUp Etc etc. Since all this can already be done by midi controllers i can't imagine it's that hard to implement so that everyone can tailor the switches exactly to their liking.
  8. Awesome. Let me clarify one last thing about the DI option; in the case of using a stereo di, do the cables going from Stomp to the DI have to be TRS? Or standard TS instrument cables would work just as good? Thanks for all the great help up to now, got a much clearer picture. Going to get my neutrik TRS/XLR adapters right now!
  9. Thank you very much that was very helpful. So indeed the Stomp is the only board from the helix line whose tone will not be affected by phantom? Seems odd but I guess it’s probably because it’s newer. To clarify the steps for safe usage: 1) insert adapter plugs in Stomp trs outputs 2) connect 2 xlr from adapter to FoH 3) don’t care if phantom is on or not correct me if I’m wrong!
  10. Yes I’m aware of the DI as the best solution. I am requesting a stereo di every gig, I just want to have a very compact backup solution with me in case I play somewhere where there aren’t enough DIs. (God Forbid) I read somewhere that HX stomp is the only board in Helix range that is safe to use with phantom. Is that true?
  11. ======UPDATE====== Updating the info for anyone that googles this interested in doing the same: I got the HX stomp to make an ultra portable rig for gigs that don't need a ton of sounds I bought two "Neutrik 6.35mm male - XLR male (NA3MP)" in order to recreate the usual way i play live with my kemper (using the two XLR main outs straight to FoH) Since there were some concerns about Phantom Power I tested everything on my audio interface. Recorded the same track with enabled Phantom Power on both channels and with disabled phantom power. I can conclude phantom had no effect at all on my tone. Thanks for you precious help, hope this post helps some more people out there! Cheers!
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