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  1. I'm not a gambling man, but my money has been on sync with summer NAMM which is next week (given they announced at winter NAMM).  I'd say Wednesday/Thursday next week to gain some press coverage during the show.

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  2. Hi,


    Just wanted to post this in case anyone else stumbles across the issue.


    I had an issue with really bad digital clipping in low volume mode.  I removed the HD500 from the chain and went straight into the top of the amp, still no luck.  The normal volume mode seemed OK, but low not.  Anyhow, I read in this forum that the low volume mode is modeled and not done via the same signal path so I thought to upgrade the firmware.  I was already on 2.0 (latest), but I went for the reflash anyway.  When the amp came back up again, everything was back to normal, so either the program in the flash or some settings had been corrupted.




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