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  1. Stone Video


    I recorded this tune using all of the above in the title. Used Ownhammer impluses. Toontrack Darkness SDX. I'm really enjoying the tones I'm getting here especially the bass. Vocals captured with my Helix rack using a Shure SM-7B. Really impressed by the pre amp quality. This is a a great solution for the one man band. Just wish the Line 6 drivers were slightly better for Windows 10. I used the midi in the on the Helix Rack to capture the midi from my Mimic Pro kit. Overall not too shabby.

  2. I've switched from using multiple devices down to a Helix Rack. It gets the job done. The link below is to a video of a song I recorded recently using the Helix Rack to capture guitars, bass, and vocals. I was surprised the Helix Rack mic pre amp was so good with my SM7B. I used the Bandonk for the heavy guitars, The GK for the bass, and the Archetype cleans for the, well, cleans. Overall this is a great device although I wouldn't recommend it for low latency performance which is something I don't rely on anyway as the drivers are sub par when compared to dedicated devices. Also USB isn't great if you used PCIe or Thunderbolt. Would be great to have a Helix with a Thunderbolt out.


    Just note I was using a Axe FX III and I am more than happy with the Helix tones. I'm a firm believer that you should be able to get good tones out of whatever you are using as long as you put in the effort.


    Music Video On Youtube

  3. Anybody have any idea if they have been working on getting support for folks with 4K monitors that need high DPI support? Right no you can enlarge the plug in container but you can not actually enlarge the text and the graphics so it is pretty small looking and you have to put your face on the screen to edit.

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  4. When looking at any of the Helix units I can't seem to find the specs on the mic pre amp and the aux in. The manual doesn't give the complete run down like most other manufacturers. I was checking what is the max input gain on the mic pre amp in the Helix Rack. Also is the 1 Aux input balanced or unbalanced?

  5. I put together this song with the Helix floor. It was used for all the bass and guitar work. Abused the pitch wham during the verse parts. The song is sort of Nu Metal if folks remember that era. I'm really enjoying this pedal. I'm enjoying it so much, I parted ways with my Axe FX II XL+. Used the extra cash from selling my Axe FX and buying the Helix to pick up the Superior Drummer 3 upgrade and used that on this tune as well.


    Here is a link to the video:


  6. Sounds like madness. I too have a Helix floor and a Axe FX II XL+. I'm not sure I would use them together other than using the Helix to control the Axe via MIDI, which I haven't done but I'm sure could be done. Sounds like you belong over at the Gearslutz forum for owning both ahahahaha, like me!!! Ahhhhh!!!


    Seriously though, are you trying to use the Helix FX within the Axe or something? Just curious because the Axe has a larger amount of processing power and generally at least to me the FX are better due to more ability to customize and greater options. Having said that, the Helix is simple and has some great fx and amp models. 

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  7. Thanks folks. Not the first time I have heard the Ozzy comment.


    Definitely getting great sounds out of the Helix. After having owned a Axe FX II (twice) I will say that sound wise the Helix is on par and the ability to load impulse responses for cabs is great. Heck at this point even the VST plug ins are great like Amplitube, TH3, and S-Gear.


    I may end up using the Helix for a vocal processer for the band I sing for. Not yet completely decided but all the effects are in there for it.

  8. One thing tricky though is if people post presets to Customtone that had IR files for the cabs you will need to load in your own or select a similar cab. I'm not sure if everybody understands that fully. So the tones with IRs missing sound like a can of bees.


    The presets I did here:


    Did not get high ratings on the custom tone and I thought they were at least decent hi gain patches for what I do. The thing is though that the IRs are a big part of the over all sound so if you can't figure out a good IR to use it may not sound too good.


    Either way I still believe using IR files vs the Helix built in cabs makes a pretty big difference as the built in cabs sound very boxy to me. My advice would be find a good IR pack and you will all of a sudden have much better sounding patches with less effort.

  9. Tried these setups with a guitar amp?

    I have not but I would think they would be alright as long as you bypassed the cab sim section as you would be running through a real cab. Optimally I would think a standalone power amp would be the best to go with this pedal as it is a preamp. Or you could go through the loop and bypass your amps pre amp and just use the power section.

  10. The Tube Screamer just tightens up the gain of the amp. Almost like a compressor and EQ effect prior to the amp. I used a similar pedal with my real amp for hi gain setups. Add the Tube Screamer to one of your setups and give it a run through. The Tube Screamer is cool for lower gain amps too but with some added gain to the pedal (not set to zero). Can make a cool mid gain lead tone.

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  11. I use proper cabling. It is definitely an issue with the Helix currently. I too had a HD 500X and no issue with SPDIF. Also had an Axe FX II with no issue via SPDIF. Somebody said it before, seems like a intermittent clocking issue.


    Analog line works great though. No extra noise or buzzing. I just prefer not going through an extra stage of conversion.

  12. Hmmm... That sucks. I am doing some work on a project this weekend so that will give me a longer test period.


    Honestly though, between SPDIF and balanced outputs there is not noticeable sound difference to me but everything should work.


    USB would be alright if they built a proper mixer for the inputs and outputs. As it stands now though, USB isn't really that great as far as mixer (volume) flexibility. I get it though, it isn't an interface. It is a guitar processor which is excels at in my opinion.

  13. Not sure if they actually fixed this but with the latest firmware I just played via SPDIF for 1/2 hour with zero drop outs. It did appear to be a clocking issue which should not have been a problem. I should get more time to play around this weekend to confirm it can stay synced for extended periods of time.

  14. Just to check, I believe the Helix is locked at 48Khz when using it via USB as an interface. On OS X there really isn't a control panel, I'm not sure what there is on Windows. One thing I noticed within Cubase when using the Helix as an interface, I couldn't seem to change the sample rate. I use a separate audio interface though because I need to have low latency for e drumming. I looked as the built in interface as a bonus but I can see where it would be frustrating if you were trying to use it as one.

  15. I suppose I could open up a ticket. I wonder if it is because the Helix operates at 48Khz and I set the S/PDIF output to 44.1Khz (which is an option in the global settings). You have the ability to output S/PDIF at either 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 Khz. When I hook up via USB to record it is locked at 48 Khz. So, maybe it has something to do with the up or down converting the digital audio. Are others getting drop outs if set to 48 Khz?

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