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  1. How does everyone handle guitars with Piezo pickups?  I was thinking of running it through the aux input into a path of it's own.  Is that what everyone else is doing?  Thanks for your help.

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  2. Good suggestions, I also create a patch for each guitar.  The output of my guitars so different as in your case.  I modified a patch that I downloaded from CustomTone called Brewster's Toybox and added  a second cabinet and a switch to an "acoustic" type tone.  Works great for me, but I need one patch for each guitar.

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  3. I need some help guys, I use my Helix primarily at church where I keep my tube amp.  I was listening to my patches at home through a set of headphones and they do not sound anywhere near the same.  Any ideas for a cost effective way to get my tones at home?  Thanks in advance.

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