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  1. You should be able to run full Helix amp models through the PS2. It will likely sound better. I believe there are some guidelines on the PS2 presensce and depth controls for flat response. One of the main selling points of the PS2 is the flatness and lack of coloration of its 6L6 power amp. This is why you can tell no difference in an attenuated physical amp in the videos. It is meant to take a full amp signal.


    This is the main reason I am looking to buy one




    That's what I have been doing from day one is uding the full amps (minus the cabs) it's been working fine , I was just curious as to why they wouldn't be unity with the pre's

  2. So I use the helix primarily as a preamp through my fryette ps-2 and Marshall 4x12. My question is why are the preamp models at a much lower volume that the amp models. At practice volumes they are unusable without cranking my power section. This was the same when I went through the effects return on my 6505 + . Am I missing something here? Maybe the line 6 guys can shed some light/tricks on this one. Thanks

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