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  1. It would be awesome if we could change effects blocks names. So users could load a conf file with desired names of the amp. In this case we will have real amp names and Line 6 dont break the copyright law.


    If it's not possible they could at least call all Fender as Fuller instead US, Fullerton and so on. Maybe there are more suitable names for other amps too.


  2. Just an idea.

    Best thing for couch guitarists. Full power but smaller, lighter, also it is good on the desk and on stage or rehersal. And cheaper than LT, sure. I want it.




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  3. Wow ... L6 is the most friendly company for musical stuff I've ever used.  GTFO really?  Chalk one up for no credibility on that post.


    Chalk one billion up for no credibility on that post, hehehe.


    L6 can know about critical bugs but dont release the fix for months. L6 have a lot good proposal -- where they are? I've read a lot ideas here. What was implemented and added? I can say -- nothing. Just some fixes and a few new amp models.


    But yeah, they are friendly: they allow you to post here for free and maybe will answer on your email if you'll write them.

  4. You haven't bought a looper, so don't expect a fully-functioned looper.


    You bought an amp/fx modeller, so expect it to be good at modelling amps and fx.


    Anything else is a happy bonus as far as I'm concerned.



    No, threre are no free bonuces. Each feature is payd by customers. So if they write 'looper' in description it should be an usable looper.

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