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  1. So - I looked at the BOSS WL-50 offering. It looks comparable, but the fact that you can charge a second transmitter while playing is huge. If I were to guess... for Line6 to solve this, they'd need to have a new version of the G10T with a USB input. It may well be that they cannot throttle the storage capacity when charging via the TRS 1/4" connector. Pure speculation though. I'm not sure whether to buy another G10T (and still be unable to charge a backup while playing) or to switch to BOSS. To reiterate - I REALLY want the Line 6 solution to work. I have nothing against the company (BTW - shout out to Digital_Igloo for impressing me to the point of getting me to evangelize about Line6 products to my friends... I digress, though.), and recognize that these things are finicky - safety is important. Fingers are crossed...
  2. Hi There - I had been blissfully using the G10S with G10T for the past year without any explosions/fires/or similar, when I was prompted to upgrade the firmware for safety reasons. Seemed reasonable. However, now that this has been applied, the battery life is dismal. Utterly dismal - lasts about 1 hour, whereas before I could get close to 6hrs out of it. If that is expected behavior (and I hope it's not), the logical solution would be to use a second G10T and swap one out while charging the other. This, of course would require a charger that does NOT re-sync the second transmitter while charging otherwise it would render the first one unusable. So.. Perhaps a USB charger would work? Yes! But.... No. They're recalled. With no expected replacement. So... Is the plan for Line 6 to support a usable product? Or will there be a new version? Not sure what to do here. I am a big fan of Line 6 and WANT this to work (own a Helix, and many PODs past...). Should we be looking to the BOSS offering? Other? I'm realistic here - but underwhelmed.
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    Helix 2.9

    This is, I believe, my first post. Not sure what the official role is of Digital_Igloo and piers, but I will say that when the Helix first came out, it was primarily his role in this forum that convinced me to get a Helix as soon as it came available in Canada. I truly appreciate his open minded viewpoint on models (not just Helix), and very good tech advice (didn't realize it wasn't in the Job Description...). So, DI, I hope you know that there are those who really value your input, even if the forum can get aggressive. Please stay safe everyone (amidst the crazy coronavirus stuff). I also really do love the Helix. ;)
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