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  1. Sound dropout issue Hi, I am experiencing a problem on my POD X3 Live. I've read a bunch of threads and identified the problem as the "USB dropout issue". With the info i gathered i see that I need to get my X3 to a service centre and direct them to something called "tech bulletin 52", if they do not know about the issue. now, having said that, I have two problems: All the posts i can find on this is from 2010 at the latest. Still valid info? I do not live in the same country that I did when I bought my X3 (moved from South Africa to New Zealand), and it looks like i have to find a service centre in the same region. Now I know that the POD X3Live is not supported anymore, but as I gather, it is a lifetime warranty hardware repair fix... Has anyone got any new info on this? Thanks! p.s. I have the latest drivers, and tried the previous ones, cables and PC is in good shape... etc.
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