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  1. You can plug the mic into the HD500 though and set the second input to mic, then setup a second path for that signal to go through with no amp or effects and then pan both channels to center and use one of the outputs to go into your solo :)

  2. I am going to sound like a lollipop saying this, but I don't lollipopping care. Because you lollipopped up real bad and got damn lucky so I am just going to come right out and say it... 




    Because you were hooking up gear between your amp and head, you have made it painfully obvious that you do not have the experience to try to mod anything. 



    So, no, there are no mods you can try. There are no pedals to buy. 

    Save your money because I have a feeling that your gear is going to need repaired/replaced long before any of ours will. 


    Dude, most of your posts seem to show a massive amount of sand in your vagina, chill out eh, you don't need to be so aggressive....

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  3. Yep, what you will need to do tho' is double up your post effects, so that they are after each amp on the split part of the signal, then at the mixer you can pan one hard left and the other one hard right, then put the left 1/4" output into one amp and the the right 1/4" output into the other amp, job done!

  4. Actually he just called me and said he plans to disable the cabs / mics and plug the HD 500 in to either a Logidy EPSi IR player  -or-  an AMT Pangaea IR player .... this way he can use  3rd party IR's.


    Im a bit curous now ..... seems  like a  potenitally  really great idea / option ......


    -> anyone else already done this  ?


    if so


    -> big improvement ?  small improvement ?  no improvement  ?




    I use an AMT Pangaea, I tried the HD without cabs and into an IR loader on my laptop, sound is way better so I got the Pangaea! 


    I put in an amp block, disable the cab, put the effects loop block after the amp, Pangaea in the loop, job done! 


    I have the loop set to line level (switch on back of HD) and the pangaea set to that as well, it handles it fine, however the EPSi needs a much lower level, you need to set it to stomp and lower the send level on the effects loop and raise the return by the same amount...

  5. You could go into the effects return to use it as a power amp, 4CM is a waste of time IMO unless you REALLY want to be able to use the preamp of the amp as well be able to use the amp models in the POD....


    My only real concern is are you intending to gig with this setup? 5W is a bit light for keeping up with a full band :(

  6. I tend to find a cab I like and stick with that for all the amps, it was the blackback with a 57 off axis and it sounded pretty good with the amps I used, /13, AC30, JCM800.... now I'm using an AMT Pangaea for my cab sim :)

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