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  1. 12 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    It takes almost no time to audition 128 IRs, where's the problem?

    If you can tell if you want to use an IR in a couple of seconds, more power to you, I guess. If you only spend ~10 seconds with each one, that's still like 20 minutes just to get through them, then if you're needing to cycle through ALL 128 slots several times because you got some new IRs... I don't know, seems like a lot of time to me when my playing time is already limited. I'm the odd-man out in modeling land most of the time, though, because I have limited needs in regards to patches (original bands, maybe 3-4 presets per band), I sound 99% the same no matter what I dial up, and I already have a clear idea of what gear gets me to the tones I'm after, so I've never felt the need to collect IRs just to check them out.  

  2. Could the IR management be better? Absolutely. Does complaining about it currently help solve the problem at hand? Absolutely not. There are several useable workarounds for the original issue, so maybe save the IR implementation debate for a thread that's actually about that.

    Side Note: if you need to be constantly shuffling around 128 IRs, when do you play guitar? I've been auditioning them vai USB and Reaper using the looper and only dropping the ones I want to use on the device. So far I think I've used maybe 60 slots, and I still feel like I'm spending too much time futzing with it most of the time.

  3. I'm just the weirdo that thinks if the delay/verbs are fine for a live audience, I'm cool with it, and I can do whatever I want ITB when I'm recording. I promise, nobody on the other side of the sound system gives a dookie about which reverb is on your guitar signal. I do hope you find an answer to your question, and I also hope L6 doesn't have to spend any time that would have gone into modeling new FX creating low-latency drivers for all six of you that need them for some reason.

  4. I'd say driver stability was a higher priority than through-put processing latency, since one would expect that since this is a full-on guitar modeling processing, one would monitor off the hardware for recording purposes (even if the intention was to reamp later). I can't see a practical reason for it, but I also can't see a practical reason to use this big-lollipop floorboard as a dry interface for VST amp sims, or imagine what VST effect would be so revolutionary and different from what is in the box that one would haul a laptop along to do external processing in a live environment. 

  5. Good luck! I'm guessing you're not gonna get an answer on whether or not low-latency drivers are coming because even if they were, they wouldn't tell anyone till they were ready, and the use cases where direct monitoring wouldn't be preferable are probably <1%. 

  6. i7/32GB doesn't mean much if it's a 3rd Gen or something. Out of curiosity, is this something you're testing just to test, or is there a real-world use for monitoring through the DAW instead of off the hardware? Vocals through the mic input?

  7. 2 hours ago, themetallikid said:

    One thing I read that is beyond my knowledge comprehension with wireless units...I have EMG's in my guitars, I've read some wireless plugs don't play well with those types of input jacks?


    A lot of the self-charging ones have a TRS plug for the charger to pass power and EMGs (and most active pickups, AFAIK) use a TRS jack that grounds with a TS (instrument) cable connected to "turn on" the pickups. So a TRS jack won't connect the battery to the pickups. 

  8. On 2/8/2020 at 4:18 AM, PierM said:

    There is nothing to desire above 5.5/6Khz for guitar speakers, apart hiss and noise.

    That's sort of true, and sort of not. For live use, yeah, not much useful up there, for recording, the 5-8khz range comes in handy for adding "air" with guitars, especially in dense arrangements or when you're playing with keys/strings that sit in the same general range as the guitar. And either way, those frequencies exist and should show up if they're not being shelved. 


    To the OP. Try pulling that reverb off and see if it changes. I wouldn't think that cut would change anything other than the signal going through the reverb and not the dry audio passing through. Also try flipping the phase at the split before the cab IRs in case something is goofy there.

  9. 44 minutes ago, naisu said:

    i didnt think about using them with an accoustic, thats something im going to have to look into. 

    how are people using cab sims though? going through the effects loop?  ive got pretty limited knowledge so apologies if its obvious 

    There is an IR block on all of the HX devices and they hold 128 IRs that you can add to the device from HX Edit, then just drop it in like any other fx block.

  10. Cab sims are the most common use across the HX family. Some people are using pickup IRs for tonal changes, or guitar body IRs for acoustic guitars that are plugged in direct. HX stuff doesn't allow long enough IRs for things like reverb or room simulation.

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  11. Like ZERO frequencies above 7k? A straight, vertical line at 7k? That would be really weird and definitely not normal. Does the interface offer mixer features and have a channel EQ engaged?

  12. 10 minutes ago, UKMark said:

    When using a monitor  IE maybe the Yamaha DXR10 or 12) in front of you, like a traditional wedge, do you also feed in the usual signals from other sources (Vocals etc) so it doubles as your guitar sound source on stage and also the band mix monitoring you want to hear? Reason for asking is I am trying to reduce the amount of gear I have to haul around. If doing this reduces the monitor count that is another plus point. Or maybe you keep the FRFR unit for guitar only and have a separate wedge for vox monitors etc?

    That depends on how reliant you are on your amp/stage sound for your band. Both of my bands still have to fill at least the front part of the room from the stage, so I keep mine behind me facing the audience and don't send anything else  to it because I'm using it in place in my normal "amp" and I wouldn't want my monitor mix coming through my "amp". 


    When it comes to leveling the patches the best advice is to do it at performance volume, through the gear you plan on amplifying it through. There's no reliable way that I've found to build patches at lower/home/headphones volume and have them translate to full-volume performance without re-adjusting them. 

  13. If L6 ever adds a horizontal mic placement option, then the stock cabs will be comparable. Right now, all it has is a distance parameter and that's not enough for me. IRs sound better by miles and it has nothing to with knowing how to mic a cab, other than I know that I have to move the mic somewhere besides the edge of the cap and straight forward or back with certain mics/cabs and the stock cabs don't have that option. 10/10 times if I get a tone I like with stock cabs, dropping an IR of the same cab(s)/mic(s) in place of it will be an automatic improvement. I love all the options available in the Helix, but its much, much, much less time consuming to drop a good IR in there than to set up a dual-cab chain, move mics around, mix levels, etc. 

  14. I use a EV ZLX12P behind me on a pole in places where the PA isn't pulling enough weight, and on the floor behind me in places where it is. Never had an issue with stage volume. As far as monitors go, we do IEM in both bands, so I don't really pay attention the wedges. Get a cheap wireless guitar setup to have so you can walk out in front of the band for soundcheck and levels. There's no way to get a good mix from behind the mains. As far as your drummer needing your amp "live" instead of through his monitors, you could explain to him that since you're using FRFR the sound in his wedges will be the same as the sound from your "amp" and if that doesn't work for him, tell him to buy his own dedicated guitar wedge, lol. He can tap off whatever FRFR speaker you're using and blast his own face off. 

  15. Two dumb questions to troubleshoot: are you using active pickups and is the battery fresh? Did a gate setting get changed?

    One more dumb troubleshooting question: does the issue persist with multiple guitars?

    My first thought would be to backup and do a full update/reset.

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  16. How many feet do you have? lol. Running Preset/Stomp mode, I imagine. If you're full-on changing presets there's gonna be a drop out between them anyways, so why not just let go of the momentary switch? It definitely seems like odd behavior from a software standpoint, but also something that most people probably wouldn't even test for. 

  17. 20 hours ago, mastodonrules said:

    HX edit has never worked on my new PC build using the newest windows 10 version. It works perfect on my old PC with the older version of windows 10 and my laptop but when I built this pc in august 2019 I installed the newest ,latest version and build. Has not worked since. Just a clear window that closes when the helix is connected.I know a little about computers enough to know it is not my fault and it seems to be missing a framework hindering it's operation. I wish it would be fixed.

    Running Edit on three PCs with the latest updates/versions of Windows 10. If it's only one one computer, and it hasn't worked since you built the machine, it's undoubtedly a hardware issue on the PC end (unless HX edit has stopped working on the other computers since then as well, then its a Helix hardware issue.) I'd start with uninstalling onboard audio and trying the Helix. Then disconnecting the video card and using onboard video and trying it. I had a Windows 7 PC when I originally purchased the Helix and the "HD Audio" driver was trying to do some weird 3D sound processing thing and was commandeering the Helix as a 7.1 output as soon as it was connected. Took a couple of tries to figure out why. There's nothing inherently "broken" in HX Edit.

  18. Random stuff if you want to use that 3.0 port on the front.

    Set your visual settings for maximum performance. It doesn't look as nice, but it turns off a bunch unnecessary animations and VFX nobody needs and takes a little off your processor.

    Turn OFF any USB port settings for power management. 

    Turn OFF any sleep/wake from USB settings.

    There's always the possibility that Windows 10 has to handle the ports differently than Windows 7 depending on the hardware configuration, as well, so it may just not work right.

  19. 2 hours ago, Steverudduk said:


    I had this happen to me also V2.8.2.

    Fixed it by deleting the helix driver from my laptop, then downloaded it again from Line 6 website and reinstalled...sorted.

    Hope this helps.


    This seems to be the thing, especially on Windows 8.1/7 computers that have been upgraded to 10. 

  20. DI did say that once HX Core was in place and everyone was on the same page it should make updates easier/faster. Can't wait to see what's coming.

  21. 8 hours ago, DodgeGB said:

    I do find it slightly odd that TGP gets more news than the official Line 6 forum though.  

    Much larger user base, many more retired dudes with expendable income.


    I'm super stoked for 2.9 for that Revv Purple! And also because its 2.9 and not 3.0, which suggests to me that 3.0 might have even MORE goodies!



  22. 2 hours ago, kkdarling said:

    On the back of the POD GO, there is a Switch Input where you can connect 2 EXTRA SWITCHES, VIA A "Y CABLE."

    Maybe someone at Line 6 will read this and verify.

    If using a Y Cable to add 2 extra switches, I see no reason 1 of these couldn't be Momentary!!

    I think the way it's set up that control option is not available for any of the switches, internal or external. On another forum DI replied that momentary SNAPSHOT functionality would be there, so that works for me, I think. The appeal of the POD Go is that it can be can be a backup for my Helix floor with the same amp models and IRs and I don't need any external switches or pedals. I had been eyeing up the HX Stomp for this purpose, but the block limit, as well as needing a volume pedal or external EXP pedal and a MIDI controller to use it was not something I wanted to get in to. I want as few pieces of gear on stage as possible. Sold all my stomp boxes 10+ years ago and haven't bought another one since.

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