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  1. So Reaper support forums are giving me nothing, the problem still persists...I've rolled drivers back (like a year and half back!), went all the way back to Reaper 3.2.....still not working. And, everything still works just wonderful in every other program on my PC that can use ASIO drivers in any of the versions/configurations I've installed....WTF! Guess I'll spend some more money and buy the Pro version of Studio One...

  2. Yep, Edit works fine, the problem is isolated to Reaper, and I did remove ASIO4All as soon as I saw it wasn't working....I'm not a fan of the driver, but its been useful when similar issues have come up without the time to properly repair things cause it ALWAYS seems to work, which it did in Cubase...


    I can set the HD500 to be my main soundcard if I want, but it still doesn't show up in Reaper...getting a little pissed at my g*&d(*&n f$%$ing computer....

  3. In no particular order and some of which you may of done aldready

    check usb drivers might be corrupted on the record.

    Also, unhinge it from the audio player if possible.

    open pc "sounds" utility in  control panel and select it in there.

    Reinstall asio4all.

    I redid my USB drivers for the computer, removed old from registry, but this seems unneeded as it works in every other audio program like Cubase LE, Wavelab, etc....reset Foobar2000 drivers to WDM when it started, and I've done two un/installs of ASIO4All in the last 24 hours....thanks, though!


    Just for clarification, if you run Monkey you have green ticks for everything?


    If you create a new project in Reaper do you get the same symptom?

    Yes, and Yes. I even went as far as deleting all my user preferences and initiliazation files for Reaper, opening a project with factory defaults restored, ...still no "seeing" my drivers.


    Thanks for trying guys!

  4. So I've been using Reaper forever with various versions and up until today, I've had no problems. Now I load a project I was working on yesterday and when I try to select the POD HD500 driver in the dropdown it says "No ASIO Drivers Found!" and shows no I/O selection options.


    I already uninstalled/removed from registry/reinstalled Line 6 Drivers via Monkey and direct download


    I have uninstalled all other ASIO device drivers (TASCAM US-1800, AudioBox 2x2)


    Tried installing ASIO4All---still doesn't show up


    Uninstalled/reinstalled Reaper (tried with old versions and the newest)


    Still get the "No ASIO Drivers Found!" message


    Anyone have any other ideas? I'm not really looking forward to reinstalling my whole OS and all my plugins to get Reaper to work. I can use Cubase LE, WaveLab, or Studio One Artist with the drivers no problem (including ASIO4ALL).

  5. yeah, you definitely do not want to tweak your patches in combo amp/pwr amp mode then switch to studio for XLR outputs. In that configuration you're basically setting up your patches without having any idea what they actually sound like when you use them. Someone mentioned it up above, but you should always tweak your patches in the closest approximation of the setting you're gonna be using them in. I think taking the QSC home was a good idea, but you'll have to give it some volume to know what your tones really sound like. So if you get a tone you like in Studio/Direct with the QSC just know what its going to be dark and a little less vibrant coming out of your Bandit. Even using a home stereo speaker set-up will get you closer to PA sound than your amp will. Or, you can tweak all you want on your amp and stay in amp output mode, but get a Behringer Ultra G DI box that has some surprisingly decent speaker modeling and stick in between your POD and the PA

  6. I don't have anything uploaded, sorry. My patches are quite a bit different than meambobbo's as I have a relatively low output guitar. I was always a digital guy too, but I actually preferred Boss modeling until this newest generation. Actually, I never really "loved" the Boss stuff either, but it felt better than earlier L6 stuff.

    One thing is to make sure you have all your input settings where you want (input impedance, pad switch, input 1 guitar/input 2 Variax). I always felt like the earlier high gain stuff sounded almost exactly the same no matter what you plugged into it. I mean single coils might be more twangy, but it didn't affect the sound too much, whereas the HD series (to my ears) is very sensitive to different pickups/guitars. I use passive ceramic magnet humbuckers and I plugged a Gibson with EMG's into one of my patches and it was a whole different sound!


    This will require less resources than one voice.
    Much less!

    how would a polyphonic pitch shifter use less resources? it would probably eat up the extra available on X by being polyphonic. Its pretty hard to find a true polyphonic pitch shifter in a $500 modeler....some of the good polyphonic single pedals are over half of that price.

  8. I've been wondering...if the Eleven Rack sounds so good, how come they basically have to give it away with Pro Tools to get people to buy it?


    I want real EQ's and a noise gate that has its own loop that you can set anywhere in the chain, like a Decimator G-String, but only use one block. I mean, the noise gate in my old GT-8 is better than any combination of the ones I've put together on my HD500. They're useable, but not awesome, especially for low tunings where there is extra string noise, etc.

  9. yeah, you can't undo to nothing...there is always a first loop on there until you power down....You can always hit Play/Stop to turn it off (twice if in overdub mode; once for "play" once for stop; once if just in Play mode.)

  10. or, marcwormjim is simply pointing out a "DESIGN PROBLEM" with the POD HD500-whatever....I agree if you are going to have eight freely assignable FX blocks and two amp positions, your device should be able to handle any combination of those eight blocks and two amps. Other wise you have "sometimes eight, sometimes three, depending on how many amps you use and if they include cab and mic modeling, freely assignable FX blocks" and "sometimes two, but mostly one if you like lot of ambient FX or pitch shifting, amp positions".


    What they should be doing is putting R&D and time into coming up with reasonably priced (read sub $500) FRFR solutions for GUITAR PLAYERS (hey guys, target market for your products here) and working on more amps and ways to maximize the available DSP in the underpowered modeler you release a few years back instead of a "re-launch".


    You'ld think some of these experts were like dating Line 6 or something....."Don't pick on my girlfriend, guys! I know she's only half as smart as I said she was and she doesn't do a lot of things I told you she does, but that's not reason to tell me she's not good enough!"

  11. I'd be more comfortable sending it away to get worked on than taking it to guitar center. Maybe instead of an upgrade in hardware they're gonna give all the old HD owners HD versions of the X-series amps! ....I know, wishful thinking...not gonna happen. My guess is, we'll all have to either pay up or stay where we are.

  12. if this is really the case, its kinda dumb...why not go ahead redo a few more things in the layout instead of just re-hashing the hardware with a better processor...maybe they'll give the original HD500 owners a big discount on a trade-in since they can probably just re-work the old chassis and make a 500x.

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