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  1. Looking to see if I have stuff setup correctly. I am using stomp mode (10) items. When I hit mode it brings up the presets to choose. I choose a preset and it stays in the preset mode until I hit mode again. Is there a setting that when you choose your preset it will automatically go back to stomp mode? I couldn't see one in the utilities settings.

  2. On 5/12/2019 at 9:03 AM, jester700 said:

    Here's a freeware program that seems to do similar stuff, though it doesn't have the pretty interface or all the features of the Redwirez one. Still, if (like me) you're not sure if making Custom IRs is a good path for you, you might want to try it out.



    Thanks for this. Works great. I had been using 2 IR's at lower res. I mixed the same into one and using it at higher res 2048. Works out great and easy to use.

  3. Is there a way to have the BPM show on the screen so when you tap in you can see it? Sometimes I need to set it before the drummer begins to start in on the right tempo. I recall on the Hx effects that it jumped to it, but could be imagining things. I couldn't see a setting in utilities but may have overlooked it. If it would pop up or stay up in the upper right corner that would work for what I needed.

  4. Here is how I do it so I have effects before and after the amp. I have guitar in > Helix > FX > Loop 1 out of Helix > Front of Amp > LoadBox line out > Loop 1 back to Helix > FX, etc > XLR to FOH.

  5. Thanks for that. They use the terms static and dynamic so that answers my question. The specifics will never be answered because they won't say how. It points to the side of taking different IR shots to achieve a "dynamic" representation of the speakers and mics. Thanks.

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  6. A model is a theoretical "true" representation of the actual part. It would react in theory dynamically.


    An IR is not a model. It is a sample at a given point and does not react dynamically. It may work great throughout the range of settings but is still a static representation.

  7. So I was looking through the forum to see if this has already been confirmed. Could not see anything, but there are a lot of pages so....


    1.) Are the Cabs and (mics) models of the actual real world counterparts or simple "screenshots" (IR's) ?


    With UA coming out with modeled speakers and mics I was curious if we already had this in the Helix. I have been playing with IR's for a while and lately comparing IR's in the HX Effects with an amp from a load box against 2 cabinets in the Helix using different mics.  Would like to know if anyone can confirm this or not.

  8. Looking through the forum and manual I could not see clarification on verifying input levels are free from clipping. I have a tube amp running into a Weber Max 200 Load box with line out into the HX Effects. The inputs and outputs are set at line level, but since I cannot see a meter I am not sure how to check that the line level input is not near a clipping level. It doesn't sound like it is, but the load box has an adjustable level knob so I was curious how far I could push it before it starts to clip. Once into the HX it is going through a noise gate > Chorus > Flanger > Delay > Delay > Rotary > > Verb (not necessarily the order of effects) IR > FOH

  9. 19 hours ago, caledoneus said:

    assign both reverbs to the same footswitch with one on (in signal flow view) and one off

    Thanks. That worked as I'd hoped. I'm now trying to get the switch light to be on for a specific Reverb. I've tried moving the reverbs in the path but it is on (the light that is) for the light reverb that will stay on and off (light) when the ambient cascading reverb is on. I would like this reversed....

  10. I'm trying to figure out how to use one button (all others are used) to control turning on a more pronounced ambient reverb and at the same time turning off the "standard" light reverb I have to give a little air. Is there a way to do this that anyone has tried with success? I am using stomp mode so all (6) buttons will be used up and I will have two reverb slots in the path. When I hit the button one goes on and one goes off.

  11. maybe the preset was corrupt because when I brought yours in it worked. My settings were identical in the mixer and input. I removed your effects and brought mine over and saved it. I will save these and reset to factory as likely other presets are corrupt as well.

  12. 10 hours ago, soundog said:

    I’ll call your inputs GitL and GitR. Split Y sends GitL to Path A only, and GitR to Path B only. At the end of the paths, Git 1 is panned to go out the L Main Out only. Path B Mixer is panned to go out the “Left” Send, so Send 1 only.


    Yes, I understand this and have tried (see first file). I don't know if the right output is not working??


    I will try your file. The only thing I can get to work is my second file which is sending the B output via Send. This works as I'd like the setup to work......however, if I can get the original file to work which matches your description above I can have both acoustic and electric in the looper which is handy. Right now I have moved it down to the acoustic side only.

  13. 14 hours ago, soundog said:

    the "Split A/B" function at the front of my HXFX processing chain, and a "Mixer" function at the end. So you end up with two separate mono paths (A and B), with the outputs going out of the main L and R output. (Instead of the mixer going to the L/R main outs, you can also split the outputs so they go out the sends, but I don't do that.) You have to hard pan the mixer hard L on one path, and hard R on the other, and you can mix the levels as needed.



    I would love for that to work - See my first file - It would allow a looper for either electric or acoustic, but I couldn't get them to separate correctly. If you (or anyone...) can look at either and see it would be great.

  14. Ok this is what I got to work. Pulled the output down and going out send. If I had two more spots for the wah and another IR out for the electric I would have everything in one box and remove one more piece from the group. Seems to work. If you try it let me know if you would accomplish the same thing in another way. I'd like to go up and catch the looper with the acoustic but couldn't figure out how so saved it and moved on.

    2 Guitar.hlx

  15. Ok here is a preset I'm working on. I can get sound from both but not correct.


    Setup is this:


    Electric into input (left) > Fx Send 1 into Amp input > Two Notes Captor line out into Fx Return 1 > Output (left) > into Cab Sim to FOH

    Acoustic into input (right) > Output (right) > into XLR/FOH


    Tried split Y and split A/B both


    Getting close but not working. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated...

    2 Guitar.hlx

  16. So after looking at routing options without playing with software I plan to try the following:


    Guitar - Electric > Input (L/Mono) > Send 1 > Amp Input > Speaker cable to Loadbox > (IR on HX) Line out of LB to HX Return 1 > Output (L/mono) to DI > FOH




    Guitar - Piezo > Input (Right) > (IR on Hx) > Output (Right) to DI > FOH


    Do the paths allow this or would something else need to happen?



  17. I have a PRS P245 that I would like to use through the HX to reduce the additional pieces I currently use. The setup would be to go into my amp with the electric and use the Fx Loop back into the HX - Easy. (FYI - I then go out of the amp into a loadbox and into an IR to FOH. If the HX could be setup to also allow that line out back into the HX then out to FOH that would add more icing to the cake). Simultaneously I would run the piezo side into the HX using an eq and an acoustic IR then out to the FOH. I would use both at the same time and switch back and forth many times. Anyone with a similar setup that can provide a "best way" or at least confirm that this can be done? I can't use the edit software with the HX and I don't have the HX until the end of the week. Pre planning the setup to expedite the process.

  18. So would that architecture allow for the Helix to add the higher end options of tone matching or the like without taxing the system? Without knowing how heavily weighed down it is by the current operations how do you think you would assess this? The AX8 is topped out in it's current form factor from what I know??

  19. So is it your understanding that Helix shares the processing chip sets tasks rather than splitting for the amps and effects? I just have a hard time believing that they have the same processors if they can't perform the same tasks. The Atomic also notes the chip but only one. Kemper can only process one amp whereas the Axe mother ship can do multiples. So I wonder if the information floating around is accurate. If the Helix is processing with the same power as the Axe II family then tone matching and other options like that are in the realm of possibility for future updates.

  20. I have found sporadic information on this so I'm hoping someone can provide some clarification on the topic. The Helix and AX8 are supposed to be running the same processors yet the Helix has the capabilities to run multiple amps and the AX8 does not. What is the setup difference and what is limiting on these units (including Kemper and Atomic)? This information would help me understand the growth potential within the platforms available if anyone has this information. Just trying to get my head around the methods used and foreseeable potential for the units.

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