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  1. I think I'm more in your camp at this point. I could see either way at this stage. Maybe there will be some other thoughts/points brought to light now that everyone has had some time to utilize the feature since it came out.

  2. So after reviewing the description of snapshots it seems that it is similar to the performance mode in Kemper. Can anyone provide anything further that might explain why you would use the snapshot version over the standard preset setup? I get the parameters, but you can change those for each preset. Keeping the last setting (effects on/off) when switching back and forth is the feature that sticks out most for me anyway. Is there any other feature that you've found in snapshot that you love over the standard preset setup?

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  3. Does anyone have an idea on the DSP using the split blend for cabinets versus using the same with 2 IR's? Since some IR providers have mic specific files you could also use single mic combinations and blend them as with the stock cabs. I don't see that there is a DSP percentage indicator to know when it is nearing the limit.

  4. I am still on the fence. I've found a combination of 2 cabinets in the Helix that I'm working on that is open and alive, but not quit to where I can say better than IR's. Not all IR's are good but I have some blended versions of both mic and speakers that I really like. That and setting low cut between 50-120 and high between 5-10 really make a huge difference. I am extremely impressed with the Helix and find it is very close when comparing to my amps and Kemper. I was skeptical, but the skepticism left the first day.





    I have a preset with the method above, a dual cab and an IR and I'm still working on the conclusion.

  5. I usually setup a pitch shift to tune down a half step. It is not working the same in the simple pitch. I have a "warbly" sound and no other effects are on. Has anyone had success in this area?

  6. So I was looking through and didn't see specifics, but may have not searched correctly. If its already up please point me to it.


    I have a looper in each preset. When I start a loop in a preset and want to switch to another amp preset the looper stops. What do I need to do to allow the looper to function using various presets?

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