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  1. I think many of the fx in Helix are great, i love the drive pedals the modulations are good the delays are outstanding but the reverbs are not as good and the weakest part of the Helix for me. They are usable for sure and can sound ok when dialed in right but they lack richness compared to other pieces of gear i own. I'm pretty sure we will get an update at some point. My favorite reverb i have is the UAD EMT250  i would love to see a model of the EMT on the Helix

  2. Awesome tones Chris. Thanks.


    How do I sign up for your Facebook group? I just joined facebook specifically for your Helix group on there.




    Thanks guys, @Gtrmike Just click the facebook link in my signature below and when you're there click ask to join. Cheers 

  3. The only way i could see this working and being user friendly is if Helix had a lock function like the Kemper has. For example on the kemper you can lock any fx so when you change preset/profile whatever you have locked will stay in place regardless of the preset chosen until you push unlock

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  4. I have to disagree with the OP, for me the tube screamer sounds very close to my Joyo tube screamer clone and i'm more than happy with it. The Minotaur on the other hand is my favorite drive pedal i've ever used be it digital or hardware. Minotaur is incredible to me  

  5. Thanks guys, @Chuskey  Thanks i hope you like the presets, To capture an IR of an artist tone initially just requires EQ matching software like Izotope Ozone EQ section. You would get it to listen to a target tone for a few seconds then tell it to listen to your reference tone (your own axe with amp modeling on but no cab engaged) then just apply the corrected curve.


    After that, run some sine sweeps through the match to create the IR. It's pretty cool and can capture 99% of the stuff i've tried. The only difference is when someone else uses a patch you made this way is it will sound a little different with different types of pick ups but i suppose thats true of any tone. Im doing a few experiments for IRs at the front of the chain that will simply convert a Humbucker to single coil and vice versa. If these turn out good ill upload them to the group too  :)



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  6. Thanks very much guys, I'm chuffed with the tones i've got out of the Helix so far and started experimenting today using the helix amp models and making impulses from famous artist tones. The results have blown me away. Over 100 slots to store our impulses on the Helix sounds a lot at first but i wish there was 1000 slots I'm gonna run out of slots fast  :lol: 

  7. My helix landed today and i've been putting it through it paces and i think it sounds and feels great. I have a huge amount of IRs (1000s) that i shot myself in my studio last year. I will do a few youtube videos in a few weeks and share some of my IRs for free. This thing is so easy to use it's silly  



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  8. I have a Helix coming tomorrow so can't be 100% sure but this Helix layout is very similar to my Axe 2 grid layout. I don't think one cab is passing through another here. In the first picture  Row 1 is amp and IR row 2 is amp and different IR. At no point do the IRs  feed into each other, they simply end up on the same path out which will not pass one through another it will simply merge the 2  tones (Post IRs) into one output path which will obviously make a difference in sound but it isnt feeding one IR into another. Nice video btw enjoyed watching it

  9. The "Dual Delay" (which is not in the manual - it was added in a subsequent firmware upgrade)...


    should do what you want.


    It has: 


    Left time, Right time

    Left feedback, Right feedback

    Left mix, right mix.


    There are other ways to accomplish what you want.


    The Helix is amazingly flexible and gets better with each upgrade.


    Thanks very much for the info  :)

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