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  1. Unplugging the JTV and plugging back in after booting up fixed it, sort of. All my patches responded to the different JTV models and tunings. But my Honky Tonk open G patch was saved in standard tuning, so I used JTV knob to go open G and saved it. When I went to the next preset, it was still open G even though the tuning was set as 'don't force'


    Interesting... Actually not sure if it's a bug, or a feature - certainly not what I expected either - so I created this ideascale  entry so Line 6 either fixes or gives us at least a setting, please vote:


  2. Please. As you can imagine, it's pretty easy to get lost in the madness that is the first weeks of Helix shipping. It's important to validate every feature and model request; otherwise I have to go to the team and say "Hey, yeah, some guys want this feature, but I can't remember where they asked for it, when they asked for it, or how many asked for it."


    OK, done - please vote :)


  3. With the HD500x if you set a special tuning (e.g., drop D) witihin a preset, when you go back to a preset for which you haven't specified a special tuning it would go back to standard.


    Helix (firmware 1.02.1) doesn't do that - it "remembers" the drop D tuning (the one that was set by Helix when I changed to the drop D preset) and carries it across to the other preset, the one that has a "don't force".


    Would be good to perhaps makes this a global setting, just like for the pedal position.

  4. Wha?! I preordered maybe 2 months ago and got told they are in the process of being shipped here (literally shipped) by the distributor and are expected by about the last week if October. Did you get it locally or special order/air mail?


    Got it from Music Express in Brisbane, AFAIK it was the first one available in town.

  5. Yes... very annoying.... I found a workaround, if you plugin the VDI *after* the Helix is done booting, then the patch changes work. Now if you boot Helix *with* the VDI already plugged in, then no model change :(


    Try it, until they release a new firmware (I have 1.01.2) that seems to do the job :)

  6. Confirming it's fixed after 1.02, however one unexpected behavior is that if you set a custom tuning for one preset, it "carries over" the other presets by default, instead of reverting back to the standard tuning like the HD500x does. So if I have patch in drop D, and switch to another preset that has a "Don't Force" it will stay in drop D, instead of going back to E.


    The only workaround I found is to set every single preset to "Custom" and set a standard tuning, but that's a pain.

  7. When using the S/PDIF interface and you have a fairly loud distorded patch, there is a periodic (about every second or so) faint click in the background. This doesn't happen with the analog or the headphone OUTs.

  8. Setting the "Lock Variax Controls" to "Tone" or "Volume" then using the pickup selector resets the tone control to "Un-locked"


    In the manual it says:

       Turning the Variax model knob resets all to "Un-locked"

    It does NOT say this:

       Changing the Variax pickup resets all to "Un-locked"


    I expect that when I use the pickup selector the tone or volume control stay locked.

  9. The Helex FAQ Thread:



    Various threads on TGP and other forum about how long a IR is needed to achieve various effects - 2048 is the High Resolution IR size on an AxeFX so there is some talk about it.  I had confirmation when I asked the question that Acoustic Guitar "body" would be possible that would sound good for picked notes, but may not be as good for a strummed guitar - the question was however in the context of using IR as a guitar simulator; that is making a clean electric sound like an acoustic, I suspect that it is plenty to make a piezo pickup sound like a miked acoustic guitar.  


    Axe FX 2 goes up to 8000 samples (170 ms) for UltraRes IRs.

  10. I found this in another forum, list of which "real" amps each model corresponds to:


    WhoWatt 100 - HIWATT DR-103Soup Pro - Supro S6616
    Stone Age 185 - Gibson EH-185
    Tweed Blues Nrm - Bassman Normal
    Tweed Blues Brt - Bassman Bright
    US Small Tweed - Tweed Deluxe
    US Deluxe Nrm - Deluxe Reverb Normal
    US Deluxe Vib - Deluxe Reverb Vibrato
    US Double Nrm - Twin Reverb Normal
    US Double Vib - Twin Reverb Vibrato
    Mail Order Twin - Silvertone 1484?
    Divided Duo - Divided by 13 9/15
    Interstate Zed - Dr. Z Route 66
    Jazz Rivet 120 - Roland Jazz Chorus
    Essex A-15 - Vox AC-15
    Essex A-30 - Vox AC-30
    A-30 Fawn Nrm - Vox AC-30 Fawn Normal
    A-30 Fawn Brt - Vox AC-30 Fawn Bright
    Mandarin 80 - Orange OR80
    Brit J-45 Nrm - Marshall JTM-45 Normal
    Brit J-45 Brt - Marshall JTM-45 Bright
    Brit Plexi Nrm - Marshall Superlead 100 Normal?
    Brit Plexi Brt - Marshall Superlead 100 Bright?
    Brit Plexi Jump - Marshall Superlead 100 Jumpered?
    Brit P-75 Nrm - Park 75
    Brit P-75 Brt - Park 75
    Brit J-800 - Marshall JCM 800
    German Mahadeva - Bogner Shiva
    German Ubersonic - Bogner Uberschall
    Cali Rectifire - Mesa Dual Recto
    ANGL Meteor - ENGL Fireball
    Solo Lead Clean - Soldano SL0100
    Solo Lead Crunch - Soldano SL0100
    Solo Lead OD - Soldano SL0100
    PV Panama - Peavey 5150
    Line 6 Elektrik - n/a
    Line 6 Doom - n/a
    Line 6 Epic - n/a
    Tuck n' Go - Ampeg B-15 Portaflex (?)
    SV Beast Nrm - Ampeg SVT
    SV Beast Brt - Ampeg SVT
    Cali Bass - Some sorta mesa bass amp I guess, but IDK which?
    Cali 400 Ch1 - Mesa Bass 400+ or SWR SM 400 (but that's single channel)?
    Cali 400 Ch2 -
    G Cougar 800 - G&K 800RB

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  11. How's initial startup sync (for the software edit) improved? The HD500x editor takes about a minute to start, and Helix has a lot more patches to sync. Is the USB controller USB2 or USB3?

  12. Thanks xavierb for posting this!  These look like the exact same circuitboard mounted switches I had to replace years ago in my Vetta floorboard.  You're right, so much for "Pro-grade footswitches".  These switches just do not last long, period.  And I'm afraid these are the same switches that will be in the Helix.  Well I can certainly do this fix since I've done it before.  Were you able to get the switches from Line 6 or did you go elsewhere?


    Thanks again.


    No sure where you live but I'm in Australia... IIRC I got those:


    It says it's 7mm but I think that's the height and the sides were 6mm which AFAIK is pretty much standard, if you search for "tactile switch" on ebay you should get something similar you can use.


    I'd recommend opening your HD500 first and measure the old switches, just in case yours are slightly different.

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  13. This is my concern as well because I just had to purchase my second HD500X to get me through a couple of gigs.


    The footswitches on my first 500X starting behaving the same way as blitzt29's HD500 (switches sometimes needing more than one press to activate).  Then recently during a live show (a couple of shows actually), my patches starting changing by themselves!  Mid-song!  I cannot verify this but, I think as my switches have worn over time, they have become very susceptible to vibration, whether it be stage vibration or strong bass notes from our bass player.  The unit is not even two years old and I'm very gentle with my gear.  I've noticed many of the switches no longer "click" when depressed.  I am hoping I can order replacements from Line 6 to get my first unit back up and running.


    So, all this to say that I really want a Helix but, even though it's built like a tank, if the footswitches are the same as in the HD500X then that worries me.


    For what it's worth, I had footswitch problems way back when I had a Vetta and it's footcontroller (I think it was called FB1).  Line 6 was gracious enough to send me replacements free of charge.


    Similar issue here... Half my HD500x switches were no longer "clicking" after a year of use. So much for "Pro-grade footswitches" hey, anyway... this is what I did to fix the problem myself:



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  14. Helix when connected to PC work as  Audio Interface? Specifications?


    What about latency on a Mac/PC as an audio interface... The HD500x is slow, IIRC way over 10ms which is about the limit for being able to use it with monitoring FX.

  15. Is it possible to make a selection of switches "exclusive", e.g., I would like to setup 3 switches like so: one that is assigned to chorus, the next to phaser and the last to flanger. Now, when I select any of those 3 switches the other 2 would switch off. If this is possible, then it's nearly as good as the Axe FX scenes since (IIRC) each Helix switch can control up to 8 parameters.

  16. Yep 2.62 still does it... I know I can change the patch to change the pickup, but that's not what I want to do (I switch pickups quite a bit while playing) and it's a also big "waste" of patches IMO.


    Let's hope someone from Line 6 sees this and gets it fixed, and that Helix doesn't have the same problem.

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