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  1. Helix has the same Variax integration capability that the HD500X (and Firehawk) has. Aside from powering the Variax, you can store models and tunings with presets, and you can use the volume and tone knobs as controllers.

    This is a great feature (using the volume and tone knobs as controllers) also available on the HD500x, but unfortunately as soon as you change the pickup selection the tone/volume lock gets "forgotten" by the HD500x and the guitar goes back to being a regular tone or volume control  - is this something that's fixed with Helix?

  2. Hi,


    I want to use my variax tone knob to control various settings from the HD500x, unfortunately the "tone lock" (which is supposed to keep the tone set to a fixed level at all times) "resets" when switching pickups on the variax:

    1. in HD500x edit, set the "Local control" to "tone lock"
    2. Set the tone knob to control (for example) the chorus mix
    3. Lower tone knob to 0% on the variax -> no change in tone, but chorus mix drops, as expected... so far so good :)
    4. Now... Change the pickup (using the selector) on the variax... sounds as if the "real" tone control has been rolled down to 0!

    I expect the guitar's tone (in "tone lock" mode) to remain the same regardless of what I do to the tone knob.

    BTW, the same problem happens in "Vol + Tone lock" mode.


    My setup:

    • POD HD 500X Flash Memory v1.32
    • Variax JTV-89F firmware v2.10

    Would be great if this was fixed in the upcoming v2.6 :)

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