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  1. i understand using Helix as my Interface.....no problem......except that Pro Tools forces me to switch between my Moto PCI ASIO driver and the Helix ASIO....I use my Moto for my Acoustic guitar and Piano and the rest of my gear......jumping back an forth forces me to make all kinds of changes ...... didnt want to do that.


    I took a splitter cord and just split my signal coming out of the guitar.....ran one to the Helix and another to a channel in the Moto........not really what i wanted to do...but it gets the job done 

  2. i just bought the Helix Native to use in Pro Tools along with my Floor Unit......and i cant seem to do what i want to do.....i assume its me......i want to run 3 signals from my Helix Floor Unit .. 2-XLR Outputs (Wet) goes into my Moto Audio interface......2 - 1/4" Outputs (Wet) goes into my Stereo Mesa 2-90 amp......and i want to run another DRY Signal from the Helix into my Moto Interface ...... I tried going out the Expression Pedal Output and one of the Send Return Channels......but nothing


    I can select a BLANK Patch from the Helix Floor Unit and run that thru the XLR Output into the Native Channel......but then i loose the Wet Patch I was using in the Helix Floor Unit

    I could also probably buy some Splitter Cord a just by-pass the Helix Floor Unit altogether ......and run a spit cord from my guitar ...one to the Helix Floor and one to the Moto......but i thought i would try to do everything thru the Helix


    I know I know.....i just hate having to Plug & Unplug cords all the time......i want my to have my cake and eat it to......is that wrong ???







  3. Haha  hey speaking of the tut's at Sweetwater. My rep said the guys that wrote the notes for the Spider V etc that indicated these units would work in Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android, said they confirmed with L6 rep before they went live with their video demos.


    I would say I believe them because Andertons and other music co reviews state exactly the same thing. They may have been told the app would work with Win and Mac even though that was not the case.


    Every retailer site for Spider V clearly lists "USB connectivity for Win, Mac, iOS, and Android" and there is NOTHING in the product descriptions that state app is mobile ONLY.


    I can't fault Sweetwater for misinformation when they were misinformed. My rep says they also have seen quite a few returns and irate customers because the amp is not Win or Mac usable for the editor. Some of the sales reps at my Guitar Center store said the same thing. "We were told these editors would work in Windows and Mac OS, so that's not our fault!"


    I went to the store mgr and asked what he thought. He said "if they go back they go back. Sales associates can't s**t a computer editor!!" 

    for the money ....Line 6 has been a good product....i ended up buying the Amplifi150.....best Acoustic amp i've ever had for that......and it has some nice patches for electric too....that being said.....i had a Flextone way back when.....the editor was Tone Monkey i think........WAY better for tweaking patches IMO.....and it was Windows based....i know a lot of guys in music are Mac diehards......my daughters BF is one.......he always busts my balls....but when i started with this lollipop 20 plus yrs ago Win was way cheaper.....and basically still is....imo.....my understanding today is that L6 thinks everything is going the way of the Phone...and hand held stuff...but i believe they are missing the boat when it comes to the Studio.....time will tell.....i just bought myself a Helix yesterday.....demo model from Sweetwater.....saved quite a bit of money.....the Helix editor works with Win7 from what i understand.....looking forward to playing with my new Christmas toy

  4. I made changes to my post on the thread that you quoted. I had originally stated that none of my Android devices worked with my Spider V 60 but as another user helpfully pointed out, I needed an "OTG" adapter. So the two Samsung devices that I have are now working with Spider V... that been said...


    Both apps (AmpliFi and Spider remote) offer similar functionality, but with critical differences IMHO that prevent me from declaring a clear winner. On one hand, I like the layout on the AmpliFi app much better than the layout on the Spider app. On Amplifi, the signal chain is cleaner and more intuitive, on Spider, it looks like the effects blocks were just thrown one below the other for no good reason other than to have the effects chain on the left and the tones list on the right (in all fairness to Line 6, that might very well have been the main reason behind the change in layout). On the other hand, the Spider app is a LOT faster, maybe due to the physical connection , which is faster at USB speeds, vs the much slower Bluetooth connection on the Amplifi. Since the Spider has a more complete feature set (it actually allows you to edit everything without the need for the app at all), and it begs to be connected to an FBV series pedal, it would be downright maddening if it took 5 seconds to load every time you switched patches like it does on the Amplifi app.


    Now if Line 6 would update the AmpliFi app to make use of a USB cable in addition to BT then I would be a happy camper!


    Oh Who am I kidding? if that happened, I would be begging Line 6 then to make the AmpliFi app work with the Spider V as well :)

    thats was gonna be my next question.....if i could use the USB port for the Remote App....but yer saying no...oh well....i might have to bite the bullet and get a iPad or Android notebookie thingie......i really like the amp for my Acoustic stuff......the Reverbs and Delays are great....and no Pedal Board necessary....and it sounds great playing Jam Tracks.....and theres lots of Electric tones that really decent for a little amp like this.....just wish they would make an Editor that didnt need a Notepad .......I'm gonna watch the Sweetwater Demo again and take a close look at the App for SpiderV......i still have 3 weeks to make up my mind ....SpiderV or AMplifi

  5. Spider V has both IOS and Android apps. You have to connect via a lightning cable for IOS and USB for Android. You do not do Bluetooth on Spider V and I don't see any way that it could be supported, so you have to physically connect your phone/tablet to the Spider V and make sure that the switch on the back is set to the correct USB port that you are using. Doenload an app called "Spider Remote" from either App store/Play store. On the play store I saw two unrelated spider remote apps, so make sure you download the Line 6 one.


    I have both the Spider V and the AmpliFi 30 and I can tell you that the Spider remote all is tons faster than the AmpliFi one (must be that slow Bluetooth). Tones load in a fraction of a second versus close to 5 seconds on the AmpliFi.


    I could only test the IOS app via my IPAD, as none of my Android devices would work. The Android app seems to be very unreasonably picky about the hardware and software support and it does not tell you when you launch it whether it will work... it just doesn't in my case. If you have a IOS device, give it a try, it will most likely work.


    There is a (short) compatibility list thread (below) where you can check if your device is compatible or add your device to the list if it is not already listed.




    so it sounds like Mitch Gallagher is full of Whooie ....i gotta say i'm in disbelief that Line6 has made no PC/Mac based Editors for these Amps.....i've had 2 Flelxtones.....still got one...and i use the Tone Monkey to tweek patches....its great.....the Flextone weighs a ton though....thats one reason i bought the Amplifi....Guitar in one hand, Amp in the other ...out the door i go.....no Pedal Board necessary either.....i get the whole iPad thing for when yer out an about giggin or whatever.....but at home ??? really??? jerkin with a phone to tweek patches.....well i guess its gotta go back....start saving for the Helix instead......one question though.....do you like the Editor better on the Spider or the Amplifi ....i know you said Spider was faster.....but are there more options .....there doesn't seem to be anyway to create folders of sub-categories for YOUR patches in the Remote App for Amplifi...just wondering if the Spider app was a little more versatile 

  6. One last thought... I've been advocating this... I can't believe it won't be a feature in the Spider VI in 5 years or so...


    The amp should have built-in WiFi and WPS. Push a button on your router... push a button on the amp... and bam you're connected. Pull out your phone, tablet, whatever and launch Spider Remote... It discovers any amps on your LAN and connects. It's that easy. IOT. No wires. No adapters. My light bulbs have that capability (WeMo).


    Honestly, they should recall the Spider V and replace it with a model with WiFi to avoid the hassle / support costs they're going to get supporting USB Host Mode on Android / non-lightning Apple devices.


    Love the amp aside from that though.  :D

    great idea.....but unfortunately good ideas dont always make it with Eggheads.....not Outer Stellar enough i suppose

  7. I've got a Spider V 60 and connect via the PC USB connection to directly record audio using the ASIO drivers for Windows on the download site... so technically you can connect it to a PC for something useful. I still haven't found a way to edit tones, etc. from the PC. I'm hoping that's coming soon.

    Same with the Amplifi.....I could update firmware....but no Editor for tones....and i dont have any Apple stuff or a smartphone.....still using a Flip - lol

  8. just a footnote......i just tried loading a Bridge app to let my Chromebook in Developer Mode use Android Apps.......but no luck......there is a Web post out there saying that the Acer Model i have will have upgrades later this year or next to read Android stuff......but there is no guarantee that the Line 6 Remote App will work with that either.... I'm not gonna buy a iPad or Android just to control the Amp when i have no other use for the device other than that......and i'm already $500 bones into this endeavor.....the ole lady is bitchin a storm cause i keep takin her phone to switch patches on the amp...lol....she didnt talk like that when i first met her....wtf ??? 

  9. just watched a Sweetwater Demo vid....Mitch Gallagher says in the vid that you can plug in a PC, Mac, Android Device via USB and load up the App....but just like you i cant find any info in regards to the App .... is there a new App for Spider ???.....is it using Tone Monkey for PC and Mac ???....or the Remote App for stuff like Amplifi ???? .....yer right, info is ambiguous at best ....... i need to be sure before i do anything this time....big mistake on the Amplifi......now i'll have to eat shipping costs

  10. I never said that Line 6 "said" they were going to develop a pc app.  I said I bought the amp "thinking" they would move in that direction. 

    You're right, how stupid of me to assume they would move to accommodate most people that use computers and/or smartphones.

    What really bothers me is, not that they have never developed an app, but that no one has ever come out and articulated the issue one way or another.  If it's a contractual agreement with Apple, fine and dandy, just come out and say it!!!

    I know I don't speak for everyone, but I know I do speak for a lot of  people.

    By the way RealZap, I hardly need you to tell me how to feel.  I reserve the right to feel angry toward company that I view as "thoughtless" in their strategic marketing of a ground breaking product.  (That the usb is useless with no plans for it -- aye carumba.) You can't even, at a minimum, update the firmware for criminy sakes.

    i agree with you 100%......theirs a bunch of these Line 6 devotees here......like to jump in and bust yer balls..You shouldn't expect anything....screw that......i spend a lot of money on this lollipop....i should be able to expect some support for PC....like you said...there is a world out there full of PC users......I've owned my fair share of L6 products too.....2 Flextones...JM4 Looper  ....pods......ect.....the Flextones were Windows compatible ....why not an Editor for the Amplifi......i love the amp.....but its going back cause i have to way to Edit Patches except to ask the Ole Lady for her phone....I love the stereo separation in the Amplifi......especially for acoustic stuff......oh well......i started to look at the new Spider V.....it also has HF stereo.....but i will be way more careful from now on with Line 6

  11. I bought an Amplifi 150 and have had nothing but trouble with the Editor...mainly because I don’t have mobile devices to control it....my Chromebook doesn’t work....nor is there a PC or Mac based editor. I love the amp, but I’m left with no choice but to return it. My questions is does anyone know if there will be a Windows based Editor for Tones ...ie like Tone Monkey ??? .....I know in the product description it says 1 x Type B (Mac, PC, Android), 1 x Type A (iPhone/iPod)

    but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will have a PC based editor. My Amplifi has PC connectivity for updating Firmware......but no PC Editor. 


  12. Shame on Line 6 for what exactly? For not providing something they never advertised or claimed to do? The whole premise of the AMPLIFi product is the interactivity with mobile devices. Personally, having both the Helix and the AMPLIFi, I much prefer editing with the iOS app via Bluetooth than using my laptop. It's just much more convenient...


    The fact of the matter is that for the AMPLIFi's main target demographic, building the iOS and Android functionality just makes sense. Tablet sales surpassed laptop sales in 2015. Overall, they're just much more accessible than PC/laptops right now.


    If you want the ability to edit on the amp itself, I suggest you check out the new Spider V amps. They don't have a PC/Mac editor either, but they do allow you access all parameters from the amp itself. You lose the BT streaming capability compared to the AMPLIFi, but the Spiders have other features the AMPLIFi doesn't. The amps and effects are identical in the two series.


    i'll say it again....the whole Demographic and Mobility issues not withstanding.....none of this has anything to do with Editing Patches....i'm sure if i had an iOS i would like it too....but i dont .......I've had 2 Flex Tones....which could easily be Edited with Tone Monkey.....very nice feature......very convenient...my understanding is that the Helix does too......as for me i dont have a growth on the side of my face called a Smart Phone ....i'm sitll in the Dark Ages with a Flip...and as for Tablets....dont have one......just the Chrome which is the Ole Ladys and  only for Travel....and it doesnt work either......I have a home studio with PC's....as do a LOT of guys.....and not everybody is rich enough to afford Multiple Devices....again shame on me for not doing my homework better....the Knuckle Knobs at Guitar Center said......oh yea it will work with a PC....i should have know better speaking with a kid half my age  

  13. shame on me for not coming here before i bought this amp......i'm still considering returning it to Sam Ash. The biggest problem is that i really like it....really good sound for my Acoustic and my Electric. Actually i'm very impressed with the Acoustic tones i've gotten. I get the whole Bluetooth idea...and i like it.....once i'm out an about. But when i'm home in the studio...why would i want to stare at a 2x4 phone screen when i have two 24" monitors for my Audio PC. Agreed......SHAME ON LINE 6.....actually i could care less what their business strategy was, wireless or fixed......what the hell does that have to do with Editing yer Patches ??? To reference Uber Guru's analogy of the Pick-um Up Truck and Sports Car.... i get where yer coming from....but i would never think to use my Sports Car to move a Refrigerator....i would use a Pick-Up......same for Editing ! I also have a Google Chrome Book that is as worthless as a Condom with a Pin Hole.....i guess it isnt ANDROID enough !!!!

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